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Election Night 2008


I got to stay home today on election day. My daughter, just out of the hospital and very shaky on her feet, needs someone home with her most of the time and today is my turn. Her operation just a few weeks ago and slow recovery has kept me on the bench this election season, other than for my writing and publishing this newsletter.

As a result of my bench-warming, I get to sit and watch the election coverage all day long. So as thoughts, whether they be on-point and off-base come to mind, I'll record them to share with all of you at the end of this day.

-Noah Greenberg


Election Day Potpourri


8:30AM Eastern Time: I voted. Due to my wife's opinion of one of those running, Democrat David B. Crabiel, a Middlesex County (NJ) Freeholder, I decided to write my own name in instead of pushing the button for him.

9:00AM Eastern Time: : I wish no one on the Red side of the aisle any ill will, but I couldn't help this one thought which strolled through my mind this morning. As I watched the various morning shows this morning (right after seeing Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden cast their votes presumably for themselves), the talking heads told us that Senator John McCain would vote (also presumably for himself) at 11AM Eastern time and that Governor Sarah Palin would fly to Alaska, vote, then fly back to the lower 48 to keep campaigning.

Now here's the thought: What if Palin's plan crashed?

In the after math of the continuing decline in her favorable ratings among everyone other than the staunchest Republican, what would the news that Sarah Palin wouldn't be available to become the Vice President do to the opinions and votes of those who hadn't yet cast their vote do?

I couldn't help but think that a plane crash resulting in the loss of Governor Palin would only help the cause of Senator McCain. Would voters turned off by McCain's choice for the number two spot in our nation change their mind and cast their vote knowing that now, McCain could select someone they consider qualified for the job?

What would McCain do? What would the Republican National Committee do? What would those who want the number two spot do? Certainly calls from each and every new GOP hopeful would go out to each and every television station offering up their "expert" opinions on who McCain should select.

And surely McCain would be on the air, wearing his black armband, using the crash as a means to get some free airtime on election day.

One could argue that, in fact, the loss of Palin on election day, and a parade of Vice Presidential hopefuls campaigning for the spot would be the best thing to happen to the McCain campaign since the lift from their convention.

But, really, McCain doesn't have that kind of luck.

"If Norm Coleman loses, his political obituary will be: 'Norm Coleman - the man who lost to Jesse Ventura (Governor of Minnesota) and Al Franken (Senator).'"
-Chuck Todd on MSNBC

"Folks appear to be waiting in a slow-w-w moving line in not very nice weather,"
-Fox News' Megyn Kelly commenting on an overhead shot of a long line in what appeared to be a predominately African American community polling place in Maryland

I almost expected Kelly to say "Stay home. It's nasty out there."

"And I am exercising my right to privacy and not going to tell you how I voted,"
-Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin after casting her vote in Wasilla, Alaska

I wonder if she wrote her own name in for President?

"A couple of Christmas' ago, she (McCain's mother Roberta) wanted to drive around France, so she went to rent a car and they told her she was too old to rent a car. So she bought a car and drove around France."
-McCain about his mother's trip to France a couple of years ago

After this and the flap over McCain's use of his wife's Cindy's family jet, is it any wonder why everyone thinks that McCain's out of touch with us regular Americans?

4:00PM: People who have voted for over a decade, somehow, in Pennsylvania have been removed from the voting roles. So far, CNN has received in excess of 60,000 phone calls from people who have voted in previous years, including last year, and are now excluded from casting anything other than a provisional ballot this year.

Kudos to my New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski (District 19, Middlesex County) for taking an active role in an election which he isn't running for office. As my daughter was waiting on the short line to vote (only one person ahead of her), Wisniewski was there, phone in hand aiding a voter whose name was removed from the voter rolls. The voter had in his hand the sample ballot sent to all registered voters in New Jersey and couldn't understand why his name didn't appear after his wife's which it had dome for so many years before.

Wisniewski, to his credit, acted as the man's agent without once seeking to find out his party affiliation or anything which would determine which way he was going to vote.

I guess John Wisniewski's got my vote again next year.

It's time to get ready for the night ahead. I hope it won't be a long one.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg