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January 24, 2008


Mitt Romney
A Governor Without a State

"I know how to veto. I like vetoes."
-Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney certainly does know how to veto. Why, he even vetoed the Massachusetts Health Care Bill, which requires all state residents and employers in the Bay State to have health insurance coverage; forces health insurance companies to offer low-cost health care coverage; and makes it possible for each and every citizen of one of the many, many states he calls home to see a doctor when ill. Romney did eventually sign the bill, but not without exercising his line-item veto powers on the provisions he thought might hurt businesses.

Romney signed the health care bill because not signing it meant going against the will of nearly every Mass politician in the legislature. The bill passed 154-2 in the House and unanimously in the Senate, 37-0.

It seemed that "Veto-Man" Romney is not "Veto-Proof" himself.

So as Mitt claims to be the driving force behind the latest of his home state's health care reform act, the only one of its kind in the nation (in that no other state requires its citizens to have health care), remember that every time he takes credit for its innovation and mandate he is simply lying.

The Mass health care law puts that mandate on everyone in the state, both business owners and individuals alike. It also takes into account that some people are actually poor while others are Big-City poor. (Gig-City poor meaning three times the poverty level, or a family of four earning $48,000 per Year.) Those individuals earning less than $9,500 per year or less will have health care access without having to pay premiums or deductibles. Families under that $48,000 threshold pay on a sliding scale.

Employers and individuals opting out will also have to pay. Employers are responsible to the tune of $295 per year, per employee while individuals who can afford heath care, but simply don't want it will be fined $1,000 per year until they acquiesce.

In true GOP fashion, Romney touted the $295 fine on individuals while giving it his best shot to give his big, corporate contributors a pass at contributing themselves. He said that the individual fine wasn't a "broad-based tax."

I guess that if he called it a "tax", his presidential bid would have been a bit harder to begin. After all, a tax is not a tax when a Republican applies it, no matter how hard they push for it.

With that, we search the Mitt Romney for President web site in search of his health care plan. It's third from the bottom, just above "American Culture & Values" and "Education". (Let's face it, health care and education aren't going to "strive" under any Republican hopeful.)

The first thing that stands out in Romney's health care plan is his opening statement:

MITTROMNEY.COM: By expanding and deregulating the private health insurance market, we can decrease costs and ensure that more Americans have access to affordable, portable, quality, private health insurance.
Deregulate State Markets. Encourage states to eliminate the cumbersome insurance regulations that drive costs up and providers out of the market.

MADMAN:  For the past eight years we've all been eye witnesses to what less control over necessary industries have done to our nation. Polluters have had a free hand at making our water and our air worse; money lenders have all but destroyed our housing market; global corporations have exported our jobs; and the health care insurance industry - the same industry which Romney wants to give even more of a free hand to - has just about doubled the cost of health care to us, the American middle class.

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: We need to find a way to reduce the rate of growth of spending in health care in our country it's now 17 percent of our GDP. When I was a consultant in the insurance industry, some years ago in the 1980s, it was 11 percent. The idea it would get to 17 percent was unthinkable. And it continues to move northward.

MADMAN: Here Romney is taking credit for keeping health care prices "low". As a health care insurance industry "consultant" (lobbyist?), wasn't it your job to figure out ways to make them more money? Congratulations, Mitt... You've succeeded!

MITTROMNEY.COM: Stop The Free-Riders. Use some of the money currently spent on providing expensive "free care" for the uninsured at emergency rooms to instead help the truly needy buy private insurance.

MADMAN: It appears that Mitt wants to take any funding of hospitals - especially those in poorer areas - away in order to give that money back to us in some sort of tax credit. But what about those who pay little of no federal income taxes at all because they simply don't earn enough? What do they do when they still can't afford health care coverage, Governor Romney? Since they'll no longer be able to receive any care at hospital emergency rooms, where will they go?

In the end, a Romney presidency would entail the end of, not the beginning of, an affordable health care system. he would give tax dollars back to those who already have and can already afford good health care insurance while giving nothing back to those who really need it. Governor Romney's "plan" will cost more in dollars (tax refunds) and lives, and it's a price we all can't afford.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to Bush's 935 (and climbing) lies, Robert Dozer eloquently writes:

Noah, we may never smoke the peace pipe around a campfire again..

Secret torture and prisons, secret records even on who visits the DC Whore House I mean White House like Gannon, Haggard, so on. Non cooperation with Congress on a myriad of things, tried to avoid 9\11 investigation, exposed valuable CIA agent and put her team at risk and sold out American Intel on Iran, lied us into war and numerous other criminal acts and they are still in power.

So naturally they are seeking ways to cover their asses.

Rove Cheney and the Neo Con elitist are good at covering their tracks like in the Niger documents theft in Rome. Many other clandestine operations are no doubt being planned and implemented, they run a shadow government and hire fascist Blackwater Thugs to guard them in Iraq and around the world. He cries perhaps but so do many tyrants even extreme sociopaths cry at times. We should be crying, this is our country, this sad bunch of traitors we harbor are one step from being what one might call in their own so called Twistian vernacular; "Beelzebub."

I cringe until the day they are out, and will gladly release my breath when that day comes. Until that day any thing and I mean anything may happen. And that, Noah the Madman. is the real truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God...

In response to those "Bush's 935 Lies", Robert Scardapane forwards and echoes Cindy's Sheehan's sentiments:

A recent report found that BushCo told 935 lies in the two-year run-up to the war! We all know they lied, and frankly, I am surprised that the number is only 935, but it was an apparently exhaustive study by two media analysis groups.

And Dwelty write:

Noah, the question for me has never been whether or not he lied, whether or not he fixed not one but two elections, whether or not there were weapons or whether or not he and his constituents have personally profited from this war and his overall criminal presidency. THE QUESTION IS WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?! HOW CAN WE NAIL HIS BUSTER BROWNS TO THE WALL?!

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-Noah Greenberg