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Friday-Sunday, March 30-April 1, 2007


Bush Supplies the Targets

If one wants to figure out the next place that the Iraqi insurgents are going to attack, all one has to do is ask President Bush. Every time the President says something like "... and the city of <fill in the blank> has been peaceful since <fill in another blank>...", that city, town, village or area is the next to be targeted for Sunni-on-Shi'ite violence, followed by the Shi'ite response, of course.

The latest such place is the "peaceful" city of Tel Afar. A police station, a market and at least 152 dead is what terrorist attacks had brought to Tal Afar after President Bush told us all how well that city was doing. Tal Afar is near the Syrian border. This, as most of the other insurgent attacks in Iraq, killed mostly innocent civilians, including children.

"Shiite militants and police enraged by massive truck bombings in Tal Afar went on a revenge spree against Sunni residents . . . Wednesday, killing as many as 60. . . . Victims were men between the ages of 15 and 60, and they were killed with a shot to the back of the head,"
-The Associate Press

"The city is living in a state of horror which it has not seen" since before U.S. and Iraqi troops drove out insurgents in November,
-Ali Ghalib, a witness, as reported by the Washington Post

Similar attacks have happened after Bush, attempting to use Iraq for political purposes (reporting toe good - what little there is of it - and omitting the bad) opened his mouth to tout the accomplishments of his "policies" in the civil war-torn nation. it happened in areas of Baghdad where things appeared "quit"; it happened in Basra after we were all told how good life is there. I just hope President Bush doesn't say how safe Sayreville, New Jersey is anytime soon (that's where I live).

"the President is going to tell the story of Tal Afar. It is a concrete example of how our strategy is working,"
-Scott McClellan in the last days as Press Secretary

"We saw such success in the country's northwest region, where Iraqi and coalition forces recently targeted an area that was one of the main routes that foreign terrorists use to enter Iraq from Syria. During the operations in the key town of Tal Afar, Iraqi security forces outnumbered coalition forces for the first time in a major offensive operation,"

If anything proves that the a troop surge, such as the one President bush told us all would turn the tide in Iraq earlier this year, won't work, it surely is these recent events in Tal Afar. With the troops, or "boots on the ground", we now have in Iraq, it's just a waiting game for the insurgents. all they have to do is look for where we are not, and attack. And that is just they are doing.

Hey... I have an idea... The President should fake out the insurgents and say how well a particular area of Iraq is working out. Then our Generals prepare an ambush there for the insurgents and we wipe them out in one fell swoop. Now THAT would be a smart move.

We keep hearing that Iraq can only be won by political means, not military means. I suggest that it can't even be done in that way. As I have written here before, a large, International force of some half-million troops could police Iraq. While this is going on, we should be training the Iraqi police/ army outside of their nation, much in the same way we train and bivouac our own troops and police forces. After what we would probably term a tentative peace occurs, we could then keep a small force and airfield in the Kurdish territory (they still like us, don't they?) and help guard the borders between Iraq and Syria, and Iraq and Iran.

Let's face it, we just can't afford any more successes such as Tal Afar.

-Noah Greenberg

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-Noah Greenberg