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February 14, 2008


The Islamification of Barack Obama

They talk about vetting when it comes to political candidates, especially when it comes to those running for higher office. There can be no doubt that Senator Hillary Clinton has been vetted as much, if not more than any other presidential candidate in the history of the United States. And many on the Democratic side of the fence support her solely because of the process she has already gone through.

Some of you might remember the 1992 primary season when an almost unknown Governor from Arkansas went through his own vetting process. By now we're all familiar with the antics of Bill Clinton, prior to and while in residence at the White House. But there was another would-be front-runner who decided not to run in that election. His name was Mario Cuomo, the former Governor of New York. Many said that the skeletons which lived in his closet were of the Mafia kind and that he couldn't stand up to the vetting which has destroyed many a candidate.

And that brings us to Barack Obama. I hear it from each and every friend, acquaintance and customer who is a self-described republican. Here is how it comes out, almost verbatim, each and every time:

MY GOP FRIEND: You heard, right?
MADMAN: Heard what?
MY GOP FRIEND: About Osama -
MADMAN: Bin-Laden?
MY GOP FRIEND: You know, the Black guy, Obama -
MADMAN: What about him?
MY GOP FRIEND: He's a Muslim. You're not going to vote for a Muslim, are you?

And that's how it goes. I get to watch as my blood pressure rises and my face gets red. and I get to argue the religion of my second choice for President.

This is how it's going to be and it makes me sick. Certainly the GOP can't attack Senator Obama for being African American, so why not attack his name and put a religious suspicion upon him by charging him to be a Muslim. There can be no doubt that this charge will soon escalate into the rank-and-file members of the Right defining him as "Islamo-Fascist" and telling us all that we can't afford to take that chance.

The dialogue above was taken almost word-for-word from a "chat" between one of my wealthier customers and I. This particular client is a card-carrying GOP member-donor. Often I have worked on his computer and noticed the Republican National Committee membership card, along with the donation request form on his desk. Each and every time I work on his PC, there is some form of GOP paraphernalia laying out in the open for me to see. I kind of think that he's leaving it for me to see on purpose.

The accusations of treason and the defining Obama as "A Muslim" is going to be the main attack against him. And it sickens me. There is no end to the depths that the GOP mouthpieces will go to in order to keep the White House in November. And the more we, as supporters of Obama (as the Democratic party candidate, if he gains the nomination) and the Democratic party, defend our candidate, the more the GOP will gain. The conversation will shift from Health Care and jobs and the economy and the Iraq war to his accused background as a Muslim.

The good news is that Senator Barack Obama is not only smart, he's political-smart. All one has to do is look at the job he is doing against the Clinton campaign machine to see that. He's able to bring into the voting process youth, a group which hasn't been showing up at the polls which the Democrats like to see, and more of the African American vote than we have seen in the past. Remember, the more people who vote in November, the better off we on the left side of center are likely to do.

Let's hope that Senator Obama doesn't go the John Kerry route. Most of us will remember Senator Kerry's (the 2004 Democratic nominee) not answering accusations made by mouthpieces for the Right that his medals and valor in Vietnam were both lies and over-exaggerated. Many consider Kerry's silence to be the reason he lost to George Bush. Too many assumed, as Fox News, and others, suggested during that campaign that Kerry's not answering was an affirmation of the accusations. Kerry didn't answer because he didn't want to give credence to the lies, but in this day and age of the Internet (or is that "Internets, President Bush?), any and all questions, fair or not, must be answered.

Barack Obama has his work cut out for him. He is about to be "Roved".

-Noah Greenberg

In response to the worst picture John McCain ever took, Robert Scardapane writes:

Geez Noah, you have to stop scaring me like that. McCain is one frightening person on many levels; his policies are equally scary.

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-Noah Greenberg