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June 17, 2008


McCain's Dems

Every so often I like to check out John McCain's website. Consider it a curiosity, if nothing else. Today, upon arriving at the title page, I noticed one of the "news" headlines. It read:

"Prominent Democrats and Independents Join 'Citizens for McCain'"
-JohnMcCain.com (http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/News/PressReleases/Read.aspx?guid=241fb6c6-83a5-4f29-80bc-26ee9e277a94)

The date attached to the headline was June 14, three days ago. I found it odd that a headline whose promise was to display the names of "prominent Democrats" who support Senator McCain wasn't more widely spread. Surely there would have been a news conference to display such a listing of those in the opposition party who now support the lead candidate from the Right side of the aisle.

I clicked the link. (Clink!)

To my surprise, the list of "prominent Democrats" was very long and included some thirty names. Of course, the word "prominent" here is used loosely, and it includes such Democratic notables as Renee Slater of Florida whose claim to party fame is as a blogger on HillaryClinton.com and Francis Harding, Jr., the Commander of Newport Memorial-VFW Post 1119 in Maine.

Two notables, indeed.

The name that really caught my eye was that of Philip Frye from West Virginia, a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate from the Mountain State. The first thing one notices that McCain.com lists him as from Virginia.

Perhaps McCain didn't get the note that Abraham Lincoln divided Virginia into two states a century and a half ago. News travels slowly.

Then I thought that the name Philip Frye sounds familiar. I'm a fan of the cartoon comedy Futurama, from the creators of The Simpsons. The name of the main character? Philip Frye.

How fitting.

Frye's reason for challenging then-incumbent Governor Bob Wise had anything to do with his desire to help the people of West Virginia. It turns out that Wise was actually having an affair with Frye's wife Angela Mascia-Frye, who was the director of European operations for the West Virginia Development Office. Frye was forthright in the reasons for his challenge of Wise:

"It was fueled by revenge to some degree, and I wanted to embarrass Wise.,"

Well that's a good enough reason to run for Governor, isn't it? Out of eight Democratic candidates to challenge for the West Virginia top spot, Wise came in seventh with a grand total of 2,892 votes - one percent.

Frye was the thirtieth name listed of the thirty names on McCain's "prominent Democrat" list. Additionally, seventeen of the thirty have the title "Former" in front of their names. The list even includes a City Clerk from Mississippi (Judi May).

Certainly a "Who's-Who" of Democrats, to be sure.

Maybe McCain will be able to enlist Senator Obama's former babysitter's mama. That'll be a big one.

Here's the list in its entirety. Feel free to inform me of anyone who sounds familiar:


Former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson (Arizona)
Former Arizona State Legislator Phil Hubbard (Arizona)
Mammoth Mayor Craig Williams (Arizona)
Former Arizona LULAC Director Ray Gans (Arizona)
Democratic 25th Precinct Chair Silverio "Silver" Salazar (Colorado)
Adviser to Democratic Presidential Candidates and Georgetown University Professor Robert Lieber (District of Columbia)
Blogger on HillaryClinton.com Renee Slater (Florida)
Former Sheriff of Highlands County Howard Godwin (Florida)
Jewish Outreach Adviser to Senator Hillary Clinton Rabbi Cheryl Jacobs
Georgia Political Director for Gore-Lieberman '00 Joseph O'Farrell Jr. (Georgia)
Former Democratic Des Moines County Chair Bruce Shulte (Illinois)
Former State Representative Brian Golden (Massachusetts)
Commander of Newport Memorial-VFW Post 1119 Francis Harding, Jr. (Maine)
Former Palmyra Budget Committee Member Herb Bates (Maine)
Former Lt. Governor and State Supreme Court Justice Alexander "Sandy" Keith (Minnesota)
Former U.S Representative and 2002 Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny (Minnesota)
Former State Representative Steve Wenzel (Minnesota)
City Clerk Judi May (Mississippi)
County Supervisor Gary Dearman (Mississippi)
Alderman Bill Mosby (Mississippi)
Former State Representative Jim Gamache (Missouri)
Presiding Commissioner in New Madrid County, Clyde Hawes (Missouri)
Former Concord Mayor Bill Veroneau (New Hampshire)
Former Democratic Mayor of Waterford Township George Fallon (New Jersey)
Former Democratic Committeeman in Warren Township Jeffrey Golkin (New Jersey)
Former State Chair of Environmentalists for Clinton-Gore 1992 Roberta Weisbrod (New York)
Former Majority Leader in the State Senate David Carlin (Rhode Island)
Former Texas Democratic Party Chairman Roy Orr (Texas)
Elected National Delegate for Senator Hillary Clinton Debra Bartoshevich (Wisconsin)
Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Frye (West Virginia)

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "Now I personally didn't know that terrorists fist jab each other after setting off bombs or shooting up markets or any of the other horrific things they do. Maybe Fox News has a picture of Osama bin-Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri bumping fists somewhere along the terrorist trail, but I haven't seen it," Robert Scardapane writes:

I seen baseball players routinely do this. Does this mean that Fox News hates our national pastime. Why is Fox News so un-American? You decide ...

And Ginger writes:

Since when did "fist job" become an acceptable term on TV? That's truly disgusting, as are all the other cutesy references to Obama's death, Foley, etc. But then, what can anyone expect from Faux News?

And David McReynolds writes:

If one is going to watch Fox News, one must do it with a sense of humor in order to survive.

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-Noah Greenberg