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Thursday, April 5, 2007


Pelosi Takes a Trip

One wonders why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DEMOCRAT-CA), went to Israel, Syria and is now in Saudi Arabia. Let me put it as succinctly as I can: Someone has to. For all of their bitchin' and a-whinin' about "winning the hearts and minds" of those who live in the most dangerous place on the planet, President bush, VP Dick Cheney and the rest of the Bushies have basically shunned the obvious: Speaking with all factions in the middle east is the only way to begin a real peace process. Instead, the Bushies would rather use photo-ops and Neo-con blogs for to blast Mrs. Pelosi in word and pictures.

Look for this picture and caption to come soon:
-The Picture - Pelosi meets with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz
-The Caption - "Pelosi meets with Arab terrorists"

You see, King Abdullah robes and a wears a headdress while Syrian President Bashar Assad and Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem don the more western suits and ties.

By the way, it should be noted that prior to traveling to Syria, Pelosi met with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and convinced him to begin negotiations with Assad and Syria to begin the end of the killings. If you believe, as President Bush states (and this I do believe) that Syria is a supporter (and possibly the main supporter) of Hezbollah and Hamas, then wouldn't you also have to believe that their support could work the other way, towards peace, as well? President Bush would never know because he refuses to use Diplomacy as a weapon.

And don't think that it went unnoticed that Syria was helping to get the British sailors released from Iran just as Ms. Pelosi arrived as a "high-ranking American official".

"Unfortunately that road is lined with the victims of Hamas and Hezbollah, the victims of terrorists who cross from Syria into Iraq. It's unfortunate that she took this unilateral trip which we only see as counterproductive,"
-Gordon Johndroe, a National Security Council spokesman

Well if attempting to negotiate peace isn't the answer, then just what is the Bush administration's plan, Mr. Johndroe? Maybe the Bushies are negotiating behind the scenes, but I doubt anyone believes that. This has been the administration of "take no prisoners" and "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" Choices such as John Bolton, who couldn't even get through a Republican-controlled Senate, have proven the point that the Bushies only want peace by force. And they don't seem to care how many American children have to spill their blood to get it.

Syria "been isolated and cut off because of his bad behavior and the unfortunate thing about the speaker's visit is it sort of breaks down that barrier. It means without him having done any of those things he should do in order to be acceptable, if you will, from an international standpoint, he gets a visit from a high-ranking American anyway,"

Assuming that a mere four years ago, the Bushies, including Cheney, knew about Syria's involvement with Hezbollah and Hamas, then why did they send then Secretary of State, Colin Powell, to Damascus themselves?

The Iraq Study Group, led by former GOP big-wig Howard Baker (the guy who was instrumental in getting Bush elected in the first place), has even urged this administration to begin speaking with Syria and Iran now. Negotiating a peace will last longer than forcing a peace. All one has to do is sneak-a-peek at Iraq to prove that point.

"The administration has rejected the bipartisan recommendations of the Iraq Study Group to engage Syria and instead continues to engage in a war of words with Republicans and Democrats on this issue,"
-Pelosi spokesman Nadeam Elshami

When the Bushies look at solutions, diplomacy, negotiations and even the subjective advice of friends and allies mean little to nothing. Appearances, photo-ops, cheap shots and power over those who will be influenced are all that matters.

-Noah Greenberg


An independent federal watchdog agency is investigating whether the firing of former U.S. attorney David Iglesias violated a federal law that prohibits job discrimination against members of the U.S. military. To justify his dismissal, Justice officials accused Iglesias of being an “‘absentee landlord‘ who was spending too much time away from the office.” But as TPMmuckraker notes, “Iglesias did, in fact, leave the office for 45 days each year. But that’s because he’s a captain in the Navy Reserve— something that was no secret to his superiors.” April 4, 2007

-submitted by Victoria Brownworth with thanks to talkingpointsmemo.com

In response to, "I love this picture of Pelosi and crew confronting the pseudo el supremo image. As a kid I couldn’t stop laughing when in the original Wizard of Oz
the curtain was pulled down to expose the smoke and mirrors of the >all
powerful Oz.
"It’s the same with Bush administration. All the lies and corruption are being exposed as the house of cards come down,"
by Bruno Corry, Eddie Konczal writes:

Bruno's characterization is particularly apt. The Wizard of Oz has been considered by economic scholars as an allegory for late 19th Century Monetary policy. In this scenario, "The Wizard" is President McKinley while the man behind the curtain was McKinley's strategist, Mark Hanna - the Karl Rove of the Day. Karl Rove has expressed admiration for McKinley and Hanna, completing the circle of Noah and Bruno's parody.

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-Noah Greenberg