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December 5, 2007


Mitt and the Migrants

Immigration is the fifth or sixth most important issue to Americans, depending on which pollster you believe. And the Republican party, especially its top 2008 Presidential candidates, have taken the illegal immigration stance and have run with it in an attempt to make themselves more appealing to the "It's my country - Get out!" crowd which, so far, have been the followers of Rep. Tom "I can't live without Mexican food" Tancredo.

One would think that each and every candidate for the top spot in our nation would know that every move that they make from this day forward, and likewise, every move that they have made up to this point, will be scrutinized and examined for many things, not the least of which being hypocrisy.

You'd think so, wouldn't you? Then you see a quote like this one made by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney:

"After this same issue arose last year, I gave the company a second chance with very specific conditions. They were instructed to make sure people working for the company were of legal status.
"We personally met with the company in order to inform them about the importance of this matter. The owner of the company guaranteed us, in very certain terms, that the company would be in total compliance with the law going forward."

You see, as Romney was lacing into America's Mayor (an honorary title) Rudy Giuliani for calling New York City a "Sanctuary City for undocumented workers" while he was mayor there (before his honorary promotion), Rudy was accusing Mitt of hiring a company that employed illegal workers to do his gardening.

He lives in a "Sanctuary Mansion,"
-Giuliani in response to Romney's remarks

Up until this statement, Mitt could have said that he was sure that the men working his lands were of legal status. After all, he hired a company that assured him of such, I assume. But then he hired them again!

There are two problems with the statement Mitt released in his attempt at trying to prove that he isn't the dumbest man standing on the stage at any GOP debate: (1) After Romney hired the company the first time and found out that they employed "undocumented workers", he should have never trusted them again. Just what was the problem anyway? Were the owners of this groundskeeper crew big political contributors or something? And (2) Mitt Romney broke the law. After finding out that this company hired "undocumented workers", Mitt should have reported the infraction to the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization. Upon hiring them again, and without asking for proof (just "assurances"), Romney could even be considered as much of a criminal as the owners of his favorite lawn maintenance company, after the fact.

He knew and his excuse is "They wouldn't dare do it twice, right?"

In the end, I guess Romney is trying to prove the Bush administration right when they call jobs such as lawn care "The jobs Americans won't do." Isn't it the responsibility of our elected officials, especially those seeking to be President, to make sure that each and every person working on their home, mansion or ranch has a legitimately filled out I-9 form (the document required of all employers to keep on file for INS inspection)?

One would think so, wouldn't one?

And Romney was already a chief executive as a Governor, so he really ought to have known better.

It's "not be American" to check the papers of workers employed by a contractor simply because they have a "funny accent."

And here Mitt is correct. However, this is a company who had pulled the wool over his eyes once already - and he is running to become our next President, isn't he? Romney should ask for proof of permission to work for all of his contractors' employees, and especially the one that has already proven to be less than scrupulous.

"disappointing and inexcusable,"
-Romney of the landscaping company

And those very same things could be said of you. Governor Romney. You are certainly those two things.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "But fear not, Mr. and Mrs. America. The Bush administration has a plan. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. wants to pass a plan that will give local governments "new powers" to finance mortgages. They want to freeze rates that mortgage backers Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac offer so as to keep those same ADJUSTABLE RATES from adjusting upwards," Rhian writes:

You have to think like a Globalist, who intends to control every facet of every life, sort of like in China, for example.

The homes in America are a resource, just like the oil wells in the middle east. Therefore they must be controlled. This legislation is a first step in acquisition by government of a resource that they are aware of, and want to control. Homes.

Home owners are in a weakened position, therefore it is time to strike.

I don't know why more people are not connecting the dots. . . .

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-Noah Greenberg