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Today's Note From a Madman

May 7, 2008


More Bush Priorities

And on the lighter side of the news, did anyone catch the picture of President Bush taking a handoff from Super Bowl Champs' New York Giants' Eli Manning from the front page of any number of newspapers the other day? There was the beaming Manning with most (yes, most) of his teammates in the background, all with smiles, putting the commemorative ball into Bush's bread basket the same way he has done so many times in his career. And there was President Bush with a stern look of concentration on his face, staring with squinted eyes at the smiling Manning, his right hand on top of the ball and his left hand below it.

The handoff was perfect, as if it were happening in the third quarter of any game. Had President Bush and Manning been wearing a helmet, pads and one of the Giants' red-, white- or blue-based uniforms, it would have appeared even more so.

As a guy who watches just about every game each week (I have the DirecTV NFL package and hunker down in my football bunker for the 21 NFL weekends - including the playoffs - each and every season); and as someone who played the game, I can say that The President's form was perfect, like he was studying exactly how to take a handoff for some time prior to the meeting.

And that's when it hit me - he must have!

I wondered just how much time President Bush spent in getting to know how to take a handoff from Manning. I wanted to know how important it was to the "First Fan" that it look as if he had taken many, many handoffs before this one. After all, image is everything to President Photo-Op. Who trained him and for how long?

And then I wondered about the "historic document" - the President's Daily Briefing (PDB) entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike in US." If it had been treated as if it were an NFL football in July 2001, perhaps this President might have done something different prior to the bombings of the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

What about the economy today? What about the Iraq war? And what about just about everything else which has gone sour for the American middle class? What if President Bush took the time to learn something about all of our other problems like they were NFL footballs being handed off to him? Would he have learned more about them?

President Bush takes great care to throw the ball out to the right player (or manager) on opening day. This past opening day in Washington, DC, he refused to throw the ceremonial first pitch to a player named in the Mitchell steroid Abuse Report or his backup, a Venezuelan national. Imagine what he could have accomplished for the American people had he taken the same care and concern as he did in caring for that football.

It boggles the mind.

Recently President Bush took time out of his busy schedule to give advice to a contestant on NBC's Deal or No Deal. He also made an appearance on American Idol's big screen LIVE!

Where does he find the time?

-Noah Greenberg

If You Produce It, They Will Come (to Purchase It)

The first Car Company who can put a readily available (not in limited supply so that the greedy car dealerships can once again drive its price up), easily affordable family car on the market that will get 50 mpg will be the one that sets the benchmark for the others. We all know that it can be done and more than likely has already been done. But why give it up all at once?

It's about sending messages and selling cars.

If the electric company wants a light bulb to last 107 or more years all they have to do is build it. Why is it so hard to produce what people need and want?

Let's not forget that 50 mpg will certainly lead to 55 mpg, and so on.

If one company does the not-so-impossible, the rest have no choice but to follow.

Which company is going to be the first to do battle with big oil and step up to the plate? Have we all given up on what made this country great in the first place?

-Marty Brandes

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-Noah Greenberg