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October 20, 2008


Throwing OUR Money at the Problem THEY Created

The world is full of good ideas. The problem is that it's full of bad one's too.

There is a growing momentum to create a new economic stimulus package is an idea that is being pushed by members of Congress and others who believe that it's what we need to help right our nation today. The question is what kind of idea will this new economic stimulus package be? Will it be a good idea or a bad idea?

The last economic stimulus package was too little too late. Although many called for it a long time before its execution earlier this year, how it was enacted made it a bad idea.

The current Bush administration still insists that trickle down is the only way to go when it comes to giving tax breaks to the American public. They feel that if you throw money at the upper economic classes of our nation, they will spend that money and some of it will trickle down to us. The argument goes something like this: Give the same percentage of taxes back to everybody, which results in those at the top getting the lion's share of the dollars. then advertise the small sum you'll be getting while hiding what those at the top will be getting.

then make some more excuses for why the economy is still in the tank, or say that it's "fundamentally sound".

So far this year, our job market has lost over one-quarter of a million jobs to the Bush economy. Another $600 to those of us paying taxes in the middle class won't help much.

It's widely known that under John McCain's economic plan - a plan which would add $300 billion to our national debt - the upper economic class of Americans (a.k.a. the McBush "base of haves and have mores") will gain, again, that lion's share. It's estimated that the average Big Oil company executive would gain an additional $700,000 each, per year, if McCain gets his way.

You and I will get fractions of pennies to their dollars.

It's the same economic plan which George Bush has proposed; enacted (with the help of a friendly Congress) and wants to make permanent.

And John McCain thinks that making those tax breaks permanent is a great idea.

It isn't.

If we're going to throw even more dollars at our problems, which is seeming more and more like the only solution our leaders can come up with, then they have to be targeted towards the middle class with the aim of circulating them through our economy. And in our current political climate with the Right knowing only the words "tax cut", stating that you don't want to give a tax break to at least some Americans is political suicide.

Although I was for the $700 billion economic bailout of our financial industry, the only reason I supported it was to save the jobs that already exist - the middle class jobs which these financial institutions would cut before they cut the giant salaries and golden parachutes of CEO's and other upper management types.

President Bush and John McCain would keep the money going to the top, with Bush doing it today and McCain over the next four to eight years, if given the chance.

So far we have seen the Bush administration, john McCain and Republican Congressional leaders offer up tax cuts, rebates, capital gains reductions (or the abolishment of all capital gains taxes) as their only solutions to our current economic situation. After seeing what their policies have done for us these past eight years, the only question one should ask them is, "Are you guys, and galls, nuts?"

Why would we - why should we trust you to fix what you've screwed up in the first place? The excuses, from calling it a "cycle" or "temporary economic turndown" to blaming the Clinton administration or just "bad luck" are sickening to all of us.

The large tax breaks to the rich haven't created the jobs of tomorrow while the outsourcing of our old jobs and greed have just about bankrupted us as a nation.

It isn't only that we - the middle class - bail them out with our tax dollars offering up solutions to their problems on our dimes, it's the lack of return we've received on our investments. We've (the middle class) have experienced a loss of jobs; a loss of real wages; a loss of disposable income while things haven't been that hard on those at the top...

...at least not until recently.

And then we hear about trips and banquets and misuses of our tax dollars to the likes of AIG's executives and it drives us all, collectively, crazy!

And it should.

Certainly the reason that Barack Obama is in the lead in the national polls is realized because of the errors of the Bush administration and the Republicans who were in charge for most of the past eight years. The truth is that it's now the Democrats' turn to either prove themselves worthy of fixing what the Republicans screwed up or their collective asses will be on the line in two-and four-years from now.

As taxpayers, the only real voice we have is our vote and we will be exercising that right in two weeks.

And with that right, we, hopefully, will be firing the Republicans as a whole.

And then the Democrats will have to make good on the promises they make today.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, Dorothy Schwartz writes:

Regarding Colin Powell's endorsement -- I was canvassing for Obama today in a rather up-scale area near Allentown. With at least two people who were undecided, when I mentioned Powell's endorsement, they hadn't heard of it yet, and by the look on their faces, it seemed significant, and very positive, to them.

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-Noah Greenberg