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October 26, 2008


The "Race"

Today, I was going to write about the $150,000 shopping spree which the Republican National Committee decided to give as a gift to their new queen Sarah Palin. Then I heard about the ties to Big Oil - Canadian style - which Governor Palin's crew had to the TransCanada company to build and operate a gas pipeline from Alaska, through Canada and into the lower 48.

And then I watched Meet the Press.

Host Tom Brokaw had as his guest none other than Senator John McCain. McCain - a.k.a. "The Great Rebuker", so called because of his scolding opponent Barack Obama for not rebuking Rep. John Lewis for his remarks, even tough Obama did just that quickly after Lewis made his comments - was shown a little clip then asked a simple question whose only acceptable answer was a resounding "No!"

The clip was of none other than Rush Limbaugh calling Colin Powell's endorsement of Senator Obama a "race" thing. Here's what Limbaugh had to say:

"It was totally about race. The Powell nomination, or endorsement, total, totally about race."
-Rush Limbaugh

Brokaw then asked McCain if he agreed with Limbaugh. Instead of McCain stating that he rebuked or repudiated Limbaugh's words, McCain offered up criticism of Powell and touted the other former Secretaries of State - all Republicans - who back his campaign. (While doing so, McCain could only name four leaving out George Schultz, then interrupting Brokaw later when the name finally entered his head.)

Here's what McCain had to say about Powell's endorsement:

"I'm disappointed in General Powell..."

Like wise, senator McCain. Powell was just as disappointed in you.

Out of all of the former Secretaries of State who are still alive, the only one to cross party lines in their endorsement of one candidate versus the other is Powell. Are we to believe that the only reason Powell wants to see Obama in the White House is because of skin pigmentation? Why then did Powell contribute the maximum $2300 to McCain's campaign early and convert to an Obama supporter this late in the game?

Maybe Secretary Powell thought McCain was Black.

And why did the two former Secretaries of State who served under Democrats endorse Senator Obama. Using the Limbaugh-McCain logic, their support should have gone to McCain. After all, they're White!

Imagine had Madeleine Albright come out and endorsed Senator McCain rather than Senator Obama. What would those in the Republican Party have said when the Democrats clamored that her support was only based on gender?

If it isn't about race, senator McCain, then why no out-and-out admonishment of Limbaugh. Why does Tom Brokaw even have to ask you to come out and ask if you support the hateful, dividing words of the not-so-funny Limbaugh when all you had to do was come out after Limbaugh stated his comments with a statement repudiating it?

And why did you, Senator McCain, allow Sarah Palin to call into Limbaugh's show for an interview? Certainly had you wished to keep yourself distanced from Limbaugh's remarks and show that you in no way, shape of form support them, you would have told your running mate to not offer up her services as a "guest" on the show.

Palin's comments to the racist Limbaugh were telling:

“Well, yeah, I guess that message is they (the Press? The Republicans? The World?) do want me to sit down and shut up, but that’s not going to happen."

“I’ve got nothing to lose in this."

And she doesn't have anything to lose. John McCain does, and the polls are showing that; and the American people have much to lose if we allow someone who doesn't mind race-baiting and encourages hate and racism in her rallies to reach the White House.

Limbaugh is more right than he knows. This election is, at least in part, about race. But it isn't about Black versus White; it's about Right versus Wrong. And McCain, Palin and Limbaugh are all on the Wrong side.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg