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August 20, 2008


225 Days - The New "18 Minutes"

There are White House emails missing from October 2003 all the way through May 2004. According to The Washington Post, up to 225 days of email have been "misplaced" by the Bush White House IT staff. In order for us peons to find out what the White House staff knew, didn't know and schemed about in that time frames, a private contractor of the Bushies' choosing will have to recover those emails from possibly dozens, if not hundreds of backup tape devices.

It will take time and that's just what the Bush administration wants it to take: Lots and lots of time.

"With an eye on the clock, the White House continues to drag its feet and do everything possible to postpone public access to the records of this presidency,"
-Anne Weismann, chief counsel to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics

That's the nice way of putting it, Ms. Weismann. The Bush administration isn't dragging its feet as a child might do when he doesn't want to do his chores, it's holding onto the legs of the dining room table crying like a screaming baby refusing to cooperate.

And let's face it, that's exactly what the President is: a spoiled brat born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Bush has never had to take responsibility for anything he's done, from his "youthful" indiscretions, which lasted well into his forties; to his policies which have brought this nation to the brink of financial ruin.

As a guilty child might do, President Bush has become adept at excuses. But in Bush's case, he has dozens of "Loyal; Bushies" to accept the blame and numerous media outlets to tell us all that it isn't his fault.

Who lost those emails? Must have been some poor IT manager who just started and hit the wrong button...

Except it doesn't work that way.

By trade, I build Microsoft Exchange Servers, the email server system which is sold by the Big Boys in Redmond, Washington. And, according to my few dozen customers, over the past ten years I have become pretty adept at it. Many organizations are required to keep their emails for up to seven years. larger organizations, such as our federal government, for example, would employ people whose only job is to keep the older emails in an archive of sorts.

Most of my medium- to large-size customers use a device known as a Northseas appliance. The Northseas stores the emails as they come in and go out so there is no possible way to "Accidentally" remove them from the appliance's store (storage area). The only way to remove those emails from the store is to have someone with administrative privileges delete them.

These missing emails are George W. Bush's eighteen minutes. Some of you might remember that it was then-President Richard M. Nixon's secretary, Rose Mary Woods, who took the fall for "accidentally" erasing eighteen minutes of tape from subpoenaed White House tapes in the Watergate investigation days.

Who will be this White House's Rose Mary Woods? I bet the White House IT Department would like to know.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg