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June 5, 2008


Another GOP Windfall

And the revolving door turns once again. Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy "Some of my best friends are 'you people'" Thompson's company, Logistics Health Inc., a La Crosse, Wisconsin firm has "won" an $11 million contract to keep tabs on relief workers and others outside of New York City who may have health problems resulting from the aftermath of the 911 terrorist attacks at the world Trade center.

The contract was doled out by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), an agency which, as HHS Secretary, fell under the stewardship of secretary Thompson.

You also might remember Thompson, a former Republican Governor from Wisconsin and former GOP presidential candidate, came out to brag about his new-found financial fortune to a mostly Jewish audience when he said this:

"I'm in the private sector and for the first time in my life I'm earning money. You know that's sort of part of the Jewish tradition, and I do not find anything wrong with that. I enjoy that."

And Thompson, thanks to the revolving door which has been greased, overhauled and been put into a never-ending spin since George Bush took office, is earning big money.

"It is ironic that former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson's firm won the contract to provide the services, given the history of delay from the Bush administration when he was secretary and now, but I am glad these heroes are finally getting the help they deserve."
-Rep. Carolyn Maloney (DEMOCRAT-NY)

While HHS Secretary, Thompson all but ignored calls for just the thing he now is earning his money from. When it became apparent that Ground Zero was causing health problems with workers who came from all over the US, first as rescue workers, then as recovery and clean-up laborers, the calls to Thompson's office for health aid and monitoring of those individuals from lawmakers and just about everyone in New York fell on deaf ears.

One has to question Thompson's involvement with Logistics Health. Questions should be asked. When did his relationship with them begin? Was it during his tenure at HHS? Did Thompson's leaving the Bush administration have anything to do with Logistics' Health wanting to do business with the federal government? And the big question that Thompson has to answer is did he stall and ignore those requests for aid because he made a deal with his new company for the future?

Not that we would ever get an honest answer on that one.

Likewise, one has to question the Bush administration's selection of Thompson's firm for this job, as well. If nothing else, the appearance of impropriety hangs over this deal. I would like to know what the three other companies vying for this newest 911 deal had going for them and why, in the end, Thompson's firm won.

The decision was made after the "evaluation of everything from cost to technical abilities to past performance,"
-CDC spokeswoman Bernadette Burden

Perhaps Logistics Health's CEO Donald J. Weber's contribution to the republican National committee during President Bush's re-election bid in 2004 was helpful in gaining his company the contract.

The bush administration will say nothing but "congratulations" to Thompson for his new-found glory. John McCain-McBush will also stay silent.

After all, it is "just" #11 million, right?

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg