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January 4, 2009


Gaza and Israel

How does one achieve Peace in Gaza, Israel and the surrounding areas? How does one discount the lives lost on both sides of the fight and strive for an ever-lasting Peace?

It's hard to lay down hate and anger in favor of forgiveness and understanding. Trust doesn't come in a moment - it takes generations. So before we can talk about trust and Peace we must strive for tolerance and oversight.

To that end, maybe it's time for the International community to stop taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Maybe it's time to realize that no matter who is in charge in Gaza or any of the other disputed areas, there will be those who will only be content with the destruction of Israel and its people. Likewise, maybe it's time to realize that there are those in Israel who will never trust anyone in the Palestinian territories and will never believe in a lasting Peace.

But something has to be done and it has to be done by allies of Israel and the allies of the Palestinians.

It's unacceptable for Israel to use overwhelming force in attempts to subdue Hamas, but one has to ask what their response to indiscriminant bombs being lobbed as deep as twenty-eight miles into their nation should be.

And what about the people of Gaza? How can they do anything but hate Israel for the loss of life disguised as collateral damage they've suffering through?

Hamas rockets are being fired from nearly everywhere inside of Gaza. Many of the militants who fire the rockets fire them from deep inside population centers. The Israelis see no way to extract or attack them without the loss of innocent Palestinian lives.

Violence begets violence. It would be foolish to believe that there are those, on both side, who don't want the violence to continue. But one has to also believe that the vast majority of both Israelis and Palestinians want an eventual everlasting Peace.

It's just too bad that their voices aren't heard the loudest.

That's where the International community must step in. An International force must be present in a new buffer zone - a kind of DMZ - between Gaza and Israel. And if the Peace is disturbed, it must be that force which responds as a kind of de-facto International police force both to punish those who commit the acts and to be a presence - a show of International solidarity for those who do wish to live in Peace.

Surely the Israelis don't want to have such a force to prevent them from retaliatory attacks against those who fire rockets into their nation. And similarly, Hamas in Gaza doesn't want to have their efforts policed by that same force.

The creation of a DMZ along with the presence of an International force might just be the right medicine to treat the ills of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Something must be done, and simply standing pat as an International audience won't get it done.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Conservatives get to hear the most outrageous crap and the best part is, they BELIEVE it so strongly. Anyone else hear anything about that?" Robert Scardapane writes:

I never heard that one. The right wingers have dozens of nonsensical conspiracy theories about Obama, Kerry, Gore some of which were created by the owner of worldnetdaily Joseph Farah and his writer Jerome Corsi (who wrote a book on Obama that was widely criticized for it's factual inaccuracies). Media Matters does an excellent job debunking this garbage.

In response to, "the guy who kicked your Left Wing asses in his senate race," Robert Scardapane writes:

Ahem, check the scoreboard on House, Senate and Presidency races over the past 2 years. Seems to me that the left wingers managed to kick the right wingers pretty good in the behind.

In response to, "Youíre wrong about coal. Coal is just energy, energy which some day youíll be crying for to warm your backsides, if Al Goreís global warming gets much colder. Coal can be cleaned up, but, of course, this raises its cost. The Nazis seemed to do alright with coal produced diesel when their Me 109s were shooting down our B-17s in bunches and their tanks were rolling. If we hadnít knocked out their oil refineries and transport systems, our invasion of Europe might have been a major disaster," David W. writes:

Lew hits one out of the park with this one, managing to kill two birds with one stone.

Firstly, he has totally proven wrong anyone who tries to compare Chimpy McScrewup to Hitler. Not only did Hitler, in fact, serve his country in war and, of course, actually win his election to Chancellor (No German Supreme Court needed there!) but during the fuel shortage during WW2, Hitler pushed to develop ersatz (alternate) fuel! As Lew rapturously praises German engineering in knocking down American planes, (bombers being a class of flying machines known for their aeronautical maneuverability!) he is spot on correct about this only being possible by coal produced diesel power. Since WW2 how many bombers have US planes shot down? Answer: Not One!

Secondly, Lew, also brings up the very salient point about the NEED for Coal produced Diesel. Producing diesel from coal is much more expensive that petroleum. Luckily for Hitler, Germany was in the middle of a war so they had no choice BUT to produce diesel from Coal as opposed to Der Monkey who would've given Halliburton a no bid contract to do nothing. For all the emphasis on alternative fuels though, it costs about $40-$50 a barrel to produce diesel from coal. How lucky we all are that our Smirking Chimp managed to get the price of oil to $100 a barrel making coal/diesel look good by comparison.

Of course there is still the problem of how "clean" coal power is. Apparently Germany in 1945 had other worries than what all the coal production was doing to the quality of their air. Perhaps the Germans felt coal particulates and higher CO2 were preferable to those bombs the Allies were dropping.

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-Noah Greenberg