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February 27, 2008


John McCain's Boogie-Man


Just to get this straight: John McCain asked a very controversial and conservative Cincinnati radio talk show host, Bill Cunningham (WLW-AM), to warm up a crowd which was there to see and hear him speak, then claimed that he knew nothing of him, never met him and disavow everything he said.

And this is from the same guy who sang,

"Bomb, bomb, bomb,
"Bomb, bomb Iran,"

Here's part what Cunningham had to say as he warmed up McCain's audience:

(All of the network and cable news organizations), "at some point, (are) going of peel the bark off of Barack Hussein Obama...then you'll know the truth...and start covering Barack Hussein Obama the same way they cover Bush, the same way they cover Cheney..."

Cunningham continued, "...one year from today. It's about February 26, 2009...Obama just came back from a meeting with Ahmedinejad - he's got a meeting the next week with Kim Jung Il of North Korea, then he's going to saddle on up to Hezbollah and have a little cookie and cream party - all's going to be all right with the world when that great profit from Chicago takes the stand and the world leaders who want to kill us will simply be singing Kum-bay-yay around a table of Barack Obama -it's all going to be great..."

The objective of Cunningham's speech was to deliver the message that Barack Obama is a Muslim. He spouted off about the Junior Senator from Illinois being a stooge of the big, bad Chicago political machine and a pawn of big business, but that was all window dressing. The message which Cunningham delivered was, "You can't elect him because he's a Muslim who will turn our nation over to the Iran and Hezbollah."

And anyone who believes that McCain's campaign didn't know that this guy would do just that is kidding themselves.

If this seems familiar - well - it should. In 2000, Presidential candidates John McCain and George W. Bush made a pact not to attack each other before the South Carolina primary. What went on after that, which cost McCain any hope of winning the GOP primary, is now old news. Although Bush himself didn't say that John McCain was a "Manchurian Candidate" brainwashed in some Vietnamese POW camp, that message was delivered loud and clear to the voters of the Palmetto State. And although "Junior" Bush didn't come out himself and call the voters in South Carolina that McCain had fathered a racial-mixed baby by a black prostitute, someone did. And, finally, even though "W" himself didn't come out and call McCain's second wife Cindy a drug and alcohol abuser, the word got out.

What McCain though his campaign and the brash Cunningham did was to deliver their message, and it was a message sent to scare the vote our of Barack Obama.

McCain appeared after Cunningham's "endorsement" at the request of "The Maverick's" campaign. This wasn't an event which was organized by a third party and McCain just happened to be the second speaker out of many; this was planned and Cunningham was his opening act.

McCain not only disavowed what Cunningham said, even though he benefits by it, but he told us all that he never even met the guy. Cunningham disagreed. n an interview with NBC's Brian Williams, he told of two meetings, one which he was invited to with the specific goal of being introduced to McCain.

According to the Cincinnati talk show host, "They told me to fire up the crowd ... get them fired up and give them some red meat,"

And he did, just as McCain had hoped he would.

There is little difference to what happened to McCain in 2000 and what McCain just made happen to Senator Obama. McCain has become the lead hypocrite of the GOP as of late. After his participation in the Keating Five Scandal, followed by openly taking money from a female lobbyist with interests in front of his committee, and then finagling his campaign finances against FEC rules, McCain still has either not learned a lesson, or refuses to see that a lesson must be learned.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to "General John (Custer) McCain", Dwight Kearns writes:

Indians? What Indians?

In response to," The DNC didn't take away anyone's vote," Victoria Brownworth writes:

Since when did the Democrats become the party of disenfranchisement? 'Permission'? I suppose you missed the part where TWENTY TWO STATES moved up their primary or caucus dates. The RNC penalized none of them. The DNC chose the ones with the most poor people and Latinos to penalize. Any Democrat/progressive supporting this disenfranchisement really should just move right on over to the Republican Party. Then you will feel right at home come November when the Republicans steal our votes yet again as they did in 2000 and 2004--IN FLORIDA.

I don't want to call people idiots, but deciding not to seat the delegations of two of the largest states in the country is indeed idiocy and will make for a very contentious vote come November. Living in Pennsylvania where we don't get to vote until April 22, I can tell you how much I don't want my vote stolen from me.

Democrats really are determined to lose this election, aren't they? What, being body-smacked by the likes of George Bush two elections in a row wasn't enough for you? Wake up and smell the disenfranchisement. We need these voters come November.

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-Noah Greenberg