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Thanksgiving Madman

November 21, 2007


"Gobble, Gobble"

"President George W. Bush stands over May, the 2007 National Thanksgiving Turkey, as the turkey becomes the center of focus for the White House media during the Pardoning of the National Thanksgiving Turkey Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2007, in the Rose Garden of the White House."
-From Whitehouse.gov

Do you ever think that no one in the Bush White House - not even the guy who writes the caption below the picture of the day on www.whitehouse.gov - gets it? It's one thing for the turkey - pardonee, not the pardoner - to get his Libby - I mean pardon - a couple of days before Thanksgiving. It's another day altogether to acknowledge the event as the most important at the White House while we have young men and women dieing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I, for one, am sick and tired of this administration ignoring the troops and the real need to get these young men and women home while issuing ultimatums to the Congress to supply more money for big GOP contributors such as Halliburton and Blackwater.

Am I alone?

As a matter of fact, the first three - that's right, three - items front-and-center on the white House's official web site are these items, in order:
1- "Latest News" (The picture and caption if May, the Turkey)
2- resident Bush Pardons "May and Flower" in National Thanksgiving Turkey Ceremony
3- President Bush Offers Thanksgiving Greetings

And the fourth item, the President's radio address, begins this way: "Good morning. In a few days, our Nation will celebrate Thanksgiving."

You just can't make these things up.

In case you were wondering, three members of our US military corps were killed while President Bush was freeing May. Although their names haven't been released, the stated circumstances of their deaths have been:
US NAME NOT RELEASED YET Baghdad (eastern part) Hostile - hostile fire - IED attack
UK NAME NOT RELEASED YET Baghdad (southeast of) Non-hostile - helicopter crash
UK NAME NOT RELEASED YET Baghdad (southeast of) Non-hostile - helicopter crash

As I looked at the casualty statistics, I noticed something about the stated reasons (Hostile versus non-hostile) reasons on how our troops are dieing "over there". According to our US government, of the thirty-three American and combined allied deaths this month, only twenty-five have been "hostile", with one being listed as "not yet reported" (Specialist Christine M. Ndururi, from Camp Arifjan) and another listed as "non-hostile - explosion" (Private 1st Class Dwane A. Covert Jr. in Al Sahra - Salah ad Din).

How does one die in a non-hostile explosion in a war zone anyway? One would think that all explosions in a war zone would be hostile, wouldn't one?

If May, the Turkey, were not to be pardoned, would her death have been considered "violent"?

And as President Bush still ignores the troops by making them stay where they are more targets than peace-keepers; and while the President continues to shun funerals for our fallen heroes, isn't it good to know that he has time to take from his busy schedule to save a turkey?

And isn't it too bad that his two-term administration has turned into a turkey which cannot be saved?

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg