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October 31, 2007


China's Rules

Okay... So I can't come home from a trip to the Caribbean with a Cuban cigar or from other areas with a piece of fruit. I got that. But why is it okay for American pharmaceutical companies to purchase ingredients from China, a nation which has shown its distaste for anything and everything having to relate to checks and regulations regarding their imports? How many times do we have to be reminded of lead-based paint on US toy imports and the loss of our jobs in favor of cheap, crappy goods that may or may not be tainted?

China has no regard for what the American people have fought for over the years. Yes, we fought for safer drugs and no lead in our toys coverings and no bacteria in our hamburgers, all things which many Chinese manufacturers ignore in the name of profit in the form of American dollars.

And of course it's the likes of Wal-Mart who pay more in Lobbyist costs to make sure that these goods come in to our nation in an uninterrupted stream of supply. Maybe their motto ought to be "Slashing Product Safety to bring you Lower Prices."

"If China were to revalue it’s currency or China is to start making say, toys that don’t have lead in them or food that isn’t poisonous, their costs of production are going to go up and that means prices at Wal-Mart here in the United States are going to go up too. So, I would say China is our greatest friend right now, they’re keeping prices low and they’re keeping the prices for mortgages low, too.”
-CNBC "Money-Honey" Erin Burnett

And this is the mindset of those whose fortunes have been made greater by the influx of cheap goods from our friend to the east. After all, they CAN afford to buy American.

China has been stealing patents owned by US companies and then complains when someone questions their attempts at trying to sell those items back to us. They have sold poison mislabeled as drugs and have killed nearly 200 people in Haiti and Panama. One wonders if that Chinese government owned drug company had killed that many Americans what the outcry here would have been? One wonders how the Bush administration and what people like Ms. Burnett would have said in their defense.

China's drug supply companies have also been accused of shipping illegal steroids to the US as well.

And even China's drug regulatory arm can do nothing to stop drug manufacturers from exporting tainted and dangerous pharmaceutical ingredients. Believe it or not, all these companies have to do is classify them as for use in other applications and that's that.

“We have never investigated a chemical company. We don’t have jurisdiction.”
-Ms. Yan, deputy director of policy and regulation at the State Food and Drug Administration

And this has been going on for some time. Imagine that China's version of the FDA didn't bother to change their laws more than ten years ago when 138 children were killed by their ingredients in Panama. And yet, China's government still has no problem with their version of non-regulated regulation. well, after all, if China has to worry about possible poison in their drugs, their prices may go up and, as Ms. Burnett might say (or merely think), that's no good for American business.

No one can keep track of how many Chinese drugs are circulating in our nation, not even our very own US Food and Drug Administration. But, somehow, we seem to keep on allowing China to do stuff like this over and over and over again. And for what reason? Simply to appease the Bush "base" of "haves and have mores" and allow them to become the "have even mores."


-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg