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April 8, 2008


From "Ask the White House"

So President Bush is touting his new Columbia Free Trade Agreement as the new panacea which will cure all of the ills that his economy has brought down on us. And in an effort to aid him in his quest, United States Trade Representative Susan Schwab has been brought out to answer the questions of the lucky few who are actually answered about what a free trade agreement with a third world, drug producing nation will do for us.

Columbia's per capita income is just over $7,300. In comparison, Mexico's per capita income tops $10,000, and they're coming across our border in droves just to have a job. So what can we offer to Columbia. duty-free and how will that make our economy great once again?

"We exported over $8 billion to them, but could be exporting more if we also had duty-free access to that market,"

What are we exporting to Columbia anyway? Are they purchasing Cadillacs and yachts, or is that just reserved for the drug lords who are pushing their drugs in our nation, in our schools and on our streets?

MATTHEW IN CHICAGO: isn't is possible that thousands of Americans will lose their jobs to foreign competition? Columbian workers will work for less than American workers and tens of thousands of Americans have already lost their jobs.
SCHWAB: We recognize that trade can also have a negative impact on some of our citizens and that in those cases the government has a responsibility to help workers obtain the skills to successfully reenter the workforce.

Well that's a relief, right Matthew? We've had seven-plus years of US jobs being lost to overseas manufacturers and service companies. Do we need to export jobs to another nation?

And haven't we learned from the failed (yes, failed) NAFTA agreement (on the Mexico side) that these agreements are just ways of opening up our nation to lose even more jobs? All that these free agreements do is allow wealthy global corporations another avenue to rip us all off in the end.

Which one of our free trade agreements with a third world nation has actually been beneficial to us? Someone tell me.

"Over 5 million American jobs depend on exports and for the most part, these jobs pay 13-18% higher than comparable jobs in our country. One in three acres in the U.S. is planted for export. Exports create jobs and income for Americans and U.S. exports to our FTA partners have grown much more rapidly than our exports to the rest of the world,"

So why are we now importing more food than we export. Ms. Schwab? And why are our family farms going out of business at a record pace of they're making such huge incomes from exports? that question must not have made it into the Q&A.

The biggest import that Columbia sends to us is drugs. And the biggest profiteers in that nation are drug kingpins. Thinking that a free trade agreement will stop the exportation of the highly profitable drugs which are making billionaires in Columbia is just foolish. And thinking that the people there will stand up and say "No more drugs to the US" because of this agreement is simply pie-in-the-sky thinking or just a plain lie.

Say it like it is: The Bushies are just trying to make their rich friends richer and that's how it's been since January 2001.

-Noah Greenberg

Is McCain Really Nuts?

McCain's speech to the VFW could not have been crazier. While touting how peaceful Iraq is, MSNBC broke into his speech to report the following:

McCAIN: Faced with the prospect of defeat, we had two fundamental choices.
We could retreat from Iraq and accept the horrible consequences of our defeat. Or we could change strategies and try to turn things around. It was, I believe, a critical moment in our nation's history, and a time of testing for our nation's political leadership.
In the year that has passed, our nation showed its strength -

MSNBC: And speaking of Iraq, we do have breaking news out of Iraq, where at least four mortars have been fired into the heavily-fortified Green Zone today. It's unclear at this time if there are casualties or any major damage. Now the news comes just a day after five U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq. Two, again, inside that Green Zone.

-Forwarded and commented by Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg