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August 17, 2008


"Race-ing" for the White House, McBush-Style

"My guess is that (the Obama campaign) understands that and they know it's not enough to be ahead. They have to be ahead by a lot."
-ABC News commentator and former chief strategist for President Bush's 2004 campaign Matthew Dowd, referring to race and the part he hope, and believes it will play in the November Presidential election

If there were any doubts about the tactics the GOP will use as election day 2008 nears, allow me to clear them up. They will sink to new lows in order to get their guy, John McCain elected President. They will sink to these new depths in order to have someone to follow in the footsteps of George W. Bush. They need, want, desire and are desperate for a third G.W. Bush (McBush) term and will do and say anything to get it done.

At stake for the new McBushies (same as the old Bushies) is Big Health Care and the giant profits they get to keep if the "status" stays "quo"; Big Oil with its huge profits and multi-billion dollar gifts from the American people, courtesy of the GOP; low or no taxes on corporations who move their operations off-shore but still get the benefits of the greatest marketplace the world has ever known; and so much more.

Certainly we've seen what the GOP will do to gain every advantage they can, honest or otherwise. All one has to do is think back to the 2000 election which saw triple-amputee and Viet Nam war hero, Georgia's Democratic incumbent Senator Max Cleland's picture morphed onto the face of Osama bin-Laden's by his opponent Saxby Chambliss (a man with better things to do when the draft board came calling).. Likewise, we saw the fate of then-maverick John McCain and the job done on him by the Bushies in South Carolina's 2000 GOP primary. You might remember the push polls asking the Palmetto State's GOP voters if they were more or less likely to vote for McCain if they knew his wife was a drug user; and that he had fathered a bastard daughter with an African-American prostitute; and that he was, in fact, the Manchurian Candidate (referring to his North Viet Nam captivity and torture).

The latest such case came in the close Tennessee election which saw then-Rep. Harold Ford defeated by Bob Corker's ad which had a young white, blond actress asking the candidate to "call me" after stating that the two met at a Playboy party.

After all, there's nuthin' us white guys hate more than "one of them" stealing our fictitious babes.

Loyal Bushie Dowd's comments ring like a warning bell. Certainly if the guy attributed with getting George W. Bush re-elected; the guy in charge of "strategy" (at least that's what his title said) says that Senator Obama better watch out, you can bet your bottom dollar (assuming you have any left to bet) that there will be overt and covert racism in the offing. There is no better card to okay than the "fear card"; and there is no better "fear card" to play than the "race-as-fear card".

And Dowd, McCain and the rest of the GOP know it.

Certainly McCain's ad using Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears, two notable white women known for their sexuality (for lack of a better word) was a test balloon to see what can be gotten away with. The charges that Obama himself was using race as an issue (playing the "race card") by the McBushies was also a stroke of genius. After all, what better way to get away with future racism than to call your black opponent a race-baiter himself?

Fox News has already used race in their "news programs" against Obama, calling a victorious fist bump between Barack and Michelle Obama a "terrorist fist bump" and labeling Mrs. Obama the Senator's "babies' momma."

Does anyone seriously think that this was the end of their racism campaign?

The racism will come hard and fast and bold by those not directly affiliated with the McCain campaign come mid- to late-October. The candidate and the campaign itself will strongly defend their rival while snickering at their "good fortune", much in the same way then-Governor Bush did against McCain in 2000.

Perhaps Dowd is right - Perhaps Senator Obama will have to have a great lead to get elected over the racism which is sure to come.

After all, he (Dowd) ought to know.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Pat Buchanan recently said that McCain "will make Cheney look like Gandhi," Eddie Konczal writes:

Funny perhaps, but also remember Pat Buchanan recently said that Poland started WWII by not giving Danzig (Gdansk) to Hitler.

In response to, "I don't want to see a Vice President Chuck Hagel as President Barack Obama's Second in Command," Pat Thompson points out:

I recall his most pressing issue for years was nuclear weapons, missiles, warheads, facilities, etc. in former Soviet bloc countries, as well as in the Soviet Union. The nuclear materials remain dangerous, and could have easily fallen into the wrong hands, and still might at any moment. It hasn't been a hot button issue with either party, but it is a very serious issue, and very few Senators were addressing this problem, which might make all other issues moot.

Still the prettiest frog, if you ask me. -NG

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-Noah Greenberg