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Today's Note From a Madman

September 23, 2007


Three Separate States and Pull Out

There can no longer be any doubt that a three state solution, with shared resources, is the only solution to ending the war/ occupation of Iraq. The goings-on in the Anbar Province, formerly the Iraqi version of the 1970's movie Fort Apache, The Bronx, has been the test for leaving Iraq and no one (other than me, that is) has noticed how it's worked.

Apparently, people need a common enemy to focus their efforts on. The Sunnis of Anbar have decided that the American military is no longer their biggest problem. You see, at one point they had decided to team up with members of al Qaeda in Iraq against their "liberators", as Dick Cheney put it. We were, in fact, NOT greeted with flowers at our feet as such suggested by the VP. Instead, after the ill-advised de-Baathification which sent Iraq into turmoil, those who once held office and kept the nation's infrastructure going, were now on the outside. At the same time their nation was deteriorating from the inside out, workers who once held important positions (third tier bureaucrats - the ones who actually did the work) and the Iraq Army went unpaid. The process forced a nation into opposing Cheney's Liberators and recast them (us) as invaders and occupiers.

During the most fierce post-Mission-Accomplished fighting of the post-war, the Anbar Province's Fallujah became a bloodbath for American Marines, Iraqi Sunnis. many of which were former, unpaid Iraqi Army soldiers, and foreign al-Qaeda fighters. The idea used was "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." But with al-Qaeda now attempting to impose their own brand of Islam inside of the Sunni Triangle, The Sunnis soon realized that their best chances lie within themselves. They have decided that they need to fight their invaders, al-Qaeda in Iraq, rather than the American troops there. In fact, with the support of America in the form of arms and logistics, we're actually made a good team with the Sunnis who are now fighting besides us.

In short, with the right enticements, the Iraqis will defend themselves as they need to defend themselves. And they'll do so whether we're there or not.

What we know, or as former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld might say, "What is a known-known," is that the longer we stay there to "assist" the Iraqi Army/ police, the more reliant on our "assistance" they will remain. In fact, we have seen that the Purple-Finger government-gang of Iraq, by their words and (in)actions, intend for us to stay indefinitely. And who can blame them? After all, we perform the jobs of Iraq Army, the Iraq Police and trainers of the all Iraqi forces which will seemingly never be ready, while at the same time provide all of the finances (financed by the American middle class, in particular). Just what incentive is there to for them to begin to take over?

None. (It was a rhetorical question.)

The first order of business to be made should have been a deal made between the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites. This is a deal which ought to have been made already, and the failure of not having such an agreement done falls squarely on the shoulders of the Bush Administration. President Bush could attempt to place the blame on the government of Iraq all he wishes to, but everyone knows that the truth tells a different story. And all the proof you need is the Bushie reaction to the pre-Summer news that the new Iraq government, led by an ineffective and powerless Nouri al-Maliki, was going on vacation for the whole month of August because, as the Bush administration mouthpieces stated, it gets hot in Baghdad.

Or as Bob Schieffer put it on Face the Nation:
SCHIEFFER: I am still not sure that I believe it: The Iraqi parliament is going on vacation during the month of August.
The White House offers the lame excuse that, after all, Baghdad is hot in August sometimes 130 degrees.
May I ask a follow-up?
MADMAN: Yes, Bob. You may.
SCHIEFFER: How much hotter do you suppose it is if you are a wearing a helmet, full body armor, carrying ammunition and walking foot patrols through Baghdad?
The last I heard, that is how American troops are spending their August in Iraq.
For me, this does it.
God help the Iraqi people because there is not much America can do to help a government that leaves Americans dying in the streets while the parliament escapes to cooler climes.

And God help the American people which is forced to pay, in lives as well as in US dollars, for an "I got mine, go get yours" government in Iraq, as well as being held hostage by President Photo-Op and his never-ending desire for war. Where would we, the American people, be today had the Constitutional Convention of 1787 been postpones because it was to hot? Our founding fathers came from all over the original thirteen states, huddled together, sometimes sharing rooms, behind closed doors and windows (for secrecy purposes) in the middle of Summer to get a new Constitution done.

And they never had air conditioning!

"I'm a war President,"
-President Bush, on more than one occasion

We must get done, even at gunpoint, if necessary, a fair oil-sharing agreement between the three factions in Iraq, then we can help them create three separate autonomous states. Then they will be empowered to protect their people and their interests and finally begin to truly govern themselves.

Then we can pull out of there and keep a watchful eye, possibly from a military base built on friendly lands in the newly created Kurdistan.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to the picture included with Thursday's Madman (of Afghani women in Burkas holding a sign welcoming their Taliban oppressors), Robert Dozier writes:

Cleaver picture, and a taste of reality is what it really is... a subtle reminder of a growing reality... Taliban is remerging as a power force in the region as we draw flies in Iraq...

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-Noah Greenberg