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Thanksgiving Madman

November 29, 2007


Debate? What Debate?


In a fluff piece this morning on NBC's Today Show, one which I wasn't really pay too much attention, I heard the following:

"That's what I heard,"
-Laura Bush, in front of the White House Christmas Tree, in response to NBC's David Gregory's question about the fireworks at the GOP debate the previous night

One has to assume that if the First Lady didn't watch the GOP debate which will chose the man who will attempt to follow in the footsteps of her husband - the President of the United States - that there's a good change President Bush missed it as well. After all, the one thing I was sure that the two of them did during the evening hours at the White House was to spend some quality time together. I just assumed that the President and his wife were watching and listening to see (and hear) just what those who are running for the White House, and are on the same side of the aisle as they are, were thinking about during their quest.

Or as my wife put it, "I guess they didn't want to miss the "Dancing with the Stars finale."

Can anyone imagine then-First Lady Hillary Clinton answering that question with an admission that she didn't see the debate herself? I'm sure that there might have been good reason that Mrs. Bush didn't see the debate. Maybe there was a white House function; maybe she was decorating the White House Christmas Tree; perhaps a member of her husband's "base" of "haves and have mores" showed up for a little session of "grab-the-bribe"... Anything's possible.

Can someone please purchase a TiVO for the President and First Lady, please?

We know that being associated with President Bush by those in the GOP wishing to replace him; as well as those in the Senate who wish to still be in the Senate come January 2009; and those in the House of Representatives whose US Congressional Districts are painted a color something less than a deep, deep red, isn't the best course of action to take towards those goals.

The First Lady's admission that she "heard" about the Republican Presidential Debate comes as no surprise. The Bush's have been absent from reality almost since day-one from taking office. The perfect example of The President's ignorance of events came illustrated perfectly by Keith Olbermann on his MSNBC Countdown show. While introducing both Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Leader Mahmoud Abbas in what was a Photo-Op, and nothing else, President Bush managed to mispronounce not one, but both men's names.

So much for winging it, huh Mr. President?

The thing that makes this evasion of reality by the Laura, and presumably President Bush himself, is that this debate was hosted by YouTube, that thing on what GW once referred to as "The Internets". You would think that a debate held by, and in some part of, the youngest voters (and one hosted, in part, in cyberspace) would have at the very least been a curiosity to the bushes. But curiosity takes intelligence, and I'm afraid that the residents at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just don't possess the necessary grey matter for such things.

(Cats must be very smart.)

And speaking of dumb, did anyone catch the stupid thing that Mitt Romney said at that very same debate? With someone in Romney's campaign putting the idea into his head that showing no respect to Muslim Americans would allow him the lead in the GOP race, Romney said that there would be no Muslims in his Cabinet because - are you ready for this? - there aren't enough of them to matter. That let's us Jews out too, I guess. You would think that Romney, a Mormon whose grandfather had "extra" wives, and a man consistently put under fire by many on the Religious Right who have called his religion "a cult", would have been a little smarter than that (or at least a little sensitive to) such a remark seeing as how he had been treated himself. Time and time again, Romney has said that he wouldn't "apologize" for his religion and beliefs. Does he expect those in the religious minority to do the same? One wonders if Mitt believes that those who don't believe in God in the manner in which he believes in God should even be allowed to vote. Of all of the GOP candidates, Romney is the one most like Bush.


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg