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July 2, 2008


McCain, McBush, McCheney and Energy

John McCain believes that you have to spend money to make money. The problem is that it's us, the American middle class who's going to spend the money; and it's the McBush "base of haves and have mores", such as Big Oil, who will be making the money.

Yes, in yet another brilliant plan, John McCain, if elected President, will give each and every man, woman and teenager still lucky enough to afford a new car a $5,000 tax credit for purchasing a "zero emissions" vehicle.

Taken along with his health care plan, which would cost upwards of $700 billion per year; and his reduction in the tax that businesses pay from 35 percent to 25 percent, one has to ask the obvious:

Where are you getting all of this money from, Senator McCain? Maybe wife Cindy has more in her trust fund than we all think.

The idea of giving huge tax breaks to people who purchase these vehicles isn't a new one. In fact, as hybrids were approaching market, they had a $2,000 tax break to any and all who purchased them. So why is McBush presenting his plan as revolutionary?

Beats me.

American and foreign car companies know that the American people love their SUV's and, as a result, are building SUV hybrids, trucks and other vehicles which aren't really gas savers, except as compared with their all gas counterparts. The idea is to save those of us who still can afford a whole tank of gas a few extra MPG and allow us to keep our slightly more efficient gas guzzlers rather than change our way of life.

And that's just stupid - Pandering always is.

Additionally, McCain says he will enforce CAFE Standards.

"Some carmakers ignore these standards, pay a small financial penalty, and add it to the price of their cars. John McCain believes that the penalties for not following these standards must be effective enough to compel all carmakers to produce fuel-efficient vehicles."
-McCain.com, from the last bullet-point in his energy plan

Nowhere is the idea that we should be building and buying cars which can get from 50 to 70 miles per gallon. Certainly the technology exists today to make that happen, so why not a peep about it on McCain's website? If McBush was really serious about CAFE standards, the above comment would read something like this:

""Some carmakers ignore these standards, pay a small financial penalty, and add it to the price of their cars. John McCain will not allow any car, SUV or passenger van on the road that doesn't achieve the 50 Miles Per Gallon goal by 2011."
-The way it ought to be

Again, McBush is simply pandering to his "base of haves and have mores".

To go along with his "zero emissions" idea is another McCain brainstorm:

:John McCain Will Propose A $300 Million Prize To Improve Battery Technology For Full Commercial Development Of Plug-In Hybrid And Fully Electric Automobiles."

Sure... why not? After all, we (the American middle class) are made of money, aren't we? Whatever happened to companies developing ideas because it makes them their own money? I don't necessarily have an issue with our government investing in ideas and new technology, but a prize? One would think that the patent which comes out of an idea such as the next-generation hybrid battery will be reaping their own rewards from each and every major auto manufacturer in the world (except China, of course, who would rather steal the idea than purchase it).

In the end, McBush's energy plan seems like it could have been written by Dick Cheney, Big Oil and representatives from the auto industry. No mandates makes for a bad plan. It's all the same rhetoric as George Bush used when he stated "America is addicted to oil."

McCain's just the new "drug" pusher catering to our "addiction".

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "But in the more-than-likely event that statehood couldn't be carried out in time for his leaving office, maybe Bush can run for Governor of Iraq. How much different can that be from Texas?" Robert Scardapane writes:

Now there's a title for a horror movie "Chimpy goes to Iraq". Seriously, haven't the Iraqi people suffered enough? They can certainly do without Chimpy McFlightSuit as their ruler and it's high time for Chimpy to head to his Paraguay fortress. Bye, bye, Chimpy ...

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-Noah Greenberg