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Thanksgiving Madman

December 11, 2007


Let's Go Shopping!

So the economy's doing great, huh? According to a report on the NBC evening news with Brian Williams, thousands upon thousands of well-to-do Europeans are crossing "The Pond" to spend their not-so-hard earned Euros (which are worth twice what they were worth against the US Dollar than they were in 2001 - which, coincidentally was when George W. Bush took office) on laptop computers, shoes and any other merchandise that they can fit into an oversized suitcase. According to Mr. Williams and Company, the falling dollar has been a boom for business right here in the good ol' "US" of "A".

The word BOOM can be taken two ways here, Brian.

Manhattan merchants are smiling as our Western European friends come over to shop in their Fifth Avenue shops; and excursions are held for those getting extra dollars for their money to outlet malls such as Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall just north of the New Jersey-New York border in Harriman, NY.

Boom! Profits abound for all of those merchants selling discounted or close-out Made in China garments and such that the main store couldn't get rid of in the first place.

Yep... it sure sounds like great news, but for some reason, us regular Americans aren't cheering. Why?

BOOM! (The other one.)

It isn't good news that our dollar is worth crap as compared to what it was worth just a few short years ago. It isn't a good thing that as our salaries stay stagnant by an economy geared more for profit and luxury at the top than for staples to the middle class, while prices soar and jobs are lost. And, yes, in spite of 94,000 jobs being "created" by the economy in November, unemployment remains unchanged (More jobs should equal less unemployment, no?) and we're still playing catch-up to the near 400,000 jobs lost from August to September of this year.

And just what kind of jobs are being created by the new American economy of George W. Bush and Company anyway?

New York City hotels love the falling dollar. The price that European and Asian tourists are paying as compared to what they paid just a few short years ago is staggering. American money to them is like what Mexican Peso's were to us when our dollar was strong and WE were able to take those trips for comfort and goods.

Ah... The good old days.

While it is true that someone's bad fortune can bring good fortune to others, one has to ask when our bad fortune will end? As a nation, the Bushies would have you believe that it's just a very few of us whose boats haven't been risen by this high tide. They would have you believe that their "trickle" has fallen "down", but just not to our level yet. I've felt that "trickle" and it smells like the New York City subway system.

When does our BOOM! turn into a Boom? When does the explosion of our pocketbooks and bank accounts cease in favor of the good times experiences by the Bush "base" of "haves and have mores" and the rest of the western world at our expense?

George Bush has taken the phrase "We the People" and perverted it into a phrase which represents just the very few who can afford the luxuries offered by a government geared only towards them. In a land which used to represent all citizens, if not alike, then with some sense of fairness, we no longer even have that!

When does the American middle class stop being taken for granted? When will we stop allowing them to take us for granted?

Perhaps never.

BOOM! here it goes again.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg