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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


How to Make a Generational War

This is the truth today: Al-Qaeda is in Iraq. Of that there can be no doubt. Our deposing of Saddam Hussein, combined with every wrong-headed, stupid and belligerent act we performed since, has made it easy for al-Qaeda to be a force in Iraq, not to mention starting a sectarian civil war.

Yesterday, in the Diyala province, an area outside of Baghdad and the "improvements" focused on by the Bushies, nine US soldiers were killed and 20 were wounded by a suicide car bomber. The significance of this attack is striking. Since the Bush "surge", a marginal improvement in killings has taken place in Baghdad while other areas of the war-torn nation are seeing much increased violence. And that violence is aimed at our troops.

Talk about "emboldening the enemy", as the Bushies always state of anyone who disagrees with them, just what do they think is REALLY happening outside of the Iraqi capital? There was no al-Qaeda in Iraq before we allowed them a foothold there. When President Bush states that Iraq is a training ground for terrorists, he is right. Unfortunately, it is his administration and their flubs and errors which put them there.

The Diyala attack is the worst since December 2005 when ten marines were killed and eleven wounded near Fallujah. Those troops were on patrol Yesterday's troops were on their base.

Yes, the enemy certainly is "emboldened", President Bush.

As the President and all of his men keep up their efforts to sell their war to the American people, more and more of us aren't buying. Their efforts to exploit the "friendly-fire" death of Pat Tillman and exaggerate the feats of a captured Jessica Lynch have done nothing more than insult our troops and our citizens.

And yet, they still do it, even at the highest level. And that includes Dick Cheney.

So today, as presidential candidate without a prayer, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (DEMOCRAT-OH) brings forth articles to begin impeachment of Cheney, perhaps we should listen to what he has to say; perhaps we should take him seriously.

Maybe this is the first real shot across the bow of the Bush administration's "privateer" ship, The Neo-Con.

It would be nice to see the main stream media treat such articles as something other than Kucinich going it alone. Although he has often done just that, he should have great company today. Perhaps it would have been better to begin with the impeachment of Alberto Gonzales. after all, with a memory as poor as his there can be no doubt that he should be replaced. Unfortunately, if he were removed from office, he would probably show up the next day to work and simply say, "I don't remember being impeached."

Additionally, someone has to pay for the deletion of some five million emails from the Republican National Committee mail server, its archives and backups. Surely if I didn't obey the law and were taken to task for it by not archiving my email, the price to be paid by the GOP should be all the greater.

Those who lie need to go. Those who lie about war and defending our country need to go sooner.

-Noah Greenberg

Bush's Micromanaging

I hear President Bush saying that it would be tragedy - nay - a catastrophe if Congress were to micro-manage the war. Gee... I wonder who has been micromanaging the war so far; and whether the standard of excellence they set cannot, in fact, be easily reached by Congress, indeed by anyone who is willing to tell the truth. My guess is that, if the war had been allowed to be properly managed by the MILITARY, as it should have been from the beginning, it would be over by now. Instead, the White House chose to micromanage the war and the result, as they say, is history. Could anyone really do a worse job of micromanaging the war than this administration?


Watch This

Bill Moyers has put together an amazing 90-minute video documenting the lies that the Bush administration told to sell the Iraq War to the American public, with a special focus on how the media led the charge. I've watched an advance copy and read a transcript, and the most important thing I can say about it is: Watch PBS from 9 to 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25. Spending that 90 minutes on this will actually save you time, because you'll never watch television news again not even on PBS, which comes in for its share of criticism.

-Chris Tennant

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-Noah Greenberg