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July 10, 2008


Jesse's Multiple Chances

By now we all know the ruckus which Reverent Jesse Jackson has begun with his comments the other night as a guest on Fox News Channel. For those of you who don't know exactly what Rev. Jackson said in a whisper to another African-American Fox News "guest", allow me to share it with you:

"talking down to black people,"

Jackson immediately apologized for his apparent "off-the-cuff" remarks, but with a qualifying attachment - kind of like a Presidential Signing Statement, if you will:

"It was taken out of context,"
-Part of a Jackson statement

Jackson included as additional excuse for his tear-down of the apparent Democratic Presidential nominee as well:

"It was not a public speech or a declaration,"

That makes all the difference, Rev. Jackson. Maybe you should have said, "Just Kidding, Barry."

Of course this isn't the first time that Jackson has said things about Senator Obama, or others, which have either been "taken out of context"; he's sincerely apologized for; or both. Just this past October, Jackson offered up this comment on The Junior senator from Illinois:

"Obama's "acting like he's white,"

Perhaps in this case, had one let the tape continue rolling, one would have heard the rest of Jackson's comments. It could have gone something like this:

"Obama's "acting like he's White House bound."

Yeah - that's it.

But even if you take Jackson's word that his comments were merely a slip of the tongue taken out of the context which he truly meant them to be put in, one would have to ask him just what "context" his follow-up to the "talking down to black people," statement was "taken out of:

"I want to cut his nuts off,"
-Jackson, following-up

Let me tell you, guys don't joke about "the junk"; "the package"; or whatever other euphemism one might call them. It just isn't funny (sniffle).

Jackson has said other "out of context" remarks before. Some of us "Hymies" in New York will remember his referring to the Big Apple as "Hymietown" back in 1984. He immediately apologized for that "out of context" remark as well. Perhaps Jackson was speaking of a real town named Hymietown somewhere in the Midwest back then.

Jackson's remarks, gleefully rebroadcast on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly, taken along with his other remarks, should make the former Democratic also-ran from a few years ago keep his mouth shut. In this day and age of Gotcha media, his knack for thinking without a net is something we can all do without.

-Noah Greenberg


From now on former (and present?) Presidential Brain Karl Rove shall be known as the following:

KKK - Kongressional Kontempt Karl

In lieu of the release of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's book What Happened, and the dominant role McClellan says KKK (Rove) played in the release of former covert CIA operative's name (Valerie Plame), even a Republican Congress would have had no choice but to send for Rove (KKK) in subpoena fashion.

The subpoena was issued for details he might know about the decision to prosecute former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman; and the Bush DoJ's decision to fire 93 federal prosecutors who weren't "Loyal Bushies" (the latter also mentioned in the book), the time is ripe for KKK (Rove) to begin telling the truth.

That is, of course, if he shows up.

There are two Bush Loyalists who are already being held in contempt for similar reasons: White House chief of staff Josh Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers. Some of you might remember Miers as, arguably, the single-most unqualified candidate ever to be nominated to the US Supreme Court. Even a Republican Senate couldn't get the taste of her out of their mouths!

Again a Bush Loyalist (actually the guy who created Bush Loyalty), Rove (KKK) is pleading executive immunity - or is that executive privilege?. In Bushland, anything said inside the White House walls, to the President himself, or anything they deem "executive" in nature cannot be questioned, even by the governing body (The US Senate) whose job it is to do the questioning.

Of course there are exceptions: In the Siegelman case, where a former Rovie (Klansman?) was the prosecutor and Rove, himself, was implicated in a scheme to get the former Alabama Governor out of the way as a political obstacle, KKK has decided that he will show up, with provisos, however. Rove wants there to be no transcript of the event, he doesn't want to be sworn it and it must be a closed-door session..

Siegleman was recently released after a second round of trumped-up charges, and a conviction (the first 25 counts were thrown out due "With Prejudice", meaning they could never be filed again) were overturned by a Federal Judge due to serious questions about the charges filed and the prosecution itself.

I can understand KKK (Rove) not wanting to have a written or verbal record of his closed-door meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee. After all, who wants to hear their on lies read back to them? But why is he concerned about being sworn in?

Has Karl (KKK) Rove developed a conscience? One has to doubt that.

The delay tactics might hurt Rove and other present and former Bushies if their appeals aren't heard and decided before January 20, 2009 because on that day George W. Bush will no longer have his powers of Pardon. Certainly if John McBush wins come November, their problems will be solved, but it might be a different story if Barack Obama takes the White House.

Maybe these Bushies ought to think twice about debating their fate - or are they convinced that they still have the power to steal another November?

Only KKK knows for sure.

-Noah Greenberg

The Double Talk Express

Well now, John McCain thinks social security is a disgrace! This is what he said:

"We are paying present-day retirees with the taxes paid by young workers in America today." In separate appearances, McCain called social security a disgrace. Today, McCain speaking to young people said:

"They are paying into a system that they wonít receive benefits from on the present track that itís on Ė thatís the point."

What doesn't this idiot understand about social security? The design of the system is that people who are not collecting pay into the system for the current retirees. People who come after the younger generation then pay into the system when the younger generation retires.

The only disgrace is 1) a Presidential candidate who doesn't understand the mechanics of a crucial system, 2) a Presidential candidate who advocates policies that steal money from social security thus threatening future shortfalls.

McCain needs to have an extra cup of coffee or two in the morning (I hear Starbuck's is hurting). Americans need to wake up to the fact that this guy is no moderate; he is advocate of social security privatization just like Bush.

-Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg