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August 6, 2008


Hitch a Ride, Bin-Laden

So they ran out of Number Two's and Three's have they? In the Bush administration's most current effort to curb terrorism and bring them "Evil-Do'ers" to justice, they have finally convicted one of al-Qaeda's leaders. Yes, believe it or not, the Bushies have convicted, in a military courtroom, Osama bin-Laden...

...'s driver.

Take that you critics of the Bush administration.

For his part in "supporting terrorism", Salim Hamdan, bin-Laden's chauffer, was convicted., and although found not guilty of the big charge ("conspiracy"), Hamdan still faces life in prison for his part as one of the many "Evil Do'ers" found by our collective intelligence.

I'm curious - did they happen to find him on Broadway and 49th Street in New York City looking for a fare to Kennedy Airport or La Guardia?

It would behoove us all to remember that Hamdan is not bin-Laden or his chief planner, confidant and true Number Two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Egyptian Doctor who some thought as dead just this past July. Hamdan is not the guy which the Bushies want to parade around for all to see. After all, how would the caption under that picture read:

"Bin-Laden's Driver will Never Chauffer Again,"

Whether or not you agree with the military prisoner tribunal set up by the Pentagon, where evidence that wouldn't be permitted in a US Court of Law is allowed to in to convict a prisoner, the fact remains that this administration has nothing to show in a positive light against the terrorist outfit (al-Qaeda). The Taliban is back in business in Afghanistan and bin-Laden and al-Zawahiri are making more videos than Brittany Spears.

(Should I have said Paris Hilton, Senator McCain?)

In spite of all their statements that al-Qaeda is in Iraq, the truth is that they are (still or again) aiding and abetting our enemies time and time again in "That Other War" in Afghanistan.

Bin-Laden is still on the loose; al-Zawahiri, despite rumors of his death, is still free as well; and The Taliban now has control over much of Afghanistan as they had before the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

Remember this: President Bush ran and won his second term playing the "Terrorist Card" and John McCain is running on that same record.

We are still in Afghanistan mainly because the Bushies refused to see it as it truly was - the primary war against terrorism. They chose instead to begin a new fight in Iraq before finishing the first, more important fight. And we are all paying dearly for that: All of us with our dollars and some of our children with their futures or their lives.

But we got the driver. I guess baby steps matter.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Support a candidate all you want. Just don't invent facts to make your case," Ginger writes:

The writer above needs to state the facts as well, which is that she doesn't want Obama in the White House. Her opinion is certainly her own and welcome to it, just be upfront about it. It's too bad that women who supported Hillary can't get past her not being the nominee.

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-Noah Greenberg