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November 6, 2008


The G.O.O.P - The Grand Old Obsolete Party

In the aftermath of Barack Obama's stunning mandate of a victory this past Tuesday night, the general consensus of many of the cable news channel talking heads is that the Republican party is the Party of the South and only the South.

Sure there are pockets of Republicans in the North and the West, especially in more affluent areas, but their numbers have dwindled. The Reagan Democrats have given way to - do I dare say it? - Obama Republicans. In this past election, John McCain won the GOP vote, but not by the landslide he should have, and other than winning the 65-and-over age group (also just barely), he won no other group.

In short, the Republican brand is damaged. Can a national political party in a two-part system fix their brand?

There are three types of customers - or in this case, constituents - which a political party or company has. The first are their base, the regular customer who gives the company (party) business (votes) on a regular basis. The GOP can count on the very, very wealthy and the Religious Right as their regulars.

Next is the new customer looking for a reliable company to spend their money with. In the case of the Republican party, the new voter gave their business to other vendor (the Democratic Party) by a count of two-to-one.

Then there is the lost customer. Once you damage a relationship, in business or in politics, repairing that relationship and regaining that trust are very difficult to get back, even more so than gaining those new customers.

That was the task of the Democratic Party beginning in 1980 and today, it's the task in front of the new Republican Party.

As it sails now the Republican Party and brand is a ship that's rudderless. There is no captain and there is no navigator.

Many in the party are looking towards Sarah Palin as their new leader and, to say the least, that would be a mistake. By assigning Palin that responsibly or allowing her to hijack the GOP, they will be stuck in the mire of pandering to the Religious Right while serving the very wealthy for years to come. They can forget about the sons and daughters of the Reagan Democrats because they won't fall for the "you betcha's" and "golly gees" as a substitute for political policy.

Anonymous sources in the McCain campaign, as reported by none other than Fox News Channel, Sarah Palin shouldn't be considered smart enough to be her party's leader. Carl Cameron stated, as he appeared on Bill O'Reilly's The O'Reilly Factor, that Palin didn't know the nations in the North American Free Trade Agreement were the United States, Canada and Mexico. What's more, she couldn't name all the countries in North America. Additionally, Cameron reported, Palin thought that Africa was a country, not a continent, and she assumed that South Africa was a country inside of the country of Africa.

How bad is it in the GOP? Moderate Republican Congressman Chris Shays of Connecticut lost his seat. If there was any seat in New England that was safe, it was Shays'. And now it's gone. The more moderate Republicans who leave, the more to the Right the GOP drifts.

There are no moderate Republicans because the party itself doesn't want them. They want legislators who peddle hate and fear and use the word "Liberal" as a curse word. Issues aren't on the agenda unless they can be brought to bear in the context of how the Democrats will destroy the economy, the armed forces or the country itself.

It is all they left themselves to talk about and it isn't fooling anyone north of the Mason-Dixon line, or west of Route 66 anymore.

Those who would take the helm of the GOP aren't worthy of the party of Abraham Lincoln. All one has to do is take a look at those Republicans in charge of the Senate and House minorities to see that their leaders, Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner, are only in it for themselves and not the good of our nation or even their party as a whole.

The GOP has sacrificed their collective soul for the 50-plus-one philosophy of Karl Rove. Sure they gained the White House, the senate and House for awhile with that strategy (or is it called "strategery"?), but at what cost?

The Republicans need a makeover, if not for their sake than for our nation's. They need a transfusion of young candidates who aren't afraid to be moderate and vocal. They need to move from the far Right and act for those they pretend to serve and truly serve them.

The question is, will they do it?

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "There are but a few places which would have been acceptable places for probably the most hated political figure in our nation today to make such an endorsement, without a series of boos and cat-calls and Wyoming is on top of that list," Pat Thompson writes:

Wyoming is perhaps the most beautiful state in the US. The Grand Teton Mountains and National Park are just amazing. I have never understood why the most horrible characters in American politics hide out in places of such amazing natural beauty. Cheney had/has a home in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Of course he actually lived and worked in Texas, but it would have been unconstitutional for both candidates to be from the same state of Texas. So he used his vacation home address.

Along the same lines, former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld lives in Taos, New Mexico, not only naturally gorgeous, but also a very culturally unique place with hundreds of art galleries, the Taos Indian Pueblo, and a Hispanic population who have been there since the 1600's. The big hero of the first Gulf War General Norman Schwarzkopf lives high in the Rocky Mountains in a small town above 8000 ft. in a box canyon called Telluride. It rivals any place on earth for the most beautiful -- and safe. These guys know they'll survive a nuclear war or insurrection or invasion hiding in these wonderful mountain places. I am very happy to think that Colorado and New Mexico "went blue".

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-Noah Greenberg