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November 10, 2008


Closing Doors

DHL in the US is closing its doors and 9,500 jobs are going with it. That's another 9,500 people joining the ranks of the unemployed and as many as four times that many who might be without health care coverage.

In the town of Wilmington, Ohio, 7,000 of its 12,000 residents were employed by DHL, the delivery giant based in Germany. That town may have to file bankruptcy in the aftermath of this corporate catastrophe.

The two questions I have for those who still insist that Universal Health Care is a luxury for only the very wealthy and those still lucky enough to be employed by companies which offer to pay for some of their health care coverage are these:

Do you still believe that health care isn't a right?
Do you still believe that Health Care coverage, the economy and jobs aren't related?
And finally, how does the Kool-Aid taste?

-Noah Greenberg

What About Jobs?

There's a reason why the economy is the single-most important issue on America's collective mid and why six-in-ten voters cited it as their most important issue:


The economy was six times more important than the next issue to voters - the war in Iraq - and it had nothing to do with the stock market, although one can argue that it's all connected.

Most of us real middle-class Americans need to work to feed our families, put gas in our cars and pay our mortgages and jobs are how we do it.

During the first four years of the administration of George W. Bush - a.k.a. The Administration of Diminished Responsibility - and for the first time since the Great Depression, our nation bled more jobs than it created. In other words, we had a net jobs loss. Even in Bush's second term, as the President boasted that we were creating jobs, our nation couldn't keep up with the growth in population and the new Americans joining the workforce looking for work. While our nation's population grew by around 150,000 people per month, the Bush administration's "jobs of the future" regularly produced just a fraction of what was needed just to keep our heads above water.

Amid all of the job loss, however, housing prices rose and the stock market, using the housing situation as a springboard, rose as well, and it was all the Bushies could do to keep patting each other on the back.

And we all know how that one ended up, even though we have yet to realize the true, lasting impact on what we are presently living through.

While the housing crisis has little effect on those of us lucky enough to still have our jobs and homes, its reverberations can be felt everywhere. Just take a look at your nearest strip mall and note what you see. How many formerly busy storefronts now have "For Rent" signs in the windows where merchandise used to hang? Each one of those storefronts either had a small business owner, employees or both earning a living from that location. They were taking that money they earned and purchasing goods and services from other stores and businesses and that's what kept the economy afloat.

And that what's the Bush administration forgot or never cared about.

Today, as the Trickle-Down theory of Economics shows how it's failed yet again, we look towards what to do next and it begins with that same middle-class.

Yesterday President George W. Bush met with President-Elect Barack Obama. While this was supposed to be more a tour than a meeting on our nation's future, one has to (and hopes) that the topic, at least, came up. President-Elect Obama want President Bush and this lame-duck Congress to immediately enact a new economic stimulus package aimed directly at the US middle class. Having seen the previous package come up short due to its lack of concentration on the middle class and its focus on Trickle-Down, Obama knows wants to make sure that the next package goes directly to where it is needed - "Main Street".

Whether you agree that putting money directly into the pockets of "Main Street" is the right first move to make doesn't matter. President-Elect Obama believes it is and we chose him for the job by a substantial margin. Obama wants President Bush to aid him in the effort and believes that this package is instituted in time for the busy Christmas (Holiday) season.

Armed with dollars in their pockets, the American shopper will spend money and rotate those dollars through the economy. Will it create many jobs? Probably not, but some. Anything that puts our dollars in motion can certainly aid in getting the whole economy in motion.

During this holiday season it would be good to allow people to shop, even at the price it will cost us in borrowed dollars. Sure, printing money to keep our economy going isn't a great idea, but this is an emergency.

So far we haven't seen the benefit of the Wall Street bailout on "Main Street" - as the politicians like to call it - at least as of yet. But if we're going to pump cash into our crappy economy, now is definitely the time to do it. And if it creates some seasonal jobs - jobs in the retail sector which might not have been created had nothing been done - then so much the better

Of course, President Bush is threatening to veto any such measure unless President-Elect Obama says he'll support the Columbia Free Trade Agreement even though human rights aren't represented in a Bush-supported bill. The President has the ability to get this stimulus package done now but it might have to wait until January 21st (as Obama said he would make the stimulus package the first thing on his agenda if it isn't passed now), but he is holding it as a hostage to get just one more thing passed for his real "base of haves and have mores".

As jobs were being lost by the Bush administration and the Republican-led Congress over most of these past eight years, nothing had been done to stem that tide. If foresight is fore-warned, then consider President-Elect Obama's insistence that an economic stimulus package be put into place now, rather than after he takes office, the flair shot over our heads.

Will it help create jobs? I just hope it's a step in the right direction.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, “According to the Constitution, a document Obama appears to respect unlike Bush and Cheney, all bills originate in the House,” Anonymous writes:

Not quite. All revenue raising measures – tax bills – must originate in the House of Representatives, Article I, section 7. Other bills may originate in either chamber.

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-Noah Greenberg