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September 24, 2008


Slow Down - You Campaign Too Fast

With Barack Obama surging ahead in the national polls on news of the financial industry's collapse, is it any wonder that John McCain is looking towards postponing this Friday night's upcoming (and first) debate between the two men seeking to be our next President?

Ask yourself this question: If McCain had gone from a statistical dead-heat nationwide to being up by nine points in just a matter of a few days; and Barack Obama had asked for a "postponement", what do you think the McCain response would have been?

"Heck No!"

Imagine what the likes of Fox News Channel, WABC New York Radio (home to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and a host of other NeoCon mouthpieces) or any of the other Right Wing personalities (talk about a contradiction in terms!) who will say or do anything to get their man elected would say if Obama said we need time to let the financial industry recover.

He would have been lambasted off the air and laughed at on every single one of those shows.

But it goes deeper than that. McCain knows he's going to have to answer some really tough questions this Friday, questions he would rather not answer:

To John McCain
QUESTION: Is Sarah Palin really ready? After her appearance with Charles Gibson and her not allowing reporters in with the cameras while she shook hands, for the first time, with world leaders at the UN, can you really still believe that she is the second most qualified person in the nation to lead it out of this debacle of the past eight years?

QUESTION: The ad you're running against Senator Obama where you state that he has a relationship with Fannie Mae's former CEO Franklin Raines has been proved factually wrong. Your own campaign manager, Rick Davis, on the other hand has made just under $2 million from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as a lobbyist. How do you answer these charges?

QUESTION: Do you really believe that The new York Times and other newspapers are out to get you?

QUESTION: Senator McCain, you state that you never asked for earmarks while a Senator, but thousands of dollars have gone to your state in earmark money. How do you answer for that?

QUESTION: Your running mate, Governor Palin, has stated that she was against the bridge to nowhere, but records show that she campaigned for its funds. Even though she later said that she wouldn't support the bridge, why didn't she give the $398 million of tax payer money back?

These are certainly questions which, this past week alone, makes one want to ask Senator McCain.

Mark Salter, a McCain spokesman, had originally put forth an idea that McCain would suspend his campaign completely if Obama would do the same, but the McCain campaign quickly reneged... Then McCain came on the air and said that he would, in fact, suspend his campaign.

They must have looked at the most recent polls too.

It would have made sense for McCain to take what looks like the high road and to offer a cessation of both campaigns - or just his - own as Obama plodded on. Certainly he hopes that he will look like the politician who was above all of "it". Had both campaigns actually went along with the suspension idea, McCain would have reaped the rewards of being the one who came up with the idea.

For his part, Obama called McCain in the morning suggesting that the two make a joint statement but rejecting McCain's idea of suspending their campaigns. Reportedly, as the two sides were talking about the joint statement, McCain made the move to steal the spotlight.

They'll need a lot more candle-power.

Suspending both campaigns would have benefited McCain in other ways as well. Right Wingers are much better than the Left at all of the other ways of getting lies-as-news, and other various fake "facts" out. Their network of TV and radio commentators; their willingness to win at all costs; and their ability to stay on the offensive would have put them in much better position to keep the noise up more than the Democrats, had both candidates stayed out of campaigning for the next few days or weeks.

Had the campaigns been in that same statistical dead-heat which they were in just a few days ago, McCain might have gone on with the idea of halting his campaign to allow the various 527 and Fox News (and Fox News-ish) organizations to do his bidding. But with the polls being what they are (whether you believe in polls or not) he simply couldn't take that chance.

I look forward to the debate this Friday night and I'm glad that PBS' own Jim Lehrer is the host. It will be the best show on TV, assuming that Senator McCain shows up.

-Noah Greenberg

Remember Us

If the little guys got something substantial for bearing the pain of what looks now a bunch of crooks taking everyone for a ride downhill, at least us little guys could survive. If we are going to sink into an endless mass of debt because of their greed, bring it on, but give me some money in return.

Oh yeah and to think that the former CEO of Sachs Goldman wants no accountability. What a joke!

P.S. There was some good news from the Hill yesterday. The Credit Card Protection Act passed with enough votes to override any veto. Now if the Senate will just pass it. It doesn't go far enough but it is a good start in eliminating abusive practices by the credit card industry.


In response to, "Ask yourself this question: If you were unlucky enough to be retiring just as this crisis was hitting your privately-handled Social Security retirement fund, what would you do? Certainly the $700 billion bailout of the market wouldn't include your nest egg," Pat Thompson writes:

My husband was forced into retirement 12/31/07, and was given the option of a monthly pension or a lump sum. He opted for the lump sum, and it hasn't been turned over to him yet, and we still don't know where it is or when it will be forthcoming, or if it has been lost. Now, imagine that the social security trust fund is also depleted. His 40lK is also in a "fund". After working for 45 years, serving in the military in Vietnam, and saving as much as possible with three kids to educate -- we could be penniless. I don't imagine our story is unique and many are in the same situation.

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-Noah Greenberg