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August 13, 2008


Tomorrow Note From a Madman handicaps Vice Presidential contender Senator Chuck Hagel.


McKeating TV

From a new John McCain TV ad:

John McCain "reformed Wall Street..."

If by "reformed" McCain, who "approved this message", meant "Conspired with Wall Street", then I agree. It would be good for all of us to remember that John McCain was a charter member of the Keating Five, the five members of the US Senate who "helped McCain's "friend" Charles Keating (no kidding - McCain called Keating his "friend" on numerous occasions) rip off thousands of Americans in the late 1980's and early 1990's in the Savings and Loan Scandal. Keating made millions while regular middle class Americans lost their entire life savings.

For his "contribution" to the Keating Scandal, McCain got a slap on the wrist and the 2008 GOP nomination to run for President of the United States.

Keating, the principle of Lincoln Savings and Loan, based in McCain's Arizona, was a frequent and generous donor to all campaigns containing the name "McCain". And it appeared that McCain showed his appreciation in the US Senate.

After all these years, it sure would be nice for McCain's "friend" Charles Keating to get a Presidential pardon, wouldn't it?

John McBush
John McKeating
John McShame
John McSame
John McBush

The New Keating Five

-Noah Greenberg

A New Coalition of "Haves and Have Mores"

"I'd rather our consumers be buying gasoline made from oil here in America than gasoline from oil being made overseas. We want our dollars, to the extent possible, to be here at home, staying here at home."
-President Bush to the Coalition for Affordable American Energy

The Coalition for Affordable American Energy, or CAAE - Who are these guys and why did President Bush decide that they were important enough to come all the way back from China for and have one of his first photo-ops with them?

Perhaps the answer lies in who makes up the CAAE, a group without even a web site to its name, yet stones big enough to command a performance from the Panderer in Chief.

According to President Bush, the Coalition for Affordable American Energy - the CAAE - represent us, the American people. Here's what leader of the Free World had to say, in closing, about those attending his speech to the CAAE:

"I appreciate the -- your work on this issue. I appreciate you represent a lot of hardworking people, people who simply want to put food on the table and be able to make it to work; people who are concerned about the price of gasoline; people who have told you to tell me that they want to see more oil drilled, more exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf; people who told you to tell me they want to see us drilling in Alaska; people who told you to tell me they want a common-sense energy policy right here in Washington, D.C. And I agree with them."
-President Bush

Members of the CAAE include the National Association of Manufacturers, a group whose name belies its true intent of removing manufacturing and manufacturing jobs from our shores; and the US Chamber of Commerce, a far, far Right wing group which is made up entirely of the Bush "base of haves and have mores". Also included in the group's Steering Committee are the National Association of Wholesaler- Distributors, and the National Retail Federation, two more groups whose most recent purpose has been to ship our jobs overseas then sell their wares back to us and avoid paying taxes as they do it.

Are we to really believe that these Global Corporatists represent us "hardworking people". Does President Bush really believe that? If he does it certainly would explain a lot, such as just about every single policy he has ever signed into law, ordered via "Executive Privilege" or "signing statement".

Someone ought to explain to President Bush that it's actually his job, along with Congress, to represent the American people, not paid lobbyists.

(Note: For a mere $5,000 minimum fee, you too can be a CAAE Steering Committee member.)

Here is just a part of the letter sent by the CAAE to explain their mission:

"It is not our intention to enter the debate on specific policies at the 'micro' level in great detail. The coalition will support initiatives which encourage conservation and the development of renewable and alternative energy sources,"

The first part sound great. Maybe they DO care about the American people - you know, the people they "represent". Or maybe we should read the next part of the letter to "business leaders" by the $5,000-a-pop steering committee members of the Coalition for Affordable American Energy:

"Our focus will be on increasing domestic oil and gas production since alternative sources will not be able to meet U.S. demand for the next 25 years or more."

Now we get it. Welcome Big Oil to the "chat" about making Big Oil "Even Bigger Oil". Certainly this group's main area of concern is going to be making sure that their "contributing members" get theirs (Not that they haven't gotten enough of "ours".)

And get theirs they will. All one has to do is hearken back to the first energy Group complied by none other than Energy Wiz-Kid Dick Cheney. Remember how well that turned out for the great majority of us.

Now back to President Bush:

"We want our dollars, to the extent possible, to be here at home, staying here at home."

Since Bush and his Administration of Diminished Responsibility have taken office, our dollars have found their way into more foreign pocket books, wallets and bank accounts than ever before. We've even given away hundred dollar bills off the back of trucks in Iraq, after shipping them on pallets from our shores.

And what dollars haven't been shipped out have been diminished on the world market so everything we buy here at home costs more.

The only dollars that any energy policy this administration might somehow ram down our throats in their final hours will do nothing but place much of the rest of those dollars we still call "ours" in the pockets of Big Oil, make no mistake about it.

One wonders how much of their liquid gold US dollars (formerly our middle class dollars) Big Oil invested, and will invest into the CAAE.

This new coalition is one that the Bushies and the new McBushies will cow-tow to in each and every way possible. And that just isn't good for the rest of us.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "I think it is so hypocritical how China is o.k., but Cuba is not. Since they are both communist regimes I guess money and power is always the motivating factor for the arrogant politicians and wealthy power that be's. I don't necessarily think we should discontinue communicating with China, I just think it wouldn't hurt to communicate with Cuba as well. Oh, slap me upside the head, I forgot, they don't have money," Ginger writes:

They also don't have oil. This is nothing but a continuing political sop to the Cubans in Miami, mostly. It doesn't matter that the embargo is so grossly unfair and accomplishes nothing but making the Cuban people suffer. Castro just skims everything from the top.

And in response to, "Victoria Brownworth's verbose commentary on China and the Beijing Olympics echoed George Will's sentiments in his editorial today.
"Victoria Brownworth and George Will? Yikes!!" Victoria Brownworth responds:

Apparently even George Will can be right occasionally. There's no justification for Bush's cow-towing to China and no excuse for our embracing the human rights abuses there in the name of beach volleyball. Anyone who thinks otherwise is really completely out of the humanitarian loop.

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-Noah Greenberg