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November 2, 2008


Beyond Questionable Judgment

If it is politically incorrect to question one's character, although that's all John McCain and Sarah Palin have left in their attacks against Barack Obama and Joe Biden, then it must be politically correct to question their judgment.

For the past few weeks we have heard the two atop the GOP ticket call into question connections to questionable people which they say Obama has to answer for. But what about McCain and Palin themselves?

We know that John McCain was more than connected to a group with ties to "former Nazi collaborators". The inappropriately names U.S. Council for World Freedom, founded by retired U.S. General John Singlaub, had McCain on their board and on their stationary as late as the mid-eighties.

If those Nazi-collaboration ties weren't enough, this group supported by McCain, was also tied to "ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America". Their goal was to rid the world of Communism at any and all costs.

And speaking of Right-Wing death squads, does anyone know the reason why McCain met with Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, one of the worst human rights violators in recent history? Maybe the US Council for World Freedom could answer that for McCain. In any event, it's interesting to see What McCain thinks fighting for "Freedom" means.

Then there's the IRI, the International Republican Institute. While McCain was the President of this independent Republican organization, they gave nearly half a million dollars to Rashid Khalidi, a PLO spokesman. This tie to Khalidi came to light because of the loose connection pointed out by the McCain campaign that Obama had with Khalidi.

And let's not forget McCain's involvement as a member of the Keating Five Savings and Loan scandal. That particular event cost the US taxpayer billions of dollars and many their life savings.

Then there's Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. Todd Palin is a charter member of the AIP, the Alaska Independence Party. The groups, which supports the secession of Alaska from the Union by any means necessary, had as their 1994 convention's guest speaker none other than Sarah Palin.

So when McCain and Palin question the patriotism of Senator Obama, perhaps one should ask about the ties they themselves have with questionable people and organizations.

After all, if it's all about judgment then they have some questions to answer.

-Noah Greenberg

Palin Congratulates the "Pittsburgh(?)" Phillies

Some hockey mom, huh? Today in Pennsylvania, hockey-mom extraordinaire Sarah Palin came out and congratulated the Philadelphia Phillies on their World Series victory over the Tampa Rays. There's only one problem with the celebratory tone of her cudo's however - she gave the glad tidings in Pittsburgh!

Anyone who's ever rooted for wither of the keystone's state's two teams knows the difference between them, and it isn't just the 350 or so miles across the state. The Pirates of Pittsburgh have been one of the league's laughing stocks since the inception of free agency while not selling very many seats at all; and the Phillies have been spending money and selling seats.

While the Phillies of Philadelphia haven't won a championship since 1980 (their only one) and the City of Brotherly Love's teams haven't won anything since the 1983 Seventy-Sixers (National Basketball association), Pittsburgh hasn't seen a championship since Willie Stargell suited up, but have won a Super Bowl just a few years ago (their fifth Super Bowl championship), a feat Philadelphia's Eagles has never accomplished.

The boos were deafening as Palin said "I am pleased to be in the home state of the Philadelphia Phillies." Like last week when she claimed that Democrats had infiltrated her rally but, in fact, her "fans" were chanting "louder. louder" because they couldn't hear her speak, Palin must have thought those darn Democrats were back and jeering her adopted team - the Pittsburgh Phillies?

Palin's athletic moments are now widely known by sports fans everywhere. To press her hockey-mom credentials, Palin dropped the puck in - you guessed it - Philadelphia just last week in the Flyers home opener. The Flyers, who used to play the late Kate Smith's rendition of God Bless America for good luck (they had an incredible winning percentage when she sung the song live years ago), must feel like Palin's luck is a lot like Smith's, only in reverse. After the puck dropped they lost not only that game, but the four which followed as well.

Palin admits to be a hockey fan and both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh both boast teams which have won the Stanley Cup (the national Hockey League's championship and oldest trophy in organized sports) in their short histories. Funny how she doesn't know much about the difference between the two cities when it comes to baseball.

And if that weren't enough, she later traveled to St. Louis to drop the puck on the Blues' home ice. As she was bending over - a real treat for every plumber named Joe, no doubt - the home team's starting goalie Manny Legace came skating onto the ice, tripped over the rug put there so Palin wouldn't have safe footing, injured his leg and did not play. The Blues went on to lose the next two games.


Someone ought to get Sarah Palin a Where's Waldo book and paste her face over Waldo's so she knows where she is from now on. Where's Sarah? Pretty soon no one will care... we hope.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "By the way... I haven't heard the outage and condemnation from either John McCain nor Sarah Palin about this latest GOP slander. After all, they are the new leaders of the Republican Party so one would expect one of them to offer up their repudiation of Dole's ad," Robert Scardapane writes:

Don't hold your breath waiting for that. McCain-Palin have not apologized for even one of their sleazy attacks on Senator Obama.

McCain-Palin are proud of the people that show up at their rallies yelling that Obama is a "terrorist". It doesn't get more reprehensible than that.
Where did their supporters get that idea? Well, it wasn't from the tooth fairy.

In response to "Liddy" Dole's ad, Sheila B. writes:

As a lifelong North Carolinian, I can assure you we were already sick and tired of "don't call me Liddy" Dole. She left here in the 1950's and never looked back. That she even got ELECTED as Senator from NC is FRAUD. I know her family home in Salisbury well - it's a landmark. She has not lived there since the 1950's. She's been to NC 23 or so days in the last couple years. I detest her. The horrible ads she has knocking Kay Hagan are just uncalled for. To quote a line in the newspaper today "If Dole is saying Hagan does not believe in God it means Dole's reelection does not have a prayer." Those ads against Kay Hagan are sickening. You have to HEAR one to really get the effect. The woman saying "There is no God" is not even Kay Hagan - it's some harpy trying to sound like Hagan. I hope Hagan wins her lawsuit. She has my vote.

And adding to the Palin thing, Casey Sweet reminds us this:

Let's not forget - Drill Baby Drill or that 'wink' she loves to flash...

And in response to both Dole and Palin, Denise writes:

One added note on Mrs. Palin. When she went on her rant about allocating more resources to the mentally and physically disabled she attacked earmarks. One of the first earmarks she attacked was "research for fruit flies" which led her Palinista fan club to laugh and clap. Little does Mrs. Palin know that the research of fruit flies is being done to help with autism research. You would think one that is so "totally committed" to this issue would research their facts before turning the spout in their mouth on.

As for Dole, she's a goner.

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-Noah Greenberg