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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Today's Note From a Madman

October 17, 2007


Who Should You Vote For?

My best friend, who I could best describe as a reluctant Libertarian, sent me this link. Take it and see who your Presidential soul-mate is. Thanks Mitchell. -NG


Across a Different Border

Turkey has decided to authorize sending troops into Northern Iraq to stop the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) from continuing their efforts to secede the southern part of turkey from the rest of their nation. Iraq wants them to show restraint from doing so. They want the Turkish government to negotiate in order to settle the disputes rather than sending troops across the border to begin a border war with the fledgling government. It's hard to tell just how Iraq, as a military force, would handle such an incursion.

"Iraq must be given the chance to stop PKK rebels who cross the border before Turkey takes any step,"
-One of two Iraqi Vice Presidents, Tariq al-Hashimi, before he departed for Turkey's capital, Ankara

But how will Mr. al-Hashimi be able to achieve his goal? What does the Iraqi government have to offer the Turkish government in ways of assurance? Let's face facts here - the Iraqi army is ill-prepared to protect their own streets, their capital of Baghdad and most other areas of their nation, so how is anyone supposed to believe that they'll be able to stop the crossing of a mountainous border between their north and their neighbor's south?

And if you're thinking about having our troops help, you'll need to answer a handful questions first:
1- Where are we going to get the troops to help guard that border?
2- How can we expect to protect the mountainous border between two middle eastern nations when we have failed so miserably in doing the exact same thing under similar circumstances between Afghanistan and Pakistan?
3- What in God's name makes anyone think that the Bush administration can keep a border intact in a foreign nation when we can't even keep illegal aliens out of our own nation?

"The passage of the motion in Parliament does not mean that an operation will be carried out at once. Turkey will act with common sense and determination when necessary and when the time is ripe."
-Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

To decipher this case, all one has to do is read the words used here: "WHEN the time is ripe." is not "IF" the time is ripe or, more importantly, "IF" things don't change. It appears that the greatest ally of the US in the Muslim world has already made up their collective minds.

And so far, this rebellion, which began in 2004 (Note: Ronald Reagan was then the US President. Isn't it amazing all the crap that begun under his reign, including helping the Afghan rebels defeat the occupying Soviet forces?), has claimed tens of thousands of lives, innocents included.

I wonder if both parties consider that loss of life when making their plans? I wonder if they think that in order to make the sacrifices of those who have already lost their lives meaningful, they must continue the fight? I wonder if they realize that this is the same logic used by President Bush, Dick Cheney and their dwindling numbers of supporters (let's start calling them "The GW-Zombies", shall we?) to keep our US troops in harm's way indefinitely?

Perhaps the parties in Iraq and Turkey will realize that chasing dead lives with more death just isn't the way to go.

And, let's face facts again here, calling on Turkey to acknowledge the deaths of some 1.5 million Armenians at this point in time wasn't' exactly great timing either.

President Bush has a real problem here. First, Turkey is calling on the US to take ,ore of an active role in this situation. I believe that this resolution in the Turkish Parliament is being passed in part to get Bush off his ass. They simply don't realize how stubborn this guy is and don't get it that he doesn't do a thing without the permission of Dick Cheney and their "base" of "haves and have mores".

Too bad for all parties involved.

Bush's wait-and-see attitude will cause nothing but bad feelings. This is really an opportunity to make a difference, but it's hard to do when apathy and compassion just aren't in one's soul.

-Noah Greenberg

Congress Can Be Fun!

"Republicans, their party in disarray and reduced to minority status in the House and Senate, see more allure in retirement or private life. 'I don't like being in the minority,' said Rep. Ray LaHood (R-Ill.), who was first elected in the 1994 GOP landslide and will retire after this term. 'It's not that much fun. . .'" TRUTHOUT, Republicans Head for the Exits, http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/101607N.shtml

That's a quote from one of those who's quitting. I'm only sorry for the tragic national stupidity that elected him, and others like him, in the first place. Now we know exactly why these Babbitty NeoCons ran for public office: NOT TO DEDICATE THEMSELVES TO PUBLIC SERVICE like many traditional old-time Republicans--only 3 or 4 of them left--and many Democrats who still serve. Oh, no; heaven forfend! We have their secret: It was TO HAVE FUN. Frivolously to mess around with our jobs. With our Constitution. With our infrastructure. With our fiscal economy. With our national security. With world peace. With our public schools. With our soldiers. With scientific evidence. With planetary survival. Ooooh, the heady hubris of playing God was such fun while it lasted! There's nothing more fun to these people than watching foreign countries getting blown up, and bodies falling with bullet wounds or floating away in flood waters! Just like a cowboy movie.

They forgot that pride goeth before a fall. Only when they were in the majority could they have fun being the sadistic bullies they couldn't get away with being in school, crowing hypocritically about sexual and religious purity while sneaking into motels & toilets (or using the internet) to solicit both genders for fun & games, promoting the sanctity of marriage while getting their third divorce or twenty-fifth on-the-side, giving fetuses the vote while taking it away from poor grownups, distracting from reality with fun non-issues like gay marriage and trying to impeach Clinton and, most fun of all, building up their own crooked nest eggs of money under the table--as we can see from the growing numbers who are still being indicted for having too much fun.

Now these mental and moral Nothings have discovered they have haven't the backbone to do their bullying alone. They need to be part of a drunken mob. They are having their fun frustrated, so they sulk, and I can guess that some are cutting and running before they, too, can be publicly exposed for the corrupt slime they are. Sheesh! This congressman has some name--Ray "laHood". In the old fashioned slang of private eye novels, "hood" precisely describes the Al Capone souls of most of the NeoConArtists elected in 1994. Certainly it describes the soul, or lack thereof, of their Lizard Leader, Newt.

-Jenny Hanniver

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-Noah Greenberg