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October 24, 2007


The Administration of Diminished Trust

It's not that I don't think Iran is creating a nuclear weapon as we speak; and it isn't that I don't think they (as President Ahmedinejad and Iran's ruling Mullahs) want a nuclear arsenal to keep either as a "peacemaker" or offensive weapon. All I now know is that I can't rust the word of our President, Vice President and anyone both tightly and even loosely associated with the White House or the Republicans in Congress.

We now know that Dick Cheney and President George W. Bush (Isn't it amazing that we list the Vice President ahead of the President here?) lied bold-faced to the United Nations, the US Citizens which they serve and the whole world in their lust for war. Of this there is no doubt.

An example of why you can't trust the Bush administration is the economy. Bush, his "base" of "haves and have mores" who occupy wall Street and all wall Street-type talking heads, conservative newspapers (The New York Post; The Washington Times) and anyone who benefits from the rich getting richer at any cost love this economy, even with its sharp downturns and drastic upswings. The reason is simple: they've grown to become the "have even mores" during the Bush years and, for them, trusting the President's moves is a no-brainer.

However, we real, middle-class Americans who work every day for our money know that this economy has been a bust. Just when does this recovery begin to help us recover?

And it's spread down to state and local governments as well. Because of the atmosphere of hate and division which the Bush administration's constant pounding has brought to us, local governments are creating laws targeting suspected illegal aliens. State governments are using schools and hospital emergency care as a means of getting votes in upcoming elections (they plan to refuse to allow the children of undocumented workers the ability to use both), pandering to the worst of us.

An in New York State, Democrat Governor Elliot Spitzer is trying to allow those same undocumented workers the ability to get a driver's license. The lies and hate distributed as a type of "hatred trickle down" by the Bushies even make those who believe in "tagging" those workers unable to see the forest for the trees. By allowing these people access to the DMV, we help assimilate them into our society; allow them to register cars and purchase insurance; and have less to worry about if they get into an accident. It also helps us keep a record of them. But because this is a favorite GOP wedge issue, no one on the GOP side of the aisle in Albany can say, "This makes sense."

Of course, immigration has become the Pandora's Box which the Bushies can't close or control.

How bad is it? Even when President Bus does something good, nearly two-thirds of the country don't trust him and think that, in the end, it will come back and haunt them. Just take a look at New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina: After their failure in helping those in the Gulf Coast prior to, and in the immediate aftermath of the 2005 disaster; and after promising to help the people in New Orleans and the surrounding area, President Bush has given them little and The Big Easy remains a shell of its former self. No jobs; no homes and FEMA trailers that cause cancer is about where we stand now in relation to Bush's help there.

And even 911 offered no relief from Bush's lies. Just how does what happened in New York City translate to emergency funds for Alaska anyway?

We can't trust this president. No can we trust those who follow him blindly, like so many of the GOP contenders seem to be doing. It's just too bad that we have to wait more than a year for the most untrustworthy administration in recent memory to get out of Dodge.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg