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Today's Note From a Madman

November 13, 2007


Lying is Job Number One

Let me preface today's Note From a Madman with this little fact: This past July, there were 146.11 million Americans employed, and in August, that number dropped to 145.794 million Americans, a loss of 316,000 jobs. You may ask why this little fact matters. (Go on, ask.) Here's the reason why:

"We now have had 50 straight months of job growth - the longest period of uninterrupted job growth on record."
-President Bush, New Albany, IN, November 13, 2007

Now my math may be off just a little bit, but 50 months is just a little over four years and August 2007 was two months ago. This means that President Bush's numbers are only 48 months off, and it's as close at it's going to get.


Month Total Jobs in US
July 2007 146,110,000
August 2007 145,794,000
Total Change -316,000

But even if you take the Bush administration's "spin" on the employment numbers as "fact", which less and less of you have been doing as time goes by, the numbers from just two months ago tell a different story: The President's own people, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a net job loss of four-thousand jobs from July to August of this past year. In fact, while President Bush was taking bows in Indiana for a "surplus" of 166,000 jobs "created" in October, that same report shows that there are 250,000 fewer employed Americans at the end of October than there were at the end of September. Of course, the Bushies were able to offset that number by claiming that an additional 465,000 Americans no longer wanted to work.

Dizzy yet? I am.

Does it bother anyone that President Bush lies? Well it obviously doesn't bother anyone in the main stream media. Maybe they're just desensitized to all of his lies by now. I mean, after all, the main stream media doesn't even call them "lies", and they never have, not since President Bush took office in 2001. They use his administration's euphemism for a lie - they say "The President 'misspoke.'" And there's a whole lot of "misspeaking" going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, isn't there?

President Clinton may have asked what the meaning of the word "is, is", but George W. Bush can't even perform first grade math!

Some of you might remember the Bushies blaming 911 for our economic woes and the net loss of jobs in President Bush's first term. In fact, Bill Clinton last numbers showed 1353,000 Americans joining the labor force; 358,000 more Americans obtaining jobs; 187,000 coming off the "Not in labor force" rolls; 5,000 Americans removed from the unemployed to the employed list. And while President Bush tells his captive Indiana audience that "The national unemployment rate is a low 4.7 percent. Here in Indiana, the unemployment rate is even lower -- 4.5 percent," he inherited only a 4.0 unemployment rate from President Clinton. Roughly speaking, had President Bush been able to just keep his predecessor's numbers as a "status quo" figure, an additional four million (plus) Americans would have jobs today.

But that's okay. After all, they don't want to do those jobs anyway, They are "The jobs Americans won't do." Right Mr. Bush?

"After Katrina -- two quarters after the devastation of Katrina, our economy grew at a powerful rate of 4.8 percent."
-President Bush

I wonder if the people of New Orleans cringe ever time President Bush invokes their devastated city as a sign of his progress? I wonder how he could have the "chutzpah" to keep on doing it!

As the President continues to blame your deteriorating lot in life on the Democrats in Congress for not giving back more and more in taxes to his "base" of "haves and have more"; and as he's about to continue his assault on immigrants and others whose boats haven't been lifted by his "perfect for his base" economy, get ready higher gas and winter fuel oil prices. And as he continues try and get those in his "base" even more middle class dollars by offering up zero capital gains taxes, zero inheritance taxes (which only exist on the fortunes of those over $7 million) and no alternative minimum tax (remembering that the AMT does not rise with inflation and that they stay stagnant at the same figure for the Bush administration's time in office), no one in that "base" will take any hits whatsoever. And as our young men and women die in Iraq, we, the middle class, will continue to fund that ill-advised war, one presented to us with the lies of manufactured intelligence.

Don't look for President bush rhetoric to change and don't look to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Crawford Texas or any other place on the map where George W. Bush speaks for the truth. It simply doesn't live there.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg