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January 17, 2008


Gov. Huck

For a smart guy, Mike Huckabee certainly is a yutz. Now we're all familiar with the politicization of issues to use as a political weapon, but even the dumbest, or most insincere of all political candidates for any office would have to realize that what the poor-minister-turned-governor-turned-millionaire running for the Republican presidential nomination would have to realize that his recent statement on immigration is nothing more than pandering at its worst.

"Let's just say that until you get your act in order, and we get our act in order, we're not going to let you keep coming and threaten the future and safety of America."

Just how many Mexicans were on any one of the flights which crashed into the world Trade Center, the Pentagon or a field in Central Pennsylvania anyway?

"Every one of the 19 hijackers came here legally. Our government welcomed them in."
-Huckabee continued

Oh, that's better. Judging from your comments, Governor Huckabee, it appears that you're welcoming illegal immigration but want to stop legal immigration. I got it now.

But seriously, what Huckabee is proposing, on the surface, sounds like a great idea until you realize that: (A) It won't change a thing and; (B) The nations which sent the great majority of the hijackers weren't from a nation which our nation considers to not have its "act in order". That nation is Saudi Arabia.

Let us all remember that fifteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia and that anyone who thinks that we're just going to cut off ties with them is simply out of their mind. Iran didn't send in the terrorists; Iraq didn't send them in either. It was a terrorist group - al Qaeda - whose leader Osama bin-Laden, by the way, is Saudi who sent them in.

The hijackers, although harbored by Afghanistan, were not nationals of that nation and didn't hold passports from there.

Al Qaeda transcends borders. We're not going to send troops into "our ally" Saudi Arabia (whether you choose to see them as an ally or not doesn't matter - our government does - and I disagree); and we're not going to bomb Egypt, which also contributed 911 terrorists as hijackers as well.

The passport which a man carries onto a plane to do us harm isn't the item which scares me, Governor Huckabee. You and anyone else who chooses to make hate the operating factor in politics does. We're just about to complete eight years of hate and the last thing we need is someone intent on keeping up that rhetoric just to gain control over our nation's resources. When one does what you're doing, the rest of us must ask, "What else is this guy capable of?"

And then we get that quiver up and down our spine and realize that if you, or anyone like you, Governor Huckabee, do manage to get the GOP nod for the Oval Office, at least 40 percent of those of us who aren't too busy to vote will vote for you.

And that truly is scary.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, Chris Matthews: Queen-Maker, Bazan writes:

"Knowing Mathews' nightly rants against the Clintons and his almost obsequious comments about most Republican candidates, most notably, George Allen (pre-scandal) and more recently, John McCain, who he has already anointed "the next President of the United States." I would guess that he is pushing Clinton (if he is) because he thinks she's the easiest Democrat to beat.

And Madman responds:

Not exactly the quote. Check out this for all of Matthews' "predictions" as of July 14, 2006. (http://mediamatters.org/items/200607140008)

In response to, "Edwards has never been either racist or sexist. I refrained from saying much about Hillary Clinton but I think I had enough. Her campaign has been extremely dirty. In New Hampshire, she sent out a false mailer about Obama's position on choice. Obama has a 100% rating from NARAL yet her mailer distorted his record. Hillary's campaign is currently trying to make it hard for Nevada casino workers to vote in the caucuses where you need to be there at a particular time; sounds like voter suppression to me," Victoria Brownworth writes:

The Obama campaign in Philadelphia is sending out the Clinton Body Count lie---you know, the old 1998 right wing screed that the Clintons kill people who stand in their way. Politics is dirty, but that's fraud. I don't see how Obama can claim that they are getting first times voters out from everywhere and you claim there's voter suppression. You can't have it both ways.

Edwards' wife said, "John's problem is he wasn't born a woman or black."

Edwards has made numerous sexist comments during this campaign. And the white boy network has just snickered along. Did you see the Oliphant cartoon in the Washington Post?

If Edwards is your man and you want him above the fray, then you really should tell him that women voters (whom he lost utterly in New Hampshire where he only got the "omigod I can't vote for a woman or a Black guy! vote) don't like his tone at all. He leaves women out of his populist message. Clinton doesn't, nor does Obama. And that is why the only way Edwards will succeed is by fear-mongering the white guys.---

And Madman responds:

I can't print this without a sample of your Edward's sexism. I listen quite a lot (being an Edwards supporter) and haven't heard him say one sexist thing. Any direct quote and I'll run it. (And I say those same things to everybody!)

And Victoria sends this:

Well how about two off the top of my head:

"I don't care for the jacket you are wearing," and "you can't be crying when things get tough if you are going to be president."

Edwards even said at the New Hampshire debate when asked if he regretted anything he'd said in previous debates that the jacket comment was one he very much regretted. BECAUSE EVERY NEWSPAPER CALLED IT SEXIST.

I will vote for whomever the Democrat is, obviously. but I really do hope it's the best candidate... And that ain't Edwards.

And Madman closes with:

This is what ABC News had to say about the "jacket" affair:

"Edwards and Obama Split on Clinton's Jacket" (http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2007/07/edwards-and-oba.html)

"ABC News' Tahman Bradley Reports: In responding to a YouTubers' question designed to lighten up the mood of the Democratic presidential debate Monday in South Carolina, former Sen. John Edwards D-N.C., made an off-beat joke that could be viewed as a tasteless jab at the only woman in the '08 race.
"When turning to Sen. Hillary Clinton D-N.Y., to explain one thing he liked and disliked about the former first lady, Edwards said he admired what Clinton has done for America and what her husband Bill Clinton did a president of the United States, but, added Edwards, 'I'm not sure about that coat,' referring to Clinton's pink suit jacket. Edwards' smile suggested he was joking. Clinton remained silent.
"Barack Obama diplomatically stepped in telling Clinton he admired the coat. 'I actually like Hillary's jacket. I don't know what's wrong with it.'
"The Edwards campaign told ABC News Wednesday that Edward's comments was a joke about trivial negative attacks."

And here is the Edwards quote about Hillary Clinton's tearing up:

"I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve, and presidential campaigns are tough business, but being president of the United States is also tough business,"
-Edwards to reporters in New Hampshire

I don't see the sexism here. In regard to the former (the "bad joke"), I see a bad joke taken advantage of the same way a football coach might put an opposing player's "We're going to beat them," comment on the bulletin board before a big game.

In regard to the latter comment, I have to say the comment didn't bother me. I don't consider it sexist and part of the reason I don't is due to none other than Ann Coulter. If anyone had ever watched an interview with Coulter they would note that when anyone has the temerity to challenge her, she always quips back with, "Why so hostile?"

another reason that I have no problem with Edwards pointing out that the presidency is a "tough business" is due to another Rightie, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The woman has a permanent quiver in her voice that seems to get worse whenever she testifies in front of a Congressional hearing or an on-air media interview. It magically disappears (from what I've heard of, not actually heard) when the cameras are off.

And finally, the Edmund Muskie affair. In a newspaper article during the 1972 presidential campaign, Muskie's wife was attacked for being a drunk, among other things. In her defense, Muskie "teared up" and many attribute his emotions as making him unfit for the Oval Office. What's bad for the rooster should be just as bad for the hen.

And if this leads me to be called a sexist, then so be it. I'm just going to have to live with it and refuse to debate my own resume in my defense.

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-Noah Greenberg