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December 21, 2008


Tell Me a "Story", Governor Blagojevich

"I can't wait to begin to tell my side of the story... That day will soon be here and you might know more about that today, maybe no later than tomorrow."
-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

That makes about 300 million of us, Gov. Blagojevich. We can't wait to hear your side of the story as well... and it ought to be a doozy!

In the political world of quid-pro-quo, you've been caught like few others have been caught with a hand in the cookie jar belonging to your constituency. Just what story will you tell to make the close to 12.5 million Illinoisans (I checked - it's a word) stand right up and say, "Those bastards are framing our good Governor!"?

The expert ears and eyes of FBI agents and US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald felt so strong about your "words" that they realized no waiting period for action would do. It was incumbent upon them to act now rather than allow you to sell off the US Senate seat formerly belonging to President-Elect Barack Obama.

Not only have your "words" tainted your, but they've confirmed to many that corruption and Chicago, and now the entire state of Illinois. go hand-in-hand. It's hard to believe but , if true, you've set a new bar for others striving to rip-off the people of Illinois.

And that's saying something.

Should we all sit back and wait for the Blagojevich (a name I can spell without spell-check or Google) top ten list on Letterman now? Maybe we should make an office pool to see when you'll finally be thrown out of office.

Last week those who would be your would-be defenders came to that defense by noting such things as word are not deeds and that politics IS negotiation and compromise. And you have certainly compromised not only yourself but the largest state and the largest city in the Midwest.

But of course, those were only "words".

I can understand the reasons you might want to stand and fight. But is your innocence really one of them? A good way to go out would look much like the path taken by Congressman and Viet Nam fighter pilot Randy "Duke" Cunningham (REPUBLICAN-CA) who said this:

"The truth is I broke the law, concealed my conduct and disgraced my office. I know I will forfeit my reputation, my worldly possessions -- most importantly the trust of my friends and family."
-Cunningham to reporters

"And now I know great shame."
-Cunningham in Federal Court before being given an 8 1/3 year term in prison

Shame apparently isn't felt by you. Governor Blagojevich.

Brashly you walk about as if nothing you did was wrong. You seem eager to take the charges against you and rail against a machine that will eat you up without any remorse. Your guilt may be in question but your deeds, even if only by "words" show through.

You see, Governor Blagojevich, whether your sale of President-Elect Obama's seat was for money or political gain - the distinction it appears you're willing to fight about - it still stinks and it still makes you guilty in our eyes.\

I find it strange that the tact taken by so many hasn't been taken by you... at least not as of yet. I'm surprised that you haven't said, "They're out to get me and my family," and that you haven't thrown down the gauntlet of outrage against those raging against you. That is what "they", as in "those like you", do in these circumstances, isn't it?

You are impudent in your position today and, at the very least, ought to take the option of temporarily stepping down from your seat so you can fight what you will certainly call "untrue allegations". If you are vindicated, as I'm sure you believe you should be, then you can climb back up in your throne and tell all who will listen, "See? I told you so."

Republicans are chomping at the bit along with the mainstream media. You are nothing but fodder to them - a story with legs. And until you take off your sneakers, that's all you will be. They forget their own who have fallen (Cunningham; Mark Foley; Larry Craig; and Blagojevich's predecessor Jim Ryan, who is spending his days now in a Federal prison).

If nothing else, you "words" alone scream to us regular Americans "Get Out!" Even if you, somehow, show that they were meant as a political tool only, it's a tool you were obviously planning to abuse.

It's time to get out Governor Blagojevich. You're an embarrassment. You won't become Ambassador; you won't become President. If you're lucky - really lucky - you might stay out of jail.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "There is no war on Christmas," Eddie Konczal writes:

As long as Christians celebrate Christmas, no one can "take the Christ out of Christmas."

Like Victoria, I'm a practicing Catholic who celebrates Christmas yearly, and I am offended by the efforts of right-wingers such as Bill O'Reilly to use the Christmas holiday to attack liberals.

Corporate America, with its yearly commercialization of the holiday season, is far more to blame for the secularization of Christmas than any alleged "liberal plot."

In response to "The shoe thrower," Bob Driscoll writes:

The writer applauds the shoe thrower and calls the President of the United States a chimp . . . cute! I would hope that if she decides to come up with a cute name for the incoming President she chooses something other than chimp. She does prove one thing, not all of the a--holes live in Iraq!

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-Noah Greenberg