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December 16, 2008


The Race for the Senate
(Time to Stir Up the Pot)

"If anything, it makes me more determined to run,"
-Rep. Peter King (REPUBLICAN-NY)

Peter King is the last of a dying breed: a New York City area Republican Representative. King's comments came on the heels of the news that Caroline Kennedy has thrown her hat into the ring for the Junior US Senate seat from New York being vacated by the probable confirmation of sitting Senator Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama's Secretary of State.

Yes Peter King thinks that he can beat a Kennedy if he runs against her in two years for the Clinton seat, assuming of course that Caroline Kennedy is awarded the seat by New York State Governor David Paterson.

Others in the running for Governor Paterson's appointment, which would last two years then come up for a special election in 2010 (and them again in its regular turn in 2012), are New York's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the son of three-term New York Governor Mario Cuomo. The younger Cuomo's resume includes a stint in the Clinton White House as HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Secretary. and US Congressman Anthony Weiner, a former candidate for New York City Mayor and as aggressive a candidate as there may well be anywhere.

Kennedy (her full name is Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg) isn't the Kennedy that everyone thought would be the logical choice to sit in the seat occupied by her uncle Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968. Most thought that his son, attorney and environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. would be the Kennedy for the job.

The two Kennedy's were on two different sides of the Democratic Primary for President this past year with Caroline, and Uncle Ted, the Senior Senator from Massachusetts, supporting President-Elect Obama. Cousin/ nephew Robert endorsed Senator Clinton.

The cries about Caroline Kennedy's experience, if she is chosen, will come from all sides. It surely will sound like the cries the New York State GOP and Republican National Party members used against then-First Lady Clinton. The truth of the matter is that Caroline Kennedy doesn't have the kind of experience that her would-be opponents might have, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially when examining the record of front-runner King.

The American Conservative Union give King an over 76 percent acceptable rating. The rest of the New York State Congressional delegation rates just above 18 percent (18.07%). In other words, King's out of touch with the rest of his state.

Caroline Kennedy is a Kennedy and that moniker comes without privacy in a very public life. Sure having a father who was a US President, and an uncle who has spent a lifetime as a US Senator doesn't qualify her for a Senate seat of her own, but her life's experience makes her a very interesting candidate. And personally, I like the idea of having a trained attorney, author, activist and mother - yes, mother - in that seat.

We have had many millionaire businessmen run for higher office without the skills one might think necessary to hold that office. Likewise we've had good candidates come from walks of life not thought of as a breeding ground for higher office: Senator Paul Wellstone (DEMOCRAT-MN) was a teacher and a fine Senator not in the usual mode. One wonders what he might have done had he not had been killed just before the 2002 election.

We constantly hear from all sides that people who come from other walks of life other than politics should come forward and run for office. Caroline Kennedy has spent a lifetime trying to stay out of that political limelight.

Caroline Kennedy's experience is the right kind of experience and I think she could make a very effective Senator.

-Noah Greenberg

Joe the Plumber and Muntazer the Shoe-Thrower

A friend of mine just sent me what he considers to be a humorous note regarding "Ali the Shoe Thrower" as he calls the Iraqi Journalist whose courage and outrage sadly exceeded his accuracy in aim. Actually he tried to compare Muntazer al-Zaidi, The Iraqi TV JOURNALIST, to our own "Joe the Plumber"... a comparison that I didn't see. And yet upon reflection there is much to compare and contrast between Mr. Zaidi and Joe.

Joe the plumber was in the news again this week, because he now has turned on John McCain. He still loves Sarah Palin though but he admitted to a Glen beck that McCain's answers to his (Joe's) questions "appalled" him. And yet he still supported McCain over Obama.

Now Joe is the moron who got to talk to Obama and asked him about his tax plan. And in one of those "man bites dog" moments that makes news... Joe the Voter lied to Barack the Politician. Joe claimed to be pulling down $250,000 a year and said that Obama's tax plan would make his taxes go up. And yet the reality was that Joe was pulling down about $45,000 a year and would actually get more back under Obama's plan than McCain's.

But Joe wasn't having that... Despite dodging his own taxes to the tune of $1200 and owing a local hospital $1300, Joe still identifies with the wealthy of this land. He is still more concerned about the rich having to pay more taxes because he is terrified of the expression "spreading the wealth around". But he's not too concerned about the transfer of wealth from everyone else in this country to the rich, it's the though of some of those rich people having to pay a bit more that gives him night terrors.

On the other hand, Mr. Zaidi has seen his country invaded. If asked, he may be able to tell us exactly how many Iraqi's have been killed by Chimpy McF---ups Big Adventure, whether that number is still close to 625,000 or if it's reached a million or more, I know for a fact that Mr. Zaidid knows some of the Iraqi's who were killed. And he knows, just like the rest of the world outside of the Red States, who is responsible for the devastation that has wracked his country. So he threw his shoes at the Smirking Chimp.

And that's our moment of clarity. On the one hand, an idiot too stupid to realize which side of the plantation's pecking order he's on, and on the other hand, man who saw his one last chance to send his oppressor a message of defiance and took it.

Somewhere on the internet, someone wondered whether the shoes that Mr. Zaidi threw at Der Monkey will become stylish fashion wear in Iraq, the commentator mentioned that they may be buying a lot of them here in America as well.

-David W.

In response to Lew Warden's rant against...well... everything, Denise writes:

In your rambling ons you have wrapped up everything that is wrong with the Republican party. You put down workers in the manufacturing sector and call them idiots changing hubcaps when they are actually hard working people who also PAY TAXES. Oh yeah, a lot of them are probably not the educated, college airhead that you probably are.

The Obama connection with the Illinois Governor is hogwash. Obama doesn't need to sell one Senate seat and is way to smart to even embark on such a stupid thing. Yes, once again it is a Republican boogey man story. No connection will be made and on this I am sure I will not be wrong. Yes, he as well as any other politician from the state can speak to the Governor about the empty seat but that doesn't mean evil doing.

You also show your disgust for immigrants instead of respect for another hard working group of people that are caught in hateful cycle caused by Republicans and their hate, fear mongering speeches in the last several elections.

May your days always be bright and merry and the hardships of life never hit you or your family. However, if the hardships do hit you, maybe you will learn a lesson and be less callous to others less fortunate.

As far as the Iraq war goes, I can only imagine what would happen if a foreign country had invaded the U.S. and the foreign countries' leader came here. It would probably be more than a shoe thrown. Iraqi families have probably all lost loved ones in this preemptive war against weapons of mass destruction and wish to have their country back no matter what they would face in the future because of it

In response to a lot of stuff Victoria Brownworth writes:

Gov. Blagojevich is a Democrat. He was the first Democrat to be elected in Illinois in 30 years. While I certainly hope Barack Obama is not involved in the pay-to-play events, his initial foot-dragging in response to the scandal was not a good thing. And dropped his approval rating considerably. I would hate to see the promise of the new administration derailed by a Democratic scandal.

Despite being a big fan of unions and union-organizing, I think painting the Detroit bailout as a Republican effort to break the UAW is simply nonsense. Eighty percent of Americans are against the Detroit bailout. And even the useless Nancy Pelosi has said it's just a stop-gap measure. Are we expected to foot the bill for egregiously arrogant corporate mismanagement every three months? Because Detroit has said that the $34 BILLION that they have demanded will last only till March. While I can empathize with UAW workers, who on average make $92 an hour (which is hardly minimum wage and speaks to the power of the UAW), and have the best benefits package outside of the federal government.

And last I looked, it was Bush who was the big bailout promoter. He IS a Republican, isn't he?

As a socialist, I find it difficult to understand why we are supposed to reward the theft the big three have presented as their entitlement with our tax dollars.

In response to, "What's so damned infuriating about this is that we've sacrificed over 4,000 lives to give this a--hole the right to throw that shoe and live to see another day.
"Had he done that 6 years ago, he would have ended up in one of Saddam's torture chambers being fed feet first into a wood chipper and his family would have been fed to Saddam's son's dogs!", David W. writes:

First off... I admire the show thrower. Too bad no American journalist bothered to challenge Chimpy McF---up's lies and distortions for the last 8 years. Considering that now that Saddam is gone and all of the torture chambers in Iraq are now under American management it took incredible courage for him to say and do what the overwhelming majority of Iraqis (and quite a few Americans) would have liked to do.

Sadly, there's good reason to believe that the Iraqi journalist is already dead and "disappeared" by now. In much the same way dissidents were disappeared with US tax dollars in El Salvador and Chile under Reagan and Bush 41.

So much for being "welcomed as Liberators".

And Lew Warden writes:

Dang, it! Now I’ll have to read your next issues to see if your other readers are sufficiently motivated to fire back.

Regarding old Bushie’s ducking the reporters shoes – You know I’m no Bush lover, but George hung in there and showed some nice moves. All in all he took it pretty good considering the natives’ propensity for more serious missiles.

Reminded me of a carnival act that was common when I was a kid – pre-WW-II. They had a black kid in a barrel and sold baseball shot’s at his head for the wanna be pitchers and common place bigots. The kid had some good moves and no one ever hit him, unless some fool in the crowd took a cheap shot just as the kid was coming back up for more. Kind of like the reverse of shooting squirrels. In case you don’t know it, a .22 bullet doesn’t reach the squirrel, who sits in his hole with just his head and neck above the rim, before the click of the hammer as it drops on the firing pin. So when he hears this click, the squirrel goes to ground. But the canny shooter will fire just above the edge of the hole and nail old mister squirrel right in his eye-ball as he drops down. Of course you Libs never hunted squirrels or hurled base balls at a black kid in a barrel. See what you’ve missed?

In response to, "Auto Bailout Defeated (for Now)," Pat Thompson writes:

I guess everyone is aware that the $70 figure the union workers are accused of extorting hourly includes all of the costs for retiree's pensions and retiree's medical insurance. That $70 an hr. sure does shrink after all those legacy costs are deducted. This is also about union busting. And how much does the CEO make?
How many millions, or hundred millions?

In response to the end of Boston Legal and the reviews by many, Pat Thompson writes:

Well, since I have never once watched Boston Legal, and hearing your review of it, I will surely get some DVD's to watch all at once if we get a big snow storm, or I get the flu.

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-Noah Greenberg