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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Top Cop - Top Criminal?

Join the orange-clad gang, Mr. Rove. It's time to answer some questions or, like they say in Monopoly, "Go Directly to Jail" (like that's really going to happen). Rove is the next presidential aide asked to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions regarding the fairy tales told by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Rove, you will remember, is the one known as "Bush's Brain". I believe it's past time for a brain transplant.

To add insult to injury, FBI Director Robert Mueller, while testifying in front of the other House (the House of Representatives), told a different story than the one the Attorney General told just a day before to the Patrick Leahy's (DEMOCRAT-VT) Senate Judiciary Committee.

(Noting the Vice President's approval rating, I wonder if Senator Leahy could use Dick Cheney's "Go F--- Yourself" comment in re-election ads.)

"an NSA (National Security Agency) program that has been much discussed, yes."
-Mueller regarding his meeting with then Attorney General John Ashcroft in Ashcroft's hospital room

It should be noted that Ashcroft had a gall bladder operation performed just the day prior to the "visit" from Gonzales and then White House Chief of Staff (and former Chairman of PNAC - the Project for a New American Century - when they wrote, "we need a New Pearl Harbor") Andrew Card. Ashcroft, who relieved himself of his DoJ duties and left them to his deputy James Comey, like Comey, refused to allow endorse the administration's demand to run around the FISA law legally. Gonzales said he visited the former AG (Gonzales was the President's Counsel at the time) regarding "other intelligence activities".

Mueller confirmed Comey's earlier testimony which contradicted gonzales previously.

"The attorney general took an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Instead he tells the half truth, the partial truth and everything but the truth -- and he does it not once, not twice, but over and over and over again,"
-Senator Chuck Schumer (DEMOCRAT-NY)

Sounds more like "no-truths" to me. What do the Bushies call it? MIS-TRUTHS!

Along with the firings of eight federal prosecutors, and the ever-changing reasons for their firings, things aren't looking well for "Judge" Gonzales (as he likes to be called). In fact, it was White House front man Tony Snow who repeatedly said that the prosecutors weren't fired for political reasons, and that they were fired for "cause".; and then had to rescind that statement and admit that their firings were, indeed, for political reasons (see Jon Stewart's" The daily Show" for the clips).

The White House has a different take on the Gonzales matter, of course.

"Every day congressional Democrats prove that they're more interested in headlines than doing the business Americans want them to do. And Americans are now taking notice that this Congress, under Democratic leadership, is failing to tackle important issues."
-Tony Fratto, another White House Press guy

Isn't lying to Congress an important issue, Mr. Fratto? Just because it feels like "Business as Usual" for your bosses doesn't make it right.

Unfortunately, this administration is so corrupt and so anti-American (as they hide behind the Flag, 911 and an abortion issue )which they never even attempted to change, as they promised their religious right "fake-base") that there is little left to do by the Congress because THEY - this administration - are the ones muddying up the waters.

Just what could we be accomplishing now? How about national health care (REAL national health care, not the Bushies kind which will force the average American to save money they don't have today for health care coverage "in the future)? One might think that this would be a good subject for the Congress to tackle, but it can't because of this administration.

The majority Democrats in the senate are mulling over asking for a special prosecutor to investigate the AG. Their GOP counterparts are in no rush to do so. after all, it might not look good at re-election time. They'd rather scold the Attorney General for the cameras then offer him support when the time comes to make him pay. Isn't that right, Senator Specter?

According to CNN.com, Gonzales lies include:

-Testifying on February 6, 2006, that "there has not been any serious disagreement about the [no-warrant surveillance program]." However, he testified Tuesday that the purpose of a March 10, 2004, meeting between White House officials and congressional leaders -- referred to as the "Gang of Eight" -- was to inform lawmakers that Comey would not approve "a very important intelligence activity." That was when Comey was filling in for the hospitalized Ashcroft. Another official testified that the 2004 meeting was about the TSA. The senators called the contradiction in Gonzales' statements "deeply troubling."

-John Negroponte, then director of national intelligence, describing the "Gang of Eight" meeting as being about the surveillance program.

-And then on April 19, 2007, when discussing his role in the firings of the attorneys, Gonzales testified, "I haven't talked to witnesses because of the fact that I haven't wanted to interfere with this investigation." However, Monica Goodling, former counsel to Gonzales, testified that while she worked for him, she had an "uncomfortable" conversation with the attorney general "where he outlined his recollection of what happened" and asked her for her reaction.

In other words, lying to Congress and witness tampering. Mr. Gonzales must have missed that day in law school.

What amazes even the most casual observer of the Bush administration and its cabal of insiders is the way that so many will lie to protect the Bush White House. Make no mistake about it, these men and women are nothing less than traitors and deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law.

But maybe we ought to wait until January 20, 2009, when President Bush won't be able to pardon them anymore.

-Noah Greenberg

Meet the New Iraq - Same as the Old Iraq

Does anyone else see the irony? The Sunnis have, again, withdrawn from the governing coalition in Iraq. Among their grievances: the administration is holding people in jail without a trial. The Sunnis want a trial or a release. Seems rather basic to me, our own constitution says that people are entitled to a trial, and federal statute says 60 days for most of the accused. But, that’s not the way things are done in the United States under the current administration.

We are finally putting some people on trial who have been held incommunicado for several years. We have others who are accused, at least in the media, but against whom charges are never brought. And, then there are the hundreds held at Guantanamo and subjected to a proceeding that even participants representing the military describe as, “kangaroo.”

Our president says that we invaded Iraq, in part, to bring democracy to that country. But, who knew that it would be his form of democracy and not what is described by the constitution or by the various conventions on human rights. Sounds like part of the reason why we invaded may be working – some of the Iraqis understand that what their government is doing, in the guise of democracy is bringing just another form of the old Saddam ways of doing things. Isn’t it ironic that the folks in Iraq have a better sense of justice than does our leadership and its more than two centuries of life under the Bill of Rights.

-J. Green

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-Noah Greenberg