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September 11, 2008


Although today is the seventh anniversary of the terror attacks of 9-11, I decided not to write about it. However, since I worked about five blocks north of the former site of the World Trade Center, I thought it proper to report on what New York City was like today. In a word, strangely quiet. The city streets reminded me of that day seven years ago, about five hours after the towers fell. The quiet streets; the eerie silence; and the lack of traffic made me remmeber what I wanted not to remember.


And as we grow further and further away from 9-11-01 I thought that we should remember. We should also remember that Osama bin-Laden is still free as is his first lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahiri; Afghanistan, the nation which helped launch the attacks is in turmoil with the Taliban back in power in many areas; and the Bush administration, as well as the McCain campaign are using fear as a political tactic.


and that is even more troublesome. -NG


If Palin is "The Answer", then What is the Question?

John Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." As we learn about Governor Sarah Palin, the ultra-Conservative Vice Presidential running mate of John McCain, we need to ask her, "Governor Palin, what are you doing for your country?"

The answer, if she ever were to give one, might sound like this:

"I gave the nation me. What more could you want?"

Palin, however, has had much done for her by her country and her state, Alaska. She has grown quickly to a position of prominence in her party by acting as an old time party boss while, at the same time, talking up her independent status.

The McCain campaign is even calling their two GOP nominees a Pair of "Mavericks".

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Take the bridge to nowhere scandal, for example. While the Republican Party held both houses of Congress in Washington, DC, an earmark - those very same things that McCain has been shouting about ending - to build a bridge to an obscure Alaskan island inhabited by 93 people passed by the gates of our government. The earmark authorized nearly a quarter of a billion dollars ($223 million) to build it. The bridge was never built due to public outcry and negative publicity. Sarah Palin, while campaigning for Governor of State Number 49, stumped for the project even as our national debt was growing.

And here's the kicker: After becoming the Governor of Alaska (and cancelling the Bridge project due to the reasons state above), Palin didn't bother giving the money back to the taxpayers.

And that isn't the only inconsistency in the career of Governor Hypocrite. While projecting herself today as an "outsider" and not one of the "Good old boys", Palin has learned to play the game better than the boys. While Mayor of tiny Wasilla she was able to procure $27 million in federal aid. While that figure represents a $5,400 per citizen windfall to the then-5,000 member town, the decisions she made afterwards took it all away, and it hit those in the middle hard while putting more in the coffers of the wealthy land owners of the area. When Mayor Palin left her town to become Alaska's Governor, she left it with a debt in excess of $20 million; she gave land owners tax breaks; taxed food (yes, food!); and cost her citizens an average of $4,400 each in debt.

Governor Palin, the "New Maverick", also hired her former campaign treasurer Deborah Richter into her administration to distribute oil money to her state's residents (rather than use that money for state projects which could create jobs). Richter and her husband (who had their own sex scandal to deal with) co-owned lands in Alaska worth nearly $50,000.

"It sounds like a patronage deal for someone who ran your campaign; that's pretty normal. What's not normal is that they have business dealings together."
-Bill Buzenberg, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity in Washington

"She was qualified,"
-Pat Galvin, Richter's boss and Palin's employee

This friend of Palin, who got the job as "Director" of the oil money distribution program, had on her resume a stint as a bookkeeper and various finance jobs. If the hiring of someone without qualifications sounds familiar, it should: That's similar to how Palin got the Republican VP nominee job from McCain.

In addition to these acts, Mayor/ Governor Palin, while decrying the faults of Washington lobbyists and its insiders, went out and hired lobbyists herself to gain federal tax dollars for pet projects in her city, then state. A TransCanada pipeline executive was hired as a deputy commissioner at the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Palin, although aware of the conflict of interest, stated that there wasn't any. To her it was merely old news.

Sarah Palin is the worst kind of politician: One who's available for the photo-op, quick to take credit, and able to access blame. She has been the perfect poster-child for a third George W. Bush term, perhaps even more so than Candidate John McCain himself.

Listening to Palin makes one ask just what has she done to earn this spot at the top of the Republican ticket? It's a question which no one could answer. Her resume includes more fluff than substance and listening to the mouthpieces of the Right attempt to promote her as the cure-all to DC politics is not only sickening, but just plain wrong.

Sarah Palin is ready for Washington right now, and that is the problem.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Hillary (Clinton), at 60 is past the age of being attractive," Eddie Konczal writes:

What a ridiculous statement. Has anyone seen Helen Mirren lately? At 63, and without any apparent evidence of plastic surgery, she is sexier than many Hollywood starlets young enough to be her granddaughter.

In response to, "Biden was considered brave for leaving his children and going to Washington," Eddie Konczal writes:

Biden NEVER MOVED TO WASHINGTON! He has commuted to Washington D.C. from Delaware for 36 YEARS so he could raise his family.

In response to, "no one wants to have a "fart factory" named after them," Dorothy Schwartz writes:

By the Way, are you aware that San Francisco voted (I think they already voted ) to name theirs after Bush?

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-Noah Greenberg