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September 19, 2007


O.J.: Cable TV's Gift That Keeps on Giving

Everything must be just peachy. No one is talking about health care, immigration, the Iraq war or even terrorism these days in the main stream media and on the cable television talking head shows.

They must have come up with a Universal Health care Plan that insures that everyone in our nation gets to see a doctor when they are sick. They must have come out with an immigration plan which addresses the 11 to 24 million illegals immigrants in our nation while, at the same time, ensures their civil rights. Surely someone has figured our what to do about the lagging economy (as it related to those outside of the Bush "base" of "haves and have mores", of course"), the loss of jobs last month and the overall dissatisfaction of where that same economy is headed voices by over two-thirds of our nation's citizens.

And what about the Iraq War? Well, obviously that's no longer a concern.

There is nothing to talk about on the cable news channels because O.J. Simpson is back.

For the past few nights, all anyone on MSNBC, CNN and Fox (granted, I breeze through the Fox "News" Channel with a greater pace than the other two), so the logical assumption is that everything is okay with the world, right?

Orenthal James Simpson - a.k.a., "The Juice" - was involved in a robbery which might put him away for many years to come. Allow me to be the first to say this: I don't care.

In a nation which has over 45 million of it's citizens unable to see a doctor if they're sick (providing they're not willing to sell their house and all of their worldly possessions); in a nation which has seen its children being killed and maimed in a foreign land; in a world that has seen sectarian violence blur nations' borders, the best our mass media analysts can do is to report on O.J. Simpson.

We've lived through the endless search for the girl who went missing in Aruba. And we've gone through Anna Nicole, her death, her baby, and her men for so long, I just figured she came back from the dead. So why not get O.J. back into the program? After all, he is the gift to Cable News that keeps on giving.

By the way, Alberto Gonzales' last day was yesterday, but enough about real news. O.J. couldn't have come at a better time for the Bush administration.

Somewhere out there is a poll which has asked 100 or so Americans questions about the economy; health care; the Iraq war; and terrorism. Many of those polled will know nothing of three-quarters of these issues. But ask them about O.J. and they'll spell out their thoughts and talk about it ad nauseum until that little bit of bile
comes up in the throats of those of us who couldn't care less. These are the American Idol voters who would rather vote for "that cute girl who can sing", and can tell you where she grew up, her family's background and what kind of car she drives, than take a walk down to the corner school and vote for president.

Maybe we should start calling them "The American Idle"?

So I end this article on that note, knowing that so many might agree with me, but still slow down their cars on the Turnpike, Freeway or their nearest Interstate roadway to look at the spectacle on the side of the road known as O.J. Simpson. And with all of the signs saying "accident ahead - O.J. Involved", I guess it's hard to
blame you.

But could you, at least, stay out of the fast lane?

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg