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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The AG, The NSA Spy Program and Lies

"He once again is making something up to protect himself,"
-Senator John D. Rockefeller IV (DEMOCRAT-WV)

Rockerfeller, of course, is speaking of none other than that "loyal Bushie" Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. The AG (or just AG) stated to a Senate Judiciary Committee that he had met with members of both the House and senate to discuss and come to a consensus about the ongoing violation of the FISA act. According to Gonzales, that "consensus" among these House and Senate leaders approved the continuation of the violation of the 1978 law. There's only one problem with AG's recollection of this 2004 meeting, however: He's the only one with it.

Both House Speaker (then minority leader) Nancy Pelosi (DEMOCRAT-CA) and Rockefeller said they were briefed but said that no consensus about continuing the spy program was reached. They stated that the legality of the program was never discussed as well. Still other legislators have no memory of even being there.

"I do not find your testimony credible, candidly. The committee's going to review your testimony very carefully to see if your credibility has been breached to the point of being actionable."
-Senator Arlen Specter (REPUBLICAN-PA), the former chairman of the Judiciary committee and its current ranking member

Specter, known for his initial bark, no bite and eventual face-licking, is right. At one point during his questioning of Gonzales, he just flat gave up realizing that getting a straight answer wasn't in the cards. But Committee Chairman, Senator Patrick Leahy (DEMOCRAT-VT), the guy Vice President Dick Cheney once told to "Go F---> yourself on the floor of the Senate, put it best:

"I don't trust you."

Indeed, as we move into the final year and a half of the Bush administration, nicknamed "The Administration of Diminished Responsibility," the number of those putting their trust in the likes of Gonzales is diminishing.

A March 10, 2004 meeting in which then-White House Counsel Gonzales, along with then White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card paid a visit to the hospital bedside of AG's predecessor, John Ashcroft, to do a run-around and get his approval for the FISA violations. At the time, the acting AG, deputy James Comey, had already refused to back the program. Ashcroft, not as much a loyal Bushie as the current crop, likewise refused. Much of the Senate session revolved around this meeting.

On the supposed "It's OK to spy on Americans" meeting, Gonzales said the bi-partisan "Band of Eight" legislatures gave him the go ahead to keep the program going, even though Comey said and emphatic "No".

"Mr. Comey had informed us that he would not approve the continuation of a very important intelligence activity, despite the fact the department had repeatedly approved those activities over a period of over two years. The consensus in the room from the congressional leadership is that we should continue the activities, at least for now. . . . We felt it important that the attorney general knew about the views and the recommendations of the congressional leadership."

Wrong again, AG.

Just to get the lies straight, Alberto Gonzales says that he gained approval from Congress to break the law, although none in Congress remembers giving him that approval; he then went to the acting Attorney, Mr. Comey, to get further approval, didn't get it, but felt he didn't need it because Comey was just an underling; and then ended up waking up a pained AG Ashcroft from his hospital bed sleep and still felt that the spy program was okay.

Comey, for his part, upon finding out that Card and Gonzales were going to "visit" the sick Ashcroft, rushed to the hospital as well to "head them off at the pass." The Deputy AG felt that the pair of Bushies might try "to take advantage of a very sick man."

I'm "quite certain that at no time did we encourage the AG or anyone else to take such actions. This appears to be another attempt to rewrite history."
-Former Senator Tom Daschle (DEMOCRAT-SD), a member of "The Gang of Eight"

In response to Gonzales' promise to stay on as AG and "fix things", Sen. Specter said it best:

"Mr. Attorney General, do you expect us to believe that?"

That one question could have applied to the AG's full testimony.

-Noah Greenberg

In response to "The Big Three" US automakers and health care for their retirees, Lew Warden scolds:

You gotta be kidding! All three US auto companies are in deep financial trouble. The Japanese and Germans have really kicked the stuffings out of them. You may say “they deserved it” but that doesn’t do the auto workers any goodl

The best answer to the workers’ problems is to strive for a medical care solution such as a modified universal Medicare system that cuts out the middle-men insurance companies, sets up a more efficient system to watch-dog the medical providers for padding their bills and milking the system, and allows the program to negotiate drug contracts directly with the drug companies, like Canada does.

Another fix would be to encourage clinic annexes to private hospitals like was recently set up by a local Catholic Hospital. I had occasion to use it. Very elegant service; no customers. This may well prove to be just about the only plus factor resulting from the illegal immigrant invasion. Of course these people are accustomed to going to their ‘clinicos” in Mexico, where medical care, although primitive, at least is provided at no cost and is better than nothing, which is what all too many of our people get now. So of course they see no problema in going to our hospital emergency wards and totally ignore the huge bills they get for services rendered.

Now if you idiot Democrats would work along those lines, you might yet provide a useful public service.

A vastly simplified federal tax system, such as I have proposed before, would also yield much more federal revenue at a vastly reduced cost to the average American, and if prudently managed could put an end to this ridiculous borrowing by governments at all levels.

But again, I expect you Dems are too committed to Big Government ideology to consider practical solutions. Or perhaps the problem is that your elected representatives, just as are the Republicans’ like the huge contributions they collect from Big Business. Bought and paid for, I doubt if we can expect any changes from that army of elected blood suckers.

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-Noah Greenberg