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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Today's Note From a Madman

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


President Bloomberg?

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire New York City Mayor has dropped the "REPUBLICAN" from the parenthesis which followed his name and is now "unaffiliated". Both the Democrats and the Republican higher-ups are getting out their political calculators to see what it means to their chances come November 2008.

Bloomberg, with a net worth of some $5.5 billion, can finance his own campaign much in the same way he had in his winning bid to become the Big Apple's mayor. Come to think of it, he could probably finance everybody's campaign.

The GOP are going to claim this move as the prelude to a White House run that benefits them. In other words, as the president and his cronies like to say, they're going to chalk this one up in the "win" column. Let's face it, they haven't had a whole lot of "W's" lately. Remember that Bloomberg was a Democrat before he was a Republican, which was before he was "unaffiliated". It's very possible that if he chooses to run, he might hurt the Democrats.

But the Republicans shouldn't get too cocky. It's as likely that those who are so disgusted in with the GOP that they won't come out to vote might actually vote - for Bloomberg.

In order for Bloomberg to have a shot at becoming president, he would have to not only woo those who classify themselves as "independents", he would also have to convert some of the loose faithful of one, the other, or both parties. The question is can he get more than the 19 percent which another billionaire, H. Ross Perot, managed to acquire. Money does talk, but...

And let's also remember that many more of those who classify themselves as "independents" are more than likely to be of the non-voting variety.

If this coming presidential election wasn't interesting enough, just wait and see what might happen if Mike Bloomberg throws his gold studded hat in the ring.

-Noah Greenberg

Shutting That Barn Door

Bush, Olmert to discuss Palestinians
-an Associated Press Headline

Now, is it just me or, with Hamas having taken over the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah in charge in Lebanon, is the rhetoric offered by President Bush just a little to, or way too late? The Roadmap to Peace is beginning to look a lot like the Donner Path.

Bush says he is going to remove the economic and political embargo placed upon the Palestinians in hopes of improving the chances of peace. And as all of this was going on, the ousted President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas was wagging his finger from the other side of Israel in the West Bank.

Removing the sanctions is probably a good idea, as it was before Fatah lost their majority to the terrorist group Hamas, who apparently is being financed Iran and Syria.

Hey... Aren't those the guys who we call "The Bad Guys?"

"It's a day late and a $100 million short. If we were delivering goods to Abu Mazen (Abbass) and making him the Muslim Santa Claus in the Arab world so we was giving out the goodies, instead of Hamas, they wouldn't have lost the last election. And Hamas would have withered in the desert."
-Rep. Gary Ackerman (DEMOCRAT-NY)

And there was a Condi Rice sighting. Hers' and the Bushies plan is to throw money at the problem. Somewhere around $126 million will be spent attempting to buy the love of the Palestinian people. Two thirds of that money is earmarked to go to Abbass' ousted government.

"We are not going to countenance that somehow ... the Palestinians are divisible. We're not going to abandon the Palestinians who are living in Gaza."

Somehow? Does the Secretary of State, the number one diplomat in our nation and the former National Security Council head want us to believe that she and the rest of the Bushies just didn't see this coming? How is it possible that anything and everything bad which comes about is a complete surprise to these people?

Think back and try to remember the Bushies' statements about 911 for a moment.

"We would have moved heaven and earth to try to stop it,"
-Rice referring to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001

Rice stood by that statement even after it was learned that she was privy to the PDB (President's Daily Briefing) titled "Osama determined to strike in the US."

It's past the time for this administration to realize that OUR brand of democracy doesn't necessarily work in every situation. Take a look at Iraq, for instance. There can no longer be any doubt that Democracy wasn't the answer to all that ills it.

Hamas is in charge in the Gaza Strip; Hezbollah is running the Southern part of Lebanon; and the West Bank is now up for grabs. Nice job Georgie-Boy.

-Noah Greenberg

Troops' One-Month Breaks Blocked


US commanders in Iraq are rejecting a recommendation by Army mental health experts that troops receive a one-month break for every three months in a combat zone, despite unprecedented levels of continuous fighting and worsening risks of mental stress. Instead, commanders are trying to give troops two to three days inside heavily fortified bases after about eight days in the field, said Brigadier General Joseph Anderson, chief aide to the ground forces commander in Iraq, Lieutenant General Raymond Odierno.

They just don't CARE about our troops, do they? The Chickenhawks in Washington see them as nothing but pawns on a chessboard & cannon fodder, and the generals & admirals (who sit back in their safe fortresses or aboard ship) are bad leaders. Stupidity doesn't excuse it.

-Jenny Hanniver

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-Noah Greenberg