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August 10, 2008


The McBush Economy

One of the fatal flaws in the Bush administration thinking is that Capital is more important than labor. The argument used by those eon the Right side of the aisle puts those on top of the economic scale above those who produce the goods and services which they, in many cases, rule over. What they don't seem to grasp was something that President Abraham Lincoln knew nearly one hundred and fifty years ago:

"labor can exist without capital, but < > capital could never have existed without labor,"
-President Abraham Lincoln

For the past twenty-eight years, Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and his son, George W. Bush have attempted to push on us the notion that by giving the upper wealth classes more, we in the labor classes will also benefit.

And it's just not so.

In their arguments, they point to economic indicators such as the stock market as the single most important sign-post of a good or bad economy and discount the contribution necessary to truly make our economy string: A strong middle class.

As the middle class goes, so goes our nation. There will always be rich, very rich, and the ultra-rich who President Bush has called his "base of haves and have mores". The question is who is more important.

for the past seven-plus years we have had an economy that the Bushies have continued to say is "fundamentally strong". But for whom is it strong? Certainly the Bush administration has favored the ultra-rich, their "base" offer the rest of us. But one has to ask if they have learned anything as their eight years comes to a close.

The apparent answer is a resounding "no".

Although the Bush administration tax cuts have dine nothing to help our economy, somehow they still tout them as the cure-all for all that ails our nation. And to make it even worse, they have convinced their one-rime critic of those tax cuts for the wealthy to come over to their style of thinking" John McCain, who originally voted against the Bush tax cuts now says that they are, indeed, just what we need to get out of our economic doldrums.

Just what evidence has McCain seen to give his that opinion? What positive news can McCain point to that tells him to follow the Bush line of thinking in fixing an economy made horrific for the majority of us by Bush and Company?

Certainly they have newspapers in Arizona that tell the truth. Certainly he has seen those in his own state and around the nation that have not only less, but nothing and are in desperate need of help.

Can the man who wishes to follow his GOP predecessor be that callous?

It certainly appears that way.

What has happened to McCain is that he realized that in order to get the GOP nomination and the big GOP donors that come along with it, he had to co-opt his former self, the 2000 McCain who had cross-party support, to become the McCain we see today. And the McCain we see today is just a new Bush.

And we don't need another Bush.

Our economy - the most important issue on the table for us real Americans - won't be helped by another four years of Bush. And that is just what John McCain is promising.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg