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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


It's Called DIPLOMACY, Mr. Bush

Maybe someone read my "Iran: Just what are they thinking?" article of last week. Maybe the Iranians took out their GPS and said, "Son of a gun! They weren't in our waters after all!" But what ever the reason, the fifteen British sailors have been released as "guests" of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Personally, I think that the president Ahmadinejad had them kidnapped to remember the good old days when he was (allegedly, of course) a member of the "students" who held hostage American marines and diplomats from 1979 through 1980.

"To the Iranian people, I would simply say this: We bear you no ill will."
-British Primer Minister Tony Blair

Nice of him to put it that way, but I can't help thinking what might have been had these sailors been American. You see, Blair has done something that our president is seemingly incapable of: he negotiated with the other side. it's called diplomacy.

That's D-I-P-L-O-M-A-C-Y, just in case someone in the White House reads this and needs to look it up.

One wonders why the soldiers were released so fast? after all, with falling crude oil prices, it was the only thing keeping gas high enough to buy Exxon Mobil's stock holders an extra yacht and place in the Hamptons this summer season.

Whoops! Tehre goes Bush's trickle-down economy again!

"On the occasion of the birthday of the great prophet (Muhammad) ... and for the occasion of the passing of Christ, I say the Islamic Republic government and the Iranian people — with all powers and legal right to put the soldiers on trial — forgave those 15,"
"This pardon is a gift to the British people,"

Whatever floats your boat, Mr. President. Call it "forgiveness" or a gesture of friendship. As long as these fifteen sailors are back, safe and sound, I'm sure their families will take it.

The rumor which Syria, the newest member of Bush's "Axis of Evil", is telling anyone who will listen is that they had a big part on the negotiations to release the Brits.

"Syria exercised a sort of quiet diplomacy to solve this problem and encourage dialogue between the two parties,"
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem

If true, it should teach President Bush a lesson that talking with those who don't agree with you, even if you do classify them as your enemy, is an idea whose time has come. But trying to teach a lesson to someone who has never admitted being wrong, or even making a mistake, is a hard thing to do. Even now, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (DEMOCRAT-CA) attempts to create a dialogue between the Israelis and the Syrians, President Bush still doesn't get it, just stopping short of calling Mrs. Pelosi a traitor. Perhaps the president should explain why he didn't say something about the Republican Congressional member accompanying her, or the delegation of Republicans who went there last month.

President Bush could learn something about governing, if he so chose. He could surround himself with those who have the best interests of this nation, and the world in general, at heart, as well. Instead, the President would rather have his small gaggle of cronies (it's too small to be a herd) who make sure that they, and their "base" of "haves and have mores" get theirs at the expense of the rest of us.

The dwindling middle class, and the gathering poorer classes would like to be heard! Can we have a conference with King (or is it "Dictator") George?

-Noah Greenberg

An open letter to Secretary of Commerce of the United States of America, Carlos Guiterrez

I just wanted you to know that your efforts to eradicate the sovereign nation of the United States of America, in favor of a North American Union are going to be met with the stiffest resistance since the United States was founded and threw off the yoke of the British, and could result in near total anarchy, bringing 'business' to a halt.

Here is something foreigners, particularly Hispanic foreigners do not understand about the US.
I think it has something to do with their language and it's barriers to American culture.

The economic infrastructure of the United States is a powerhouse.
That infrastructure is a system that was developed under the Constitution.
If you remove the Constitution, the business infrastructure will fail, because it is the protection of the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, for The People, that makes business successful in the United States, as nowhere else in the world.

You might believe you sit in an eagle's eyrie and therefore know, better than this, but I can guarantee you do not.

The American People will shut down the stock market within a week, should you attempt to yank the Constitution and eradicate the sovereign United States. This is not a plot, this is a prediction of fact, based on cause and effect.

The lion of America, lies not in DC. It lies in the hands of We The People. We have not roared yet. If you force this roar, you and your peers, who are employees of The People, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Rove, Chertoff, all of you who are employees, will rue that day forever.

-Rhian, American Patriot

In response to, "And could there be a more perfect Cardinal Wolsey than Sam Neill?" Eddie Konczal writes:

Hmm, considering Orson Welles played Cardinal Wolsey in the classic 1966 Oscar-winning "A Man for All Seasons," I would answer yes!

And in response to, "The Tudors make the buffoons in the Bush Administration look like, well, buffoons," Eddie writes:

Well, I think the buffoons in the Bush Administration are doing a good job making themselves look like buffoons, no help needed from the Tudors!

In response to "The Wizard of Bush", Bruno Corry writes:

I love this picture of Pelosi and crew confronting the pseudo el supremo image.

As a kid I couldn’t stop laughing when in the original Wizard of Oz the curtain was pulled down to expose the smoke and mirrors of the all powerful Oz.

It’s the same with Bush administration. All the lies and corruption are being exposed as the house of cards come down.

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-Noah Greenberg