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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


No Madman Tomorrow. Happy Birthday America!


Sharing a Bit of Tony Snow on the Libby Matter
(from Snow's White House Press Briefing)

Q: Why didn't he consult with his own Justice Department?

SNOW: Well, a couple of things. First, quite often when you're dealing with sentences of this sort, they also have to deal with, as you point out, sentences that are ongoing or sometimes cases that have gotten a bit stale and people are trying to refresh their memories about the particulars of the case. The same would be true of the prosecutor, because they're quite often consulted for the same reason. Here you have a case that's still ongoing in the court system. It's not like people's memories are fuzzy about the details or the circumstances. The Attorney General, himself, was recused, as you know, in this case.

But the answer, Ed, is that it is certainly -- in some cases, people do such consultations. In this case -- and they do it for the reasons I've just cited. These tend to be, can you go back and fill me in on what happened in that case. If you take a look at the rash of pardons and commutations at the end of the Clinton era, a lot of that was people running around trying to find paperwork to figure out what the facts were.

MADMAN TRANSLATION: people's minds can get "fuzzy" even though they probably aren't "fuzzy" here. When Bill Clinton commuted some sentences, many of his people's minds were "fuzzy", so we wanted to make sure that there was no "fuzziness" to stand in the way of what some might consider to be - well - "fussy".

And, by the way, Alberto Gonzales couldn't be asked about any of this because he's in it up to his eyeballs. And you certainly can't count on anyone else in the Justice Department for their opinion because we don't know what that opinion is before they give it.

Got it?

-Noah Greenberg

Beware the Boogeyman

Just what do we do when the Boogeyman is real? The Brits, after the unsuccessful explosion of a jeep and its gas canisters at Glasgow's airport this weekend, have told us all that the men who have been arrested and who are being sought after are a part of al-Qaeda. The CBS morning news today said they were part of al-Qaeda in Iraq. When asked, British officials who weren't authorized to speak but did so, no doubt on "condition of anonymity", were eager to tell everyone that while these suspects and actual perpetrators were part of al-Qaeda they wouldn't tell us how they knew.

And just why would they tell us how? After all, al-Qaeda being the new Boogeyman makes it possible to blame everything on them whether these misbegotten rogues were a part of the terrorist group or not. It gives new Prime Minister Gordon Brown the same weapon which his predecessor Tony Blair and President Bush have used so well since the bombings of September 11, 2001: A weapon of mass distraction to focus our attention on.

And President Bush, of course, has to love this kind of stuff. After all, it gives him the ability to turn around and tell us we still have to be afraid every second of every day and that the only thing keeping us alive is his diligence.

“It just goes to show the war on these extremists goes on. You never know where they might strike.”
-President Bush from Kennebunkport where he is, no doubt, looking into Russian President Vladimir Putin's soul again

Be afraid... Be very afraid.

I found it funny (as in ironic) that a local CBS (New York) broadcast would mention in an "oh, by the way" manner that the would-be bombers of Scotland's biggest airport were a part of al-Qaeda in Iraq, however. Surely if there was no mention of their origin in the New York Time's article from "anonymous sources", then just how would they know? Maybe they've got their own sources. Someone get Dick Cheney in the line. he'll get the truth out of them!

Two of the detainees who have been - well - detained are doctors, The two men in the Jeep were of South Asian descent. One of the doctors is Kurdish-Iranian and although no one said that he was a Shia, one has to assume so. Those who consider themselves Kurd-Iranian were forced out of Iraq's Kurdish territory and are now located in Iran. Iraq's Kurdish territory shares a large border with Iran. One wonders how the Brits came to the conclusion that a Kurd-Iranian is a part of al-Qaeda which is populated with Sunnis.

But we here in America have less to fear with the Bushies on guard. Even as President Bush hangs out with his "soul-mate", President Putin, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is on the job and making the rounds on the morning talk shows.

HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY MICHAEL CHERTOFF: We are safe, but we are safe because we continue to pay attention.

Who could ask for anything more. Is it me or does anyone else find the fact that Secretary Chertoff needs to mention that the Bush administration is "paying attention". After all of their inattentiveness and apathy which we all viewed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and their ignoring the PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) which was titled "Osama bin-Laden Determined to strike in the US", it's good to know that they are, finally, paying attention. Perhaps if they were paying attention all this while we might have caught bin-Laden in Tora-Bora when they had the chance right after 911. As was reported, one of the CIA paramilitary personnel on the ground in the mountains of Afghanistan, as he watched a plane take off said, "There he goes," in reference to the al-Qaeda leader.

At the same time that this Jeep crashed into the Glasgow airport, other cars loaded with explosives were found in London's Heathrow Airport's parking lot. At least one car was exploded in a controlled manner. The police have said that these attacks were coordinated.

“Irrespective of Afghanistan, irrespective of what is happening in different parts of the world, we have an international organization trying to inflict the maximum damage on civilian life in pursuit of a terrorist cause that is totally unacceptable to most people,”
-Prime Minister Brown’s newly appointed counterterrorism adviser, Sir John Stevens

Be afraid of al-Qaeda. Tell your children to look under their beds for terrorists. Live in fear and vote for who we tell you to. Remember, if you don't do, and vote exactly as we say, the terrorists win. When our, and our allies leaders, use their power of the pulpit to control our fear level, they are allowing the terrorists that victory which they seek.

Keep 'em scared to keep 'em controlled. Brilliant!

-Noah Greenberg

Straight-Talk Express Derailed

John McCain lined up his campaign staff and said, "Anyone who works for me, take a step forward." He then looked at about a dozen or so staffers and said, "Not so fast, you guys."

Pardon the pun, but the former Vietnam war era pilot and POW's campaign seems to be crashing and burning right before our eyes. Perhaps his time was eight years ago and he simply let it slip between his fingers. Perhaps the "Maverick" has been tamed by a brow-beating and corrupt GOP that almost no one can identify with any longer. Perhaps he just isn't relevant any longer.

While Barack Obama was able to raise in excess of $30 million from a quarter million contributors this past quarter, McCain raised a paltry $11.2 million, even less than the $13 million his campaign raised in the prior three months.


And it's more than his defeated (for now) immigration bill that has done the Arizona Senator in. McCain suffers from "Flip-Flop-itis", a disease which has infested the GOP top contenders camps. including Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. Those who might have voted for him are seeking another candidate and they have found them.

McCain's acts on the campaign trail have been suspect as well. We've seen some real troubling acts performed by "The Maverick" including:
-Walking through a Baghdad market with a couple dozen military guards and an attack helicopter overhead stating how safe he feels. The American people were not being told the "good news" about the war in Iraq.
-and singing "Bomb-bomb-bomb. bomb-bomb-Iran.

Let's face facts here... McCain seems to have lost whatever he previously had which made him the darling of moderates and disenfranchised voters throughout the nation. McCain decided to hitch his wagon to the George W. Bush "Surge-Wagon" and he, like the President, just can't seem to let it go.

It's just about over senator McCain. Firing your campaign staff isn't going to change that.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg