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Tuesday, August 21, 2007



"A lot of people - say - like to fear monger about China, right? A lot of politicians... I think people should be careful of what they wish for. If China is to revalue their currency; or is Chins is to start making SAFE TOYS that don't HAVE LEAD IN THEM or FOOD THAT ISN'T POISONOUS, their costs of production are going to up, and that means prices here at Wal-Mart start to go up, too. So, I would say China is our greatest friend right now. They're keeping prices low and they're keeping prices for mortgages low."
-Erin Burnett, the new "Money Honey" from CNBC, on Hardball with Chris Matthews

Matthews reaction to Burnett was to hit on her. Yes. the Hardball host was hoping to play doctor with the attractive CNBC host.

"Can you get a little closer to the camera?... Come on in closer. Come in closer. Really close. Ha, ha! Just kidding. You look great."

Just another great follow-up from the Hardball host who always seems more concerned about his appearance than - well - anything. Do you think that Matthews, maybe, spent the whole "interview session" with Burnett with the sound turned down and his focus on her breasts? He better be careful - Bill O'Reilly (a.k.a. Luffa-Boy) may get jealous.

Matthews, who only plays "Hardball" off the air has also recently been recorded saying, "We're only acting here and putting on sh--. We have nothing going on." Remember that this is from the man who brown-nosed former House Majority leader Tom DeLay's just as he was being indicted for, let's just call them misdeeds.

"Thank you for coming. It was a good thing for me... Have you seen this focus group stuff on the Kennedy's? It's great stuff.,,, Frank Lutz (GOP pollster and talking head) did it."
-Matthews to DeLay , seemingly, off the air

There was a whole lot more brown nosing that that. This was just the condensed version. But the best part came after Matthews told "The Hammer" that Hillary Clinton "didn't do well" in the Lutz poll (Surprise! Surprise!). DeLay's reaction was staggering:

"Nothing worse than a woman know-it-all,"

Good thing that Senator Barack Obama "didn't do well" in that poll (he hadn't yet been included in such GOP polls), otherwise, DeLay might have substituted the phrase "black man" for "woman". Matthews ignored the blatant shot at women and one has to wonder if he would have ignored such a shot at the African American community.

And if there were any question about Matthews and his quest for being included, this on air statement about President Bush says it all:

"But how can you say you don't trust a man who says 'I won't be able to win this war in my presidency. I'm leaving it up to other presidents'?"

Matthews is the single most consistent newsman in the business. he's consistently bad; consistently dishonest; and consistently a suck up. Never has there been a newsman who sold himself so cheaply than Matthews. he doesn't want money; he just wants to be invited to the party.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to (and in agreement with), "That's right Mr. and Mrs. American taxpayer, Shiites killing Shiites in Iraq is now all the rage. And guess what they're killing each other over. If you said "oil", you'd be correct!" Robert Scardapane writes:

Here's one that truly amazes me. The British have lost Basra! Yet, our media does not report it.

"U.S. Adviser Tells London Paper: Brits Have Lost Basra"
-An Associated Press Headline, Published: August 19, 2007

"LONDON An adviser to the U.S. military said British troops have lost control of the Iraqi city of Basra and face an "ugly" withdrawal in the coming months, a British newspaper reported."

Guess who is now in control of Basra? Moqtada Al Sadr! Yes indeed, he now has control over a major oil center right on the border with Saudi Arabia and Iran. So, what is Bush going to do about that? I doubt he will level Basra like he did with Fallujah as the city has oil resources.

Let's face it. The surge is a lie and a failure. There have been more casualties in July-August than in the prior three years. The United States can not control a country where we are the hated occupier. We had no business ever invading Iraq. It's time for us to leave.

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-Noah Greenber