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March 3, 2008


Economic Advice for George Bush

PRESIDENT BUSH (from his meeting with his economic advisors): We just had a briefing on what has become very obvious to the American people -- that we're in a period of slowness. And it's also a period of uncertainty.
MADMAN: Note to President Bush: That "period of slowness"; that "period of uncertainty" didn't just "become very obvious" to us, the American people - we've been living it for seven-plus years. However, it's obvious to us - the American people - that either it has just become "very obvious" to you and your team of economic advisors, President Bush. Just what gave it away? Was it the vast numbers of Americans who have lost their jobs over the past few years? Maybe it was the rising unemployment rate that you said was "Stable"? Perhaps it was the 60 Minutes episode last night which showed you hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people waiting on line after driving hours and waiting in the cold to see a doctor at a free mobile clinic usually set up for their world nations.
This "period of slowness" is a period of stagnation and negative growth. For every dollar "earned" by your "base of haves and have mores", President Bush, there is a similar amount lost by the rest of us. The Middle Class is dwindling and the poor remain poor.
But perhaps your team of economic bubble dwellers will see the economy differently. after all, wasn't it your former chair of the team, Dr. N. Gregory Minkow, who said," Outsourcing... is a good thing"?

BUSH: We're optimistic about the long-term economic future of the country, but right now a lot of Americans are facing uncertain times.
MADMAN: One thing about President Bush - he's an optimist... and why shouldn't he be? After all, things have worked out so very well for him, haven't they? I mean, after being born on third base and convincing so many American that he did indeed, hit a triple, he has managed to gain the kind of wealth and power that only the truly worthy should gather. Bush has managed to bankrupt companies without personal retribution; trade a franchise player and just about ruin that team's chances as a Major League Baseball owner; and throw so many Americans out into the cold while paying tribute to those who have helped him "Screw the pooch" for the six decades that is his life.
So, of course, President Bush is optimistic about OUR future because he sees no difference between HIS future and OUR future. He can't make the distinction between us, the regular American middle class member and him and his "base of haves and have mores". Surely, if one were to ask the leader of the "Administration of Diminished Responsibility" how he did it, his only answer would be, "hard work".
Just what "hard work" has he performed since his birth? Although Bush and those who follow him blindly firmly believe in the "Compassionate Conservative" adopted proverb, "Pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps", he has never had to put his hands where only the "shoe valet" dares to tread. If President Bush were to have bootstraps, he wouldn't even have to bend to find them. This is the luckiest man probably ever on the face of the Earth. and his good fortune is our bad luck.
Why are you so optimistic about our future, President Bush. Did God tell you, "Hey, buddy. It's going to be alright."? Or is it just the same old bull---- rhetoric which so many of us have followed for so long that you figures "why not give it another try?"

BUSH: And we're acting on it.
MADMAN: The "act" which President Bush is talking about is the one-time rebate given, mainly, to the middle class. And while it is a good idea and will be welcome to those like me (we need a new stove), it certainly is way too little and nearly too late for most of us. What will $the $600 to $1,200 (maybe $1,500?) bring the average American family? In most cases, not even one month's health care bill.

BUSH: One way Congress, if they really want to make a substantial difference in creating certainty during uncertain times, is to make the tax cuts we passed permanent. You see, if you're somebody worried about $3 gasoline and you think your taxes may be going up in two years, then it -- the uncertain price of gasoline creates more uncertainty for you as you plan your future. And Congress needs to make these tax cuts permanent and needs to think about the American consumer and the American family and the American small business owner during these times of difficulty and make the tax cuts permanent -- send a clear signal to the American people.
MADMAN: Only President Bush could make that jump from the tax break which benefit disproportionately the very, very wealthiest among us and the escalating gas price gouging. Truly, if the two were really related, and the President actually believed that a tax break was the only answer to his poor economy, the President would rescind and/or ask Congress to restructure the tax break giving all of that money to the middle class. Then we would see people make real investments into the American economy which doesn't only include the stock market.
The real American puts money into the economy by purchasing food, services and other goods produced by other Americans. And the right way to make sure the rising gas prices don't hurt the majority of us is to make sure that the majority of us have access to our money or reign in Big Oil, who control the industry almost from pulling the stuff out of the ground to the pump, not some sort of trickle-down scheme.

BUSH: This is a resilient economy. We've got good, hardworking people in America. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong. And we'll make it through this period, just like we've made it through other periods of uncertainty during my presidency -- and each time we came out stronger and better, and that's what's going to happen this time, too.
MADMAN: The economy isn't resilient, we are, and all one has to do is look at the one-sixth of us without health care coverage. There is no period which we have come through - it has been one, long period in which too many have fallen; many, many more have seen their fortunes and "luck" fail; and the ultra-prosperous have prospered even more.
We are not stronger and that "time" which will happen "soon" has been promised and reneged on as long as you, Mr. Bush, have been president.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg