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Today's Note From a Madman

Friday-Sunday, June 1-3, 2007


Fuzzy Math

How is it possible that 157,000 jobs could be created while, at the same time, the national unemployment rate remained at 4.5 percent. Now I may have left my calculator in the bottom kitchen drawer, but one has to assume that if more jobs were created, there would be less unemployed.

The easy answer is that we increase our population about that amount each and every month, so it would make sense that an increase of 157,000 jobs in one month would keep things at the "Status Quo" level. However, that would actually be an optimistic view.

Just examining these two numbers, in a nation which offers its 300 million person-plus population less than 110 million jobs, one would think the "job growth" which the Bushies talk about so often would have left a near zero percent unemployment. Obviously this isn't the case. As a matter of fact, the economy relies on having more people looking for jobs than jobs themselves. Keeping it an "employer's market" keeps wages low and competition high. Personally, I would just like to see every American who wants a job to have a job. I guess I'm just a dumb kid from Brooklyn, NY, but it seems to me that if everyone had a good job we wouldn't need things like public assistance (except for the very ill, of course) and the economy would have millions of additional consumers.

Hey, looking at it like that, if we had a Single Payer Universal health care system here in the US, one in which every American was covered, we wouldn't need the giant health care bureaucracy which records record profits for Bush "base" of "haves and have mores". But that's another story.

Keeping on the "apples-to-apples" comparison which I like to do, I decided to skim my way through the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's where all of this stuff about jobs and job creation comes from. The "latest Numbers" section shows not only the changes (or non-changes) which I mentioned above, but also an increase of 0.4 percent in the CPI (the consumer Price Index, a.k.a. inflation) and an increase of just 0.06 percent in the Average Hourly Earnings of us wage-earners. To put that in terms which we all might understand, during the month of May, 2007, inflation rose almost 700 percentage points more our average wage. At the same time that this was all going on, working workers increased their productivity a whopping 1.7 percent.

To put it all in perspective, we're working harder and paying even more for the products we produce and the services we perform. Although real wage data from April to May, 2007 isn't yet available, it should be noted that our money was worth 0.5 percent less from March to April, 2007. Why, this doesn't sound good at all, now does it?

The number of recorded unemployed Americans (those without jobs which the Bushies actually count) has risen from 6.801 million Americans to 6.819 million Americans (http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.t01.htm). At that same time, the BLS tells us that the number of unemployed, but not counted, Americans who want a job has swelled from 4.773 million to 4.928 million Americans. They aren't included in the unemployment stats. How can an increase of three percent of those wanting jobs not be taken into account by the unemployment statistics? I think they call that "fuzzy math".

More "fuzzy math" shows us what President Bush and his band of cronies can do with the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics' numbers. Many of us will remember that when Bush's father, George H.W. Bush(41) left office in 1992, he left his successor Bill Clinton a 7.5 unemployment rate. Under Clinton's watch, that rate fell rapidly and stayed that way until Bush(43) came into the picture in 2001. However, in 1992 under Bush(41), a greater percentage of Americans actually held jobs. The BLS tells us that in May, 1992, 66.4 percent of non-institutionalized Americans actually had jobs. Today, under Bush(43), that number is an abysmal 54.8 percent. Bill Clinton left George W. Bush a rate of 66.8 percent rate. In May, 2000, Bill Clinton's last may in office, 67 percent of all non-institutionalized Americans had jobs.

Additionally, we should also note that this increase in the job created number from April to May of 2007 has followed an even greater decrease of jobs lost from March to April, 2007. During that time frame our nation LOST 392,000 jobs. Funny how we didn't get any press conferences by President Bush to sell that to us. The 157,000 job increase which people like Maria Bartelomo are praising on her Sunday Morning Wall Street Journal report didn't come with the caveat that this was less than half of what was lost during the previous month. (http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm)

Where did the job gains come from? Fourteen percent of these "new jobs" were created by our government. Of the 157,000 jobs created in May, 22,000 of them were created by our ever-expanding government. We, the people of the United States, are now shelling our even more of our tax dollars to keep the Bush administration in business. We must be stupid!

I guess the GOP is no longer the party of small government.

While the government was giving our tax dollars away, the private sector was merely treading water. Increases in leisure industry jobs, which always occur at the beginning of Summer, were greatly offset by a proposed decrease of production jobs where some 19,000 were lost. I can't wait to see what the adjusted numbers will look like - they're always worse. In total, the private sector jobs which President bush always talks about being necessary for a stronger economy, only rose by 0.1 percent. It seems poor consolation after their huge decrease the following month.

So the next time you hear President Bush or any of the other Bushies tout their job creation powers, remember that their calculator's number are worn out and their eyeglass prescription is out of date. That would account for the "fuzzy math".


-Noah Greenberg

In response to, "My reaction to the latest supplemental bill ran the gamut of emotions from disgust to resignation that there is no bargaining with an insane President. The GOP uses the troops as pawns in the corrupt Iraq occupation. They hide behind a thinly veiled threat that if the Democrats cut the funds, the President will make the troops suffer rather than bringing them home," David W. writes:

Too bad the current crop of Dems lack the sac, to say nothing of the skill that Clinton had when he jui jitso'd the GOP back in his first term. You remember the National Budget bill the GOP deadlocked on? Clinton let them bring the government to the point where National Parks were closing and, more importantly... Social Security checks weren't getting mailed. THAT woke up a lot of the Reichwing's more ignorant supporters who loathed the "gummint" right up until they found out just how much the "gummint" was actually doing for them.

I would love to see what someone like Carville or Howard Dean, Bill Maher would be able to do with a sound clip of Bush making the troops suffer rather than bringing them home. Of course, just like Clinton's maneuver it might just wake up that 24% who still love Der Monkey that it's Bush who's making the troops suffer.

In response to, "The kidnapping of an allied contractor and his bodyguards by either rogues dressed as Iraqi soldiers or Iraqi soldiers dressed as Iraqi soldiers should be that cold slap in the face we have been looking for. We've turned enough cheeks already and I'm not prepared to pull down my pants," Rhian writes:

Geez. I can hear General George Patton fuming from the afterlife, in my sleep.
I don't know how men can get all the way through military training, become officers, become commanding officers, become Marines, become special ops, become trained killers, etc., and still act like they are in diapers with mental retardation, when it comes to Iraqis.

What happened to 'Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out' Marine motto of the 1980's.

Somebody please slap Bush up the side of his head, as well as Petraeus and whoever else is muddling around over there. While we are slapping, lets slap Rice, who is personally responsible for most of the mess called Iraq, doing the best she knows how, in the absence of brain cells in the collective heads of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld (who is supposedly gone but is not really gone, as long as Bush daddy is alive)

I know I'm having a very frustrated rant here, but geeeeeeeeeeezzz, why the hell is a this woman, who has never had any experience at anything other than being a student and buying designer shoes, making decisions at the federal level of government in DC??????

About war?????????

We had to get the most stupid, most inexperienced, most callous, oldest virginal, piano playing, professional student to make decisions she knows nothing about, while our families die.

I do hereby volunteer to run the war in Iraq. I have many skills and qualifications that Condoleezza Rice does not have. I guarantee it will be over in two weeks.

There are days, when I am so pissed about Iraq, and Iraqis, and the people who disappear from our communities into Iraq, who die, that I actually start trying to figure out which key leaders in the world should die, for it to stop.

I start wondering why the mafia is not ordering hits on those key leaders for revenge because surely some of their kids have to be dying. I start wondering why the high powered attorneys are not filing massively big class action suits against the personal fortunes of Bush/Cheney/Rove/Rice/Rumsfeld/ and everyone else who is a driving force of the US occupation of Iraq.

What I'll do tonight, when I hear General George Patton, restless again from heaven, at the news out of Iraq, is invite him to rip some Iraq supporting, Iraq occupation decider persons some new assholes in their dreams.

Mmmmm what else.
Burning effigies could be fun.

Perhaps a prayer that military commanders and troops will get some cahones, some heuvos, some brain cells out of refrigeration, would be in order.

God help the fools.
Occupations never work. Never. The French created a successful underground against the Germans during WWII if that tells you anything.
Never arm the occupied, if you've been stupid enough to occupy. Geez.
Never piss into the wind, or onto an electric fence.
Never race to the bottom of the stupid pile, especially in uniform, in a foreign country, in war.
Never let anyone you love, sign on the dotted line for military service.
Never let anyone drive drunk.

I dare anyone to forward this to Command.

And in response to, "Hey ladies, I have a question. What has the Bush administration done for you?" Rhian writes:


They have failed to secure the border, allowing illegals to flood the construction industry, where I used to make a living wage as an electrician, and now cannot.

They blew up the twin towers on 9/11, while I was in New York, making further employment there impossible for long enough so that I could not get back.

They deployed my fiance, in October of 2001 to Afghanistan, put him on stop loss in December of the same year, and ordered leave to classified locations only.

They redeployed my fiance, in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and he is now in Iraq, and has been ordered to cease and desist from all internet use for communication with friends and family by the Department of Defense.

They have kept my fiance deployed for so long, that I can no longer have the baby I wanted in a stable marriage.

They have erased tax breaks till I am actually having to pay taxes, as a single mom with two dependents.

They have erased medical benefits from my employment.

They have ignored EEOC regulations during the entire course of their hold on the White House, making employment in non-traditional markets much harder.

They have, through the federal reserve, manipulated the housing market, making home ownership impossible for me.

They have, as the Indian Heath Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, refused to pay medical for my daughters who are half Native American. They will have to be forced by attorneys, even though it is a federal law that IHS will pay for medical of people on the rolls of tribal membership.

They have, in outing Valerie Plame, destroyed oil business contracts with her front company, causing the price of gas in the US to rise from 1.79 per gallon to over 3.00 per gallon, which impacts severely a single mom with two dependents, who is working full time, at devalued wages, due to illegals who have flooded the job market.

They have stripped every dream, hope for the future, and every bit of fun out of my life.
My life is basically a war against their policies, for procurement of a reasonable lifestyle for myself and my two daughters, as well as a war of words to educate as many of the masses as possible about the destructive effects their policies are having on the United States of America, it's infrastructure, and We The People.

I wage a war for privacy, for food procurement and production that is safe (not from China)
(not from e-coli infested plants where illegals are employed)
I wage a war for some semblance of security in our rented home.

I spend every minute of every day at work, watching out for behavior on the part of illegals (Hispanic) that could result in personal injury and/or death for me, due to the failure of the Bush administration to secure the border.

The Bush administration made itself my enemy in October of 2001.
I have become a warrior in waiting, to defend the Constitution against it's domestic enemies, who plan to establish the North American Union, superhighway, erase sovereign borders and existing US law.

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-Noah Greenberg