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August 7, 2008


Less Jobs = Bad Job = McBush's Job

This time, they didn't wait for Friday. The July job and unemployment numbers are out for last month and they look a lot like the numbers from the seven months preceding it. Lost are an additional 51,000 jobs (bringing this year's total close to a half-million jobs lost). Plus, as one would assume, unemployment has risen as well to a new high of 5.7 percent.

And that doesn't even include those Americans without jobs who have given up every chance and hope of finding employment in the waning days of this, the Administration of Diminished Responsibility.

The bad news doesn't stop there. Along with the loss of jobs and Bush's newer and higher unemployment numbers is the news that Inflation's ceiling has been raised disproportionately once again. For the single month of July, the Consumer Price Index rose 1.1 percent. If one were to amortize that number out for a whole year, one would be talking about an inflation rate upwards of fourteen percent.

Go on, ask your boss for a fourteen percent raise this year and wait for his response.

Do you remember the Right Wing's arguments about the Market and imports which came to their height during these past seven-plus years? Allow me to refresh your collective memories about what the Bush administration said about outsourcing our American jobs:

"Outsourcing... is a good thing,"
-Dr. M. Gregory Minkow, former Chief of the President's Economic Advisors

Today's news includes the proof that Outsourcing is NOT a good thing. While we have lost our jobs to overseas manufacturers so Wal-Mart can bring you "Low, Low Prices, Every Day", the amount our imports have gone up continues to amaze. The US Import Price Index, which measures the cost of those "cheap" goods we bring in to make a few of Bush's (now John McCain's) "base of haves and have mores" have even more, has gone up a staggering 2.6 percent, more than double the CPI.

In other words, those cheap imports ain't so cheap anymore.

In the "Let's see how we can spin this" side of this overwhelmingly bad news, the Bush administration has only three employment statistics to point to as "Good". The first two were Education and health services, which projected an additional 39,000 jobs; and the Leisure and Hospitality industry which saw an increase of some one-thousand (yeah, I'm not joking) jobs. Certainly we'll see and hear a Bush administration statement-of-spin saying something like this:

"There were signs of the economy improving,"

...even though there aren't.

There is, however, one more "industry" which showed job growth, and it's an "industry" which has grown to bloated proportions during the Bush years. The category is listed simply as "Government", and in the month of July, the Bushies have managed to add an additional 25,000 people to the ranks of the bureaucratically employed.

So much for "Small Government Republicans".

I can't wait for these free-market, small-government, Compassionate Conservatives to get out already.

They cost too much.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to John McCain's Campaign's chaos, Sheila writes:

McSame's problem is simple: He fully expected to be slinging mud at Hillary and had all her baggage ready to smack her with it. Then along comes this charismatic, intelligent, patriotic American who draws crowds (as opposed to McSame who has to find a crowd and then worm his way in there to give a speech) and he is the nominee and BAM McSame's campaign is in shambles which I admit tickles me to death.

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-Noah Greenberg