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April 3, 2008


Ignoring The Big Easy

Still, possibly millions are not back in their homes in the Gulf Coast area. As many as half of the residents of New Orleans haven't been able to come back home some two-and-a-half years after Hurricane Katrina hit the Crescent City. One has to wonder where on their list of priorities getting that city back on its feet rests.

On the left hand side of the White House's web site (www.whitehouse.gov), two words have been added to the "In Focus" section: Gulf Coast. Yes, along with such issues as The Economy, Iraq, Immigration and other important issues, the Gulf Coast has made it past the "more issues" link on the bottom to the Bush Big Leagues (pardon the pun).

So I clicked it hoping to find out some new news about our government's effort there, and here's what I saw:

"President George W. Bush helps hang a flag outside the new home of Gen White, Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2007, at a new housing development in New Orleans, during President Bush’s visit to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region on the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson is seen at left."
-The caption under the picture on the Gulf Coast page

I guess the web developer who works on that page is out of town, on vacation, or he was given his gold watch and medal of honor already.

The last picture, and the last word that the white House and President Bush have said on the subject of rebuilding New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast was on August 29, 2007. the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And aside from a photo-op of President Bush helping one of the few area residents lucky enough to come back home hang an American flag, with the help of soon-to-be former HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson, there isn't much else to report. And the reason that there isn't much else to report is because they're doing nothing to help the residents of New Orleans - still.

And if that isn't bad enough, under the "How You Can Help" section of the page comes this little piece:

"Please do not send any items to the White House intended for the victims of Hurricane Katrina."

That's right - they simply want no part of it.

The White House puts out these press releases called "Fact Sheets" which have absolutely nothing to do with the facts and has nothing at all to do with the truth. You can find these fact sheets for all issues on the White House web site, and get a good chuckle while reading them. Here's a bit from the "Gulf Coast Fact Sheet":

"The Federal Government Is Meeting Its Commitment To Assist Gulf States In Their Rebuilding Efforts"
-The Gulf Coast Fact Sheet

Is the federal government - the bush federal government - really meeting its commitment to rebuilding New Orleans? I know that they wanted to make sure that Trent Lott's home on the coast was ready for mint juleps and a presidential visit soon after the hurricane hit. And I'm sure they succeeded. But other than that, I seriously doubt that there are very many people who feel that the President and his Administration of Diminished Responsibility have done anything more than simply provide lip-service and a photo-op for the President himself.

I wonder what the people who lived in the Houston Astrodome would say about President bush's rebuilding effort of their former city would say if given the chance to speak to the President. I seriously doubt that "thank you" would come to mind.

And one can't help but remember the words of Presidential Mommy and former First Lady Barbara Bush said about those displaced by the storm, as well:

"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this is working very well for them."
-Barbara Bush

And so goes the mindset of the Bush family. and that's part of the reason why the last word on New Orleans was said nearly seven months ago.

-Noah Greenberg

That's B-E-R-N-A-N-K-E

Not I care for Big Ben very much but his last name is spelled Bernanke. Like Greenspan before him, he is a monetarist and an advocate of supply side economics. To his credit, he's much easier to listen to. Greenspan excelled at speaking in financial Morse code. From a policy perspective, he's no better than his predecessor.

-Robert Scardapane

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-Noah Greenberg