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August 24, 2008


And the Winner is...

... Delaware's Senior US Senator Joe Biden.

Yes, Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate for the remainder of this 2008 Presidential electoral season. Biden comes with his own set of challenges and baggage that only thirty-plus years in the Senate can create. But is Joe Biden the right candidate for the job?

Job number one for Biden is to help secure the election come this November, There are already talking heads on the cable talk shows trying to downplay his nomination as a secondary reason to get off the couch and vote for the new Obama-Biden ticket. Biden might be the one guy the GOP didn't want to see take the number two seat behind Candidate Obama.

Biden's 2007 rating by the American Conservative Union is a staggering low 4 (100 being the top rating from the conservative organization). And the only reason he has a four are the few votes he missed as he campaigned, unsuccessfully, to become the forty-fourth President of our United States.

During the primary season, Biden was many a voter's number two choice. During my impromptu polls of friends, family and just about anyone I came across with an opinion, they were almost unanimous in their support or either John Edwards, Hillary Clinton or the eventual nominee Obama. However, along with Governor Bill Richardson, Biden was the favorite second choice and the one who, almost to a man (or woman) was the least objectionable.

Biden has the appropriate experience which the right says Obama lacks. He is also a Washington insider for more than half his life. But Biden, like the pre-Bush McCain, has also gained a reputation as a Maverick on his own. Whether voting for his state's most important corporate clients - the Banking industry - against his party's beliefs or speaking out in plain language on the floor of the Senate while others walk a finer line, Bide has always been unique.

And I think that that's a good thing.

Biden calls McCain his friend but the two have nearly completely opposite voting records. and that is a good thing too. Certainly a President Obama will rely on the years of global political experience and respect Biden has built up.

If elected, expect Biden to be an advisor and sort of Secretary of State-plus inside the White House come this January. he is a strong choice and a name those in middle American can recognize and accept.

Although Delaware was sure to vote for Obama regardless of who would be his VP choice; and in spite of its miniscule three electoral collage votes, Biden will be a huge plus.

Expect Joe Biden to be the respondent which Candidate Obama himself, as the candidate, might not be able to be. If a presidential candidate needs to stay above the fray it would be a great idea to have someone like Biden directly in it.

Call Joe Biden a pit bull with a smile or call him the foreign policy expert George W. Bush wished he had or McCain thinks he is. In any respect, Biden will be a help to Barack Obama both today and after January 20, 2009.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Joe Lieberman is a Republican - a one-issue GOP flag waver. He just doesn't know it yet," Robert Scardapane writes:

I said it in 2006 and I'll say it again. Joe Lieberman is a Republican. He might as well put an "R" after his name. My question is why doesn't Harry Reid throw him off of all the committees he both chairs and co-chairs? There is an opportunity to do that in the next Congressional session.

In response to, "The American people were stupid enough to elect George W. Bush TWICE. I have absolutely no confidence in the actions of Americans -- at least half of them," Ginger writes:

No, the first election was awarded by the Supreme Court. The second was stolen in Ohio. Make no mistake: Those tactics are still in play. But I also have lost a lot of confidence in the average voter who sits and watches sports or other TV, then maybe goes out to cast a vote for the same party he or she has always done, be it Democratic or Republican. Faux News is their news station of choice because they fuel fun rumors, never mind the truth.

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-Noah Greenberg